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Exorcisms of the Necronomicon Part 3

The Gidim

In this article we continue our examination of the evil spirits that are found in the exorcisms of the Necronomicon. These evil powers are numerous and their hordes are uncounted. As Gate-Walking Magicians we should have an extensive knowledge of the evil powers in order to protect ourselves from their negative influences. This is a necessity as some of these evil entities seek entrance into this world. When, through some action of the Magician, an evil entity does break free into this world it will seek to attach itself to any impurities it may find in the soul of the Magician. Our knowledge combined with the power and might of the Dingir we call upon empowers our exorcisms and keep us free from any harmful entities that prey on us for sustenance.

In the first part of this series of articles we discussed the exorcism BARRA EDINNAZU and were able to identify almost all of the evil powers. However, the meaning of two of these powers remained unclear. These were the KIELGALAL and ASHAK. After doing some more research we were able to identify these entities. First, we will discuss the KIELGALAL.

It is actually written as KIEL-GELAL. It is the Accadian word for LILIT. GELAL and KIEL-GELAL meaning thus, LIL and LILIT. They belong to a class of succubus. Additional information on the LILITU can be found in Part 2 of these articles.

Second is the word ASHAK.

I am  certain that this word should actually be written as ASAG.
The word ASAG means “Demon that causes sickness”. ASAG is also known as ASAKKU. In magical theory the ASAG is described as a demon who attacks and kills human beings, especially by the means of head fevers. The ASAG demon features in the Sumerian poem LUGALE, wherein he is defeated by the warrior-god NINURTA. This particular demon is hideously repulsive in appearance and it is said that his power caused fish to boil alive in the rivers. He was the offspring of AN and KI. ASAG himself produced offspring by mating with KUR (the mountains). An army of stone allies was born of this union with the mountains and they accompanied him into battle.

In some exorcisms we can also find the term GIDIM. The GIDIM are the spirits of dead persons that live in the Underworld. They are an interesting class of entities because they were frequently summoned by the priests of ancient Babylonia.

These priests practiced the Art of Necromancy by deliberately raising a GIDIM, which could then be made to answer all kinds of questions about the future. This was a dangerous act as these GIDIM could take possession of a living person, whereby they might enter the body through the ear. In the Simon Necronomicon we can find a means of summoning these GIDIM in the form of the Preliminary Invocation of the Operation of Calling of the Spirits of the Dead who dwell in Cutha, of the Lost, given here below.

Thee I invoke, Serpent of the Deep!
Thee I invoke, NINNGHIZHIDDA, Horned Serpent of the Deep!
Thee I invoke, Plumed Serpent of the Deep!
Open the Gate that I may enter!
NINNGHIZHIDDA, Spirit of the Deep, Watcher of the Gate, Remember!
In the Name of our Father, ENKI, before the Flight, Lord and Master of Magicians,
Open the Gate that I may enter!
Open, lest I attack the Gate!
Open, lest I break down its bars!
Open, lest I attack the Walls!
Open, lest I leap over It by force!
Open the Gate, lest I cause the Dead to rise and devour the Living!
Open the Gate, lest I give the Dead power over the Living!
Open the Gate, lest I make the Dead to outnumber the Living!
NINNGHIZHIDDA, Spirit of the Deep, Watcher of the Gate, Open!
May the Dead rise and smell the incense!”

This invocation is designed specifically for summoning a GIDIM, but should not be undertaken before the Magician is ready to open the Gate of Ganzir. Though these practices were common in ancient Babylonia, one has to keep in mind that the priests of those times had great skill and had much more knowledge about these rites available to them than we do today.


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  1. i have personal experience with summoning one by imagining the gate before me and when it came out it came straight for me and lemme tell you i have never felt such fear as i did while trying to force it out but it wasnt going to leave it was so strong it was making my head and arms do what it wanted only by the god’s and having 2 other practicioner’s near me who also knew a little about exorcisms was i able to rid myself of it.I never ever want to feel that ever again. You think your strong you think your powerful you think your able till one of these get ahold of you and they come straight to the one who summoned them i was just sitting in a chair closed my eyes saw the gate and only whispered for it to open to me .Never again god’s be good!
    sincerely a fellow traveller


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