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The Summoning of the Watcher

The Watcher Answering The Call!

In one of my previous articles (Exorcisms of the Necronomicon Part 5) I have already given the translation of the Preliminary Invocation of the Watcher, but it may have been missed by the casual reader. Therefore we will discuss this particular Invocation again, as the Calling of the Watcher is one of the most important aspects of our Workings.

The summoning of the Watcher is not a complicated Ritual, but the instructions given in the Simon Necronomicon may be a bit confusing to the beginner. When I started summoning my Watcher I followed the instructions to the letter, but I soon learned a way of summoning my Watcher that is somewhat different from the one in the Necronomicon, but it works equally well.

Let us take a look at the instructions given in the Necronomicon, and how these instructions should be performed properly.

On page 69 of the Simon Necronomicon we are instructed to keep at hand the Sword of the Watcher, with his Sigil engraved thereupon. This would suggest that the Sword has only engraved on it the Sigil of the Watcher, or BANDAR. However, on page 12 of the Simon Necronomicon we can read the following:

“The BANDAR, however, must never be used alone, but with one or both of the others, for the Watcher must needs be reminded of the Covenant it has sworn with the Elder Gods and our Race, else it will turn upon thee and slay thee and ravage thy town until succour is to be had from the Elder Gods by the tears of thy people and the wailing of thy women.”

This makes it very clear that the Sword of the Watcher should not only be engraved with the BANDAR, but it should also be engraved with both the ARRA and the AGGA signs. Page 69 of the Simon Necronomicon instructs us also about what sacrifices must be made.

“The sacrifice must be new bread, pine resin, and the grass Olieribos.”

The bread is very important as this provides sustenance for the Watcher. Hence the term: “Feeding the Watcher.”  The bread is the only one of the sacrifices that should be made regularly. Personally I do this every three days. The more you feed your Watcher, the stronger it becomes and the better a bond is established between this great Spirit and the Magician.

Pine resin is not a necessary sacrifice, as I have summoned my Watcher many times without it. Although, I must admit that I do use it, I have never had any negative experiences by not using it. If you lack this particular ingredient, but still want to use it, you can just burn incense of this type.

The grass Olieribos proved to be a real mystery when I started to use the Necronomicon. At that time I had also bought a copy of the Gates of the Necronomicon, and it contained my first clue about what the grass Olieribos actually is. In this book, on page 175, we can read the following:

“New bread, pine resin, and the grass Olieribos (nettle) must be burned in a new bowl that has the three signs – the ARRA, AGGA, and BANDAR – inscribed thereupon.”

Now we have learned that the grass Olieribos is Nettle. But what kind of Nettle? As there are many different kinds of Nettle. Well, after a long and fruitless search I was unable to verify what kind of Nettle has to be used. Luckily, I came upon this website during my search. It is here that I met like-minded people who were more advanced in this ancient Tradition, and were able to give me the knowledge that I lacked. And so I learned that the correct Nettle is the common Stinging Nettle. Easy to obtain, as this grows almost everywhere. When burning Nettle in a closed space, one should heed the following warning, given in the Gates of the Necronomicon, on page 175.

“Nettle is a noxious plant, and its fumes may cause irritation if inhaled.”

These three items must be sacrificed at least once a Moon. Only bread will suffice between the space when these three items have been sacrificed, and the next, as bread is the one item that provides the Watcher his sustenance.


The translation of the greater part of this Invocation can be found on page 89 and 90 of the Simon Necronomicon, and page xlvi of the introductory material. A translation of the last line of this Invocation was provided by an individual that goes by the name of Azath Kaido. This translation may be fairly accurate, as we can read the following on page 70 of the Simon Necronomicon:

“They are sometimes called the Three Watchers, MASS SSARATI and the Watcher MASS SSARATU, or KIA MASS SSARATU.”

After applying the translation to the Invocation it would read something like this:

“May the Three Watchers of the Night dissolve the Evil Sorceries! Arise! Great Gods! Hear my wailing! Obtain Justice! Take notice of my Ways! I invoke you, Gods of the Night! Hail, the Great Watchers! The Great Watchers and the One Watcher!

We are very interested in the experiences of other Magicians, so please, feel free to share your findings and experiences with us.

Many blessings!


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  1. I bought a sword and an engraving gun. then you can just engrave the symbols on the blade. If you cannot obtain an engraving tool then you can just draw on the symbols in black marker. 😉


  2. I have used tepin pepper root and a chinese strain root, being irritant and also being a mars plant I figured it could be used instead of nettles as I’m having trouble getting some, hell, an internet seed store didn’t sent the stinging nettle with the other seeds…. Sigh… Either way gatewalking has been put on hold, I’ll be seeing you guys some time in the future though.


  3. Dear Rota, the nettles serve a specific purpose and in my opinion should not be substituted.
    If you want I am willing to send you a package of nettles, as long as you take care of the product and shipping costs. Over here a bag of nettles costs about 3 Euro’s. Shipping costs vary wildly, depending on weight and country.


  4. Can you tell me where to find these ingredients other than my back yard. I have had to substitute with cedar wood, lemongrass and clary sage though the scent is extremely powerful and Angelic. I do use camphor for ritual bating and I clean with pine and other ingredients for temple cleansing. Any suggestions?


  5. I also have substituted all of the ingredients using cedar-wood, lemongrass and cleary-sage. I do the ritual baths with camphor and clean with pine mixed with florida water. I am going to have to step up my efforts to obtain the nettles and a pine tree grow in my neighbors yard. Going to take it up a notch


  6. The sacrifices for the Watcher should NOT be substituted. You should use exactly those ingredients that are mentioned in the book. Pine resin can be bought at new age stores or other such venues. Nettle can be hand picked in nature.


  7. i guess i was lucky i bought a sword years and years ago had a wrapped handle so i removed it and found a wooden handle over the tang and so i used a wood burner and paint to make my sword never touched the blade and it is quite a strong tool.I put the arra nearest to the blade then my own personal sign with the name of enlil engraved down my seal and the the bandar in the middle and agga nearest hilt black and silver painted has never been touched by the sunlight not even on accident the blade has its own hard wood case but i keep it wrapped in a black cloth till i am ready for it
    on the back side of the handle i i have the names ANU and ENKI engraved as well so as not to leave out influences. the three in one are to me the base of my own practices for they are me and i they!


  8. How does one burn the bread without the resin if bread is used alone?; I always use the pine resin (used for violins) as a agent to burn the bread and nettle at the same time. just curious as how others use it


  9. Should you only sommon the watcher to protect you during the gatewalking or can you also sommon and ask him maybe to also protect some of your bussiness interest that might be under attack


  10. is it posible to somon the watcher to use him for other staff besides protection during the gatewalk? like for instantance can i ask him to protect my business when i know am beeing attacked ?


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