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The Translation Of The First Maklu Tablet – Part 2

Let us continue with the translation of the first Maklu tablet. Because the length of the incantations varies wildly we will discuss not one, but four different incantations in this article. Though I must warn the reader that one of these incantations is incomplete because of damage to the cuneiform tablets. These gaps in the text brings almost tears to my eyes, as these words are lost forever and so is their power. A real shame…

Let us continue with the second incantation which consists of lines 37 to 41.

  • 37. The Earth, Earth, yes Earth,
  • 38. Gilgamesh is the master of your enchanter!
  • 39. What you have done, I know!
  • 40. What I do, you do not know!
  • 41. All evil that the witches have worked is broken and undone! It is gone!

Here ends the second incantation. Now let us look at the Assyrian translation of this second incantation.

  • 37. irsitum irsitum irsitum-ma
  • 38. Gilgameš bêl ma-mi-ti-ku-nu
  • 39. mim-mu-ú at-tu-nu te-pu-ša ana-ku i-di
  • 40. mim-mu-ú ana-ku ip-pu-šú at-tu-nu ul ti-da-a
  • 41. mim-mu-ú kaššapati-ia ip-pu-ša e-qa-a pa-ti-ra pa-šar ul i-ši idi

Let us move on to the third incantation which consists of lines 42 to 49.

  • 42. My city is Sappan, Sappan is my city.
  • 43. Two are the gates of my city Sappan.
  • 44. One facing the rising of the sun, the other facing the sinking of the sun.
  • 45. One facing east, the other facing west.
  • 46. I carry a box, a pot, and the mastakal-plant.
  • 47. I bring water to the Gods of the Sky.
  • 48. How I perform for you your cleansing,
  • 49. so may you perform my cleansing!

Here ends the third incantation. Again follows the Assyrian translation.

  • 42. âlu-ia sap-pan âlu-ia sap-pan
  • 43. ša âlu-ia sap-pan 2-ta abullê-šu
  • 44. ištên-it ana sit Samši ša-ni-tu ana erib Samši
  • 45. ištên-it ana si-it Sam-ši ša-ni-tu ana e-rib Samši
  • 46. a-na-ku e-ra ha-as-ba maštakal na-ša-ku
  • 47. ana ilâni ša šami-e mê a-nam-din
  • 48. kima ana-ku ana ka-a-šu-nu ul-la-lu-ku-nu-ši
  • 49. at-tu-nu ia-a-ši ul-li-la-in-ni idi

Here follows the fourth incantation which consists of lines 50 to 60.

  • 50. I have held back the forces, and built up the walls.
  • 51. I have prevented the sorceries of all the world.
  • 52. The god (Anu) and the goddess (Antu) have commanded me,
  • 53. whom I shall send to the field with the command of Belit,
  • 54. to bind the mouths of the sorcerer and the sorceress,
  • 55. with the incantation of Marduk, the first of the gods.
  • 56. Belit, they may call to you, but do not answer!
  • 57. They may speak to you, but do not listen!
  • 58. When I call to thee, answer me!
  • 59. When I speak to thee, hear me!
  • 60. According to the command which the god, the goddess, and Belit of the field have ordered.

Here ends the fourth incantation, and begins the Assyrian translation.

  • 50. ak-la ni-bi-ru ak-ta li ka-a-ru
  • 51. ak-li ip-ši-ši-na ša ka-li-ši-na ma-ta-a-ti
  • 52. A-num u An-tum iš-pu-ru-in-ni
  • 53. man-nu lu-uš-pur a-na Bêlit sêri
  • 54. ana pi kaššapi-ia u kaššapti-ia i-di-i har-gúl-li
  • 55. i-di-i šipat-su ša abkalli ilâni Marduk
  • 56. lil-sa-ki-ma la tap-pa-li-ši-na-a-ti
  • 57. liq-ba-nik-kim-ma la ta-šim-me-ši-na-a-ti
  • 58. lu-ul-si-ki-ma a-pu-ul-in-ni
  • 59. lu-qu-ba-ki-ma ši-min-ni ia-a-ti
  • 60. ina qi-bit iq-bu-ú A-num An-tum u Be-lit sêri idi

We have come to the fifth incantation which consists of lines 61 to 72. Unfortunately this incantation is so badly damaged that it won’t be of much use to us. Therefore, I will only give an English translation of the German version of this incantation.

  • 61. I am summoned, I go, I am sent, I speak.
  • 62. Against the power of my enchanter and enchantress, Marduk, the lord of invocation, has sent me.
  • 63. I have called, hear the word of the earth!
  • 64. ………………..hear the word of the adopted country!
  • 65. ……………….let off, do not go!
  • 66. ………………let off, do not go!
  • 67. …… the Flood goddess, daughter of the great gods….
  • 68. ……. I summon my sorcerer and my sorceress…..
  • 69. …………………. a lamb is loose………………………………
  • 70. ……… and the word shall not be solved…………..
  • 71. …………… I speak, your word may not clash with my words!
  • 72. According to the command of Marduk, the lord of the incantations.

Here ends the fifth incantation.

The source of this work is the book Die Assyrische Beschworungsserie Maqlu; nach den originalen im British Museum herausgegeben written by Knut Leonard Tallqvist1865.



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