Dinner for a Vampire – A Case of Psychic Vampirism

Tuesday seemed to be a day like any other. Little did I know that I would experience my first encounter with an entity that belongs to the class of vampires – a psychic vampire. Let me tell you my story…

I had a very stressful day, and in the afternoon, at around the time of 17:00, I decided to close my eyes for a while. I quickly fell asleep but, after what seemed like a few moments, I awoke to find myself paralyzed, yet fully conscious. This is a state I experience on a regular base. At those moments my body is completely paralyzed, but my mind is fully awake, and it feels like my conscious is trapped inside my mortal shell. One time I managed to stand up while in this state, and I saw my surroundings as clearly as I see during waking consciousness, but I could still feel the connection I had with my physical body which I felt lying on the couch. However, this time, I was unable to step out of my physical body, as I lay in the fetal-position with the sheets wrapped around me. This gave me the impression that I was suffocating, and after a slight burst of panick I woke up, sweating profusely.

An interesting part of these experiences is that it provides an extra sense of perception. I do not only feel my body, but I can also see it very clearly in my mind which is fully awake. At those moments it is as if I can see my body from the perspective of another person, yet, at the same time, I am completely aware of the position of my physical body which I know to be immobile, and still lying at the couch.

The Chakras - The Targets of Psychic Vampires

After waking up, the panick I had felt quickly dissipated, and it didn’t take long for me to descent back into the realm of sleep. Once again I awoke, only to find myself in the same state I had just broke free from. However, there was something different this time. I could feel a sense of sheer terror which slowly took hold of my already paralyzed physical form. My mind tried to fight of the wave of terror, but it was clearly out-matched. I became aware of a black faceless mass, not unlike a coal-black thundercloud, that hovered at the end of the couch, near my feet. I knew now the source of the terror I felt, as this creature oozed terror out of every fibre of its being. I was held firmly in the grip of this creature, and slowly it crawled over my legs, making its way to my chest and throat. I felt like I was held down by a ton of bricks. When it had placed itself on my chest, I could feel it feeding of my neck area – the throat chakra.

Now, the following may sound a little weird, but I try to tell my story as detailed as possible.

As the entity was feeding of my throat chakra, I could feel my legs starting to twitch. I experienced an incredible uncomfortable feeling at my rear end. It felt like the entity tried to force its way up my backside, as to take possession of my flesh. It didn’t hurt, though it certainly felt as if the entity would rip me apart. This feeling sparked such a wave of panick in me, that I tried, with all my might, to throw this entity of myself. With an enormous effort I made my right arm move, but the movements were in slow-motion, like time had slowed down. With a burst of panick-fueled energy I managed to throw a punch, but I might as well haven’t, because it was like hitting someone when under water. However, the fact that I had managed to regain partial control over my paralyzed body seemed to have dislodged the entity, or maybe it was just done feeding, as the feeling of terror receded, and I woke up feeling groggy and slightly nauseous.

I had this experience on Tuesday, August 30, 2011, between 17:00 and 17:35.



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  1. I appreciate your concern, brother. However, this experience is not the result of an uncareful magickal act.
    Instead it shows how the Magician is progressing.

    Gate-Walking is not for the faint-hearted!

    Keep in mind that the Incantation I constructed is optional (and may be changed or re-written), as for creating the Holy Circle the Element of Master Enki will suffice. The Boundary thus created is the “Barrier that none can pass”.

    Thanks for your concern, though. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome!


  2. Jyotishmoy, here is what the Necronomicon says of such entities:

    “Know, seventhly, of the Things thou art to expect in the commision of this Most Sacred Magick. Study the symbols well, and do not be afraid of any awful spectre that shall invade thine operation, or haunt thine habitat by day or by night. Only charge them with the words of the Covenant and they will do as you ask, if thou be strong.”


  3. That is a wild experience, Brother, & one I hope you don’ t have a repeat of. I have an incense recipe that Warlock Asylum gave me called “Fiery Wall of Protection”. You can get it from me or him, but it works phenomenally well for dealing with stuff like this. Also, the Crown of ANU exorcism, the Conjuration of the Fire God, & Summoning the Watcher will effectively repel or destroy this type of entity. This is the reason memorization is so important in our tradition; you can’t always whip the book out & start frantically flipping through pages when the shit hits the fan, so to speak. I had an experience in a dream when I was being attacked by these demonic werewolf looking things & I was able to do the Conjuration of the Fire God in the dream state. A column of flame exploded out from me & incinerated my assailants in the dream. This Conjuration remains one of my favorites & I still use it often. The Crown of ANU is the equivalent of magickian’s circle that moves with you. If you read back into some of Warlock’s posts about it, you’ll find that on other levels it calls another type of Watcher to protect you called a lammasu which functions on the more “heavenly” levels. The Watcher is, of course, your first & last line of defense. Memorize the Special Conjuration of the Watcher & even if you can only say it in your mind, it will call the one Watcher & the Three Great Watchers to your aid. If all else fails, simply saying or thinking “Come Watcher, come! Come BANDAR, come!” & either touching or visualizing touching your right temple will call the Watcher as well. This traditions, as I’m sure you’ve discovered in your own work thus far, equips you very well to deal with these “little nasties”. Best of luck to you! Blessings!


  4. It was indeed a frightening experience! These kinds of entities seem to paralyze their prey through sheer terror…

    As you suggest I have mastered the memorization of the Conjuration of the Fire God, the Preliminary Invocation of the Watcher, the Normal Invocation of the Watcher, and the Exorcism of the Crown of ANU.

    I had a somewhat similar experience in a dream. In this dream I encountered a group of figures who turned out to be a pack of vampire-like demons. I can vividly remember how I tried to call on the Fire God, but the creature that was on top of me tried to choke me and distended its jaw to rip out my throat. At that very moment a single word was forced out off my throat. “GIBIL!!!!”, I screamed – the word hurting my throat. The scene exploded with a blinding light, and I woke up. The Fire God is feared indeed!

    I would love to learn the incense recipe! I am always willing to learn new things…
    Let me know how we get in touch.

    Many blessings to you too!

    My regards, Nightcaller


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