Greetings! A good friend of mine, David Stolowitz, left the following comment under our article the Race OF Enki:

There is a connection here to those who, in New Age parlance, are called “Indigo” and “Crystal” starchildren, and their traits match up very well to the astrology of Uranus and Neptune respectively as well as the lore of the Dragon children of the Race of Enki. ..I think you are right in that the experience of the outer gates is much more than just the transcendental planets, but I think that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are local representatives of those realms and powers that help focus and funnel the energies of the outermost spheres into our local system. But you are correct in that you can’t experience those planets as separate from their associated realms. I experienced all the stars and the whole galactic organization along with Uranus (which literally means “Heaven”, and “Neptune” was really the Waters Above and what were called in ancient cosmologies “the Crystalline Heavens”…In astrology, there are “fixed” stars that are brighter than Uranus and the others, so even if they are taken into account their power still lies under the outer domains, and does not precede or control them….To me, Uranus represents the stars themselves, Neptune the Waters Above, the Subconscious, and the currents of space and time, and Pluto’s energy is that of the deepest Unconscious – an ultimate transcendental force that has an awesome if terrifying power to destroy and create in my experience. Beyond that is the very Empyrean itself – the Fire of God, the Gnostic Pleroma/Fullness.”

Thanks for your insights. I plan on writing more on this subject in the future. However, here are also a few points to think about. The Simon Necronomicon on page 47 states:

“Thou mayest not call upon NANNA till thou hast passed the Gate of NANNA. Thou mayest not call NEBO until his Gate hast thou passed. Similarly for the rest of the Gates…”

In the above passage it mentions that the Initiate cannot call upon the Gate Gods, unless he/she has Walked the Gate of that God.  Yet on page 46 of the SN it states the following:

“On the last three days, thou must invoke, in addition to thy God and Goddess, the Three Great Elder Ones, ANU, ENLIL, ENKI, by their proper invocations.”

Here it tells us to invoke ANU, ENLIL, and ENKI before Walking a Gate. It is evident then that the Heavenly Spheres are not approached in the same manner as the Zonei, otherwise the Initiate would not be able to call upon them until he/she has Walked their Gate. The Three Great Watchers are also invoked during the CONJURATION OF THE WATCHER.  These Heavenly Spheres are approached in a vastly different way than the planetary spheres. This is a very crucial point since this is one of the most important steps on our path. It can also be a trap for the candidate with wrongful intentions seeking to gain power over the Zonei, they usually will make the mistake of thinking that all the deities are approached in the same manner as the Gate-Walking Process. Yet in day-to-day human society, a citizen of the United States can’t just walk into the White House. Some places you have to be invited to. When Gilgamesh was traveling through the Mountains of MASSHU, he came upon the abode of the gods in his journey and he was not welcomed because he was not invited. This is not to say that these Gates cannot be accessed through ritual, but it can be said that the approach is not the same as the Initiatory Gates. The Mad Arab gives us a great deal of insight into this matter. Notice what he states on pages 48 and 49 in the Simon Necronomicon:

“Them that dwell in the Outer Spaces, for their power is unknown, and the number of the hordes uncounted, and each day they breed more horrors than a man’s mind can conceive,.., but the sight of the Ancient Ones is a blasphemy to the ordinary senses of a man, for they come from a world that is not straight, but crooked, and their existence is of forms unnatural and painful to the eye and to the mind, whereby the spirit is threatened and wrenches loose from the body in flight…And for that reason, the fearful utukku xul take possession of the body and dwell therein until the Priest banish them back to whence they came, and the normal spirit may return to its erstwhile neighborhood.”

The above quote makes a reference to them that dwell in the ‘Outer Spaces.’ This would refer to the Three Great Watchers. The “spaces” refer to a celestial bodies’ path of travel, or how long does it take to orbit the Earth, since the foundation of astrology was laid down from how the heavens movements appeared from Earth’s view. Notice what is stated in the Testimony of the Mad Arab:

“that forgotten battle that took place somewhere in the Cosmos and rent the Worlds in the days before the creation of Man, when the Elder Gods walked the Spaces, the race of MARDUK, as he is known to the Chaldeans, and of ENKI our MASTER, the Lord of Magicians.”

The Testimony of the Mad Arab part 2, also gives us a similar reference:

“It were not enough that the Elder Gods (have mercy on Thy servant!) set the Wanderers to mark their spaces, for such spaces as existed were the work of the Ancient Ones..”

This shows us that when the Mad Arab speaks about them that dwell in the Outer Spaces, he is referring to the realms of the Three Great Watchers. There world appears to be crooked and not straight because the energy in these realms does not come from the Sun or Moon, which means these Gates are not accessed by physical means. Yet it does mention that the spirit of the Initiate “is threatened and wrenches loose from the body in flight.” This means that the Initiate will encounter the Three Great Watchers through OBE, and astral projection. Remember, the IGIGI can at times correspond to fixed stars, or Suns. The astral body is the Starry body. This indicates that the Watchers are fully developed Astral entities, who at one time possessed physical bodies. The Three Great Watchers are the stars where the astral matter comes from. This astral matter is derived from the Sirius Star System. This information is usually taught behind closed doors, so you may want to give it a good ear.

Some initiates make the mistake of Walking the Outer Spheres in the same manner as the Initiatory Gates due to the assumption that the Chaldeans were unaware of the planets beyond ADAR (Saturn). This is an erroneous assumption. Since the Chaldeans were aware of the Sirius Star System, how could they not be aware of the planets that lay beyond Saturn? This erroneous assumption also presents another problem, since the original seven star initiatory systems would now have different correspondences. Earlier in our discussions we defined a “Gate” as a constellation. Now in the ancient world, Mars ruled the constellation of Scorpio. If we were to assume that the Three Great Watchers were the planets beyond ADAR (Saturn), we would make a grave error as Pluto is also said to rule Scorpio. Therefore, when the Initiate makes the assumption that the planets beyond ADAR (Saturn) are the Three Great Watchers, he/she will make the grave error of re-walking the same constellations. The Mad Arab informs us of the following on page 6 of the Simon Necronomicon:

“Know, then, that I have trod all the Zones of the Gods, and also the places of the Azonei, and have descended unto the foul places of Death and Eternal Thirst, which may be reached through the Gate of GANZIR, which was built in UR, in the days before Babylon was.”

In the above quote the Mad Arab lists three distinct areas that he Walked:

1)     The Zones of the Gods, or the Seven Initiatory Gates.

2)     The Places of the Azonei, or the Three Great Watchers.

3)     The Gate of GANZIR

The Necronomicon gives us instructions for Walking the Gate of GANZIR and the Seven Initiatory Gates, but it should be noted that the rites for GANZIR and the rites of Walking the seven Initiatory Gates are performed differently. This would also mean that the rites for entering the Azonei are also distinctly different than the rites mentioned previously. The Prefatory Notes in the Simon Necronomicon make an interesting point:

“The ‘spirits’ or bodies that exist beyond the zonei are called the azonei, meaning “un-zoned”. Whether this refers to the so-called “fixed ” stars (having no sphere ascertainable to the early astronomers) or the comets, is unknown to the Editor.”

The above quote would seem to indicate that the Azonei were indeed Stars, as in fixed Suns. Some may debate that maybe to the Ancients the planets beyond Saturn, may have been assumed to be Azonei because they moved so slowly around the Sun, but this would also lead the Initiate down the wrong path, as the planets that lie after ADAR (Saturn) are not consistent within the same order as the Three Great Watchers. For example, if one were to do an internet search, or research this subject at the library, they would discover that Uranus is more consistent with ANU than with ENKI, and etc. Remember that the Mad Arab tells us that those who dwell in the Outer Spaces have crooked ways and not straight. This would mean that access to these Spheres is different than those of the planets.

The other question that should arise in the Initiate’s mind, if he were to erroneously assume the Gates of the Three Great Watchers were planets, would be, What do you attribute the Chiron to, and other planets that have inhabited paths around our Sun?

When we understand the cosmological aspects of the universe and compare this with the Sumerian Mythologies everything comes together. If we remember the importance of the Sacred Marriage Rite in our previous discussions, it will give us some clues about where the Three Great Watchers lie in the great cosmic scheme of things. Remember, in the Courtship of ISHTAR and DUMUZI, there were three major figures that were involved; ISHTAR, DUMUZI, and SHAMMASH. SHAMMASH introduced DUMUZI to his sister ISHTAR. DUMUZI was a son of ENKI and a shepherd. The name DUMUZI means true son. Since shepherds worked with animals, he shepherd was symbolic of the Chaldean Astrologer or one who worked with the animals of the zodiac or a true son of the Sphere of ENKI. It would seem likely that SHAMMASH would introduce ISHTAR to DUMUZI, since he worked with the solar rites of astrology, as opposed to the farmer that ISHTAR intended to marry. The farmer represented the pre-deluge rites of Earth worship, which was the Goddess orientated path. ISHTAR represented the feminine aspects of the Sirius Star System. It is important for us to remember that is the SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TO 777, found in the Introduction of the Simon Necronomicon, it equates ENKI to the sphere of the Zodiac. That would mean that ENLIL and ANU are the star Sirius A and Sirius B. These Three Watchers correspond to ISHTAR’S three aspects:

1)     ISHATAR as the daughter of ENLIL

2)     ISHTAR as the consort of ANU

3)     ISHTAR as possessor of the mes of ENKI, and ENKI”S resurrection of ISHTAR.

The Gate-walking Process is designed to develop our starry body, or astral bodies. When we walk the Seven Initiatory Gates we are adjusting and creating our astral body’s persona. Once we enter GANZIR, we wash our transgressions away and our divine self, begins to emerge through our interactions with the Three Great watchers a new creation is born, and the Sacred Marriage Rite is complete.  Our physical bodies and chi, are discovered and re-wired in the Seven Initiatory Gates. The energies of the Dog Star, funnel through the Gate of ADAR all the way to NANNA, which raises the Kundalini. This is why it is said of ISHTAR that she is the Mistress of the Gods.

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  1. one more if you don’t mind, what would be a good Three in One ritual: Anu, Enlil and Enki?

    I ask these questions hopeing others will get their questions answered as well. And i hope these questions will help develope your Gate Walker’s Info Page as i have found it very usefull in my own spiritual path.

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