The Art of Ninzuwu 101

The Art of Ninzuwu is a mystical-cultural tradition of Nyarzirian origin that emphasizes the cultivation of Ninzuwu (pronounced nen-zoo-wu). The term Ninzuwu has no English equivalent. In the culture of Nyarzir, however, it denotes “one who sees and lives beyond life and death.” Ninzuwu becomes clear in the application of constant meditation and other disciplinary practices of the subconscious mind, such as healing and esoteric martial arts.

The term Ninzuwu is also used to describe supernatural being, such as the jinn and tengu, which in the culture of Nyarzir are believed to be the same class of beings. Ninzuwu is also an ethnic identity of those who are said to be descendants of these legendary beings. Below are a list of subheadings on the topic of the Art of Ninzuwu that opens up to a list of articles on the said subject. Hopefully, our readers will appreciate this great resource on the subject:

Ninzuwu Philosophy

Ninzuwu History and Personal Experiences

Ame-no-Ukihashi Martial Arts

The Calendar of Mu


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