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The Translation Of The First Maklu Tablet – Part 4

The Priest of the Necronomicon, wielding the Sword of the Watcher and invoking the Power of the Maklu Tablets

We have come to the end of the first Maklu tablet, but with still seven tablets left to examine and translate we have barely scratched the surface of these interesting series of incantations and invocations. The first tablet ends with three short incantations which are all three largely intact and have no large gaps in the text. Especially the second incantation of the three you will find in this article is very interesting as it focuses on banishing various evil entities. Let us continue with the seventh incantation which consists of lines 122 to 134.

  • 122. Nusku, great god, begotten by Anu,
  • 123. image of thy father, firstborn of Bel,
  • 124. sprout of the seas, made by Enki,
  • 125. I raise the torch to you, so to enlighten thee!
  • 126. The wizard has charmed me, through the magic by which he charmed me, you enchant him!
  • 127. The sorceress has charmed me, through the magic by which she charmed me, you enchant her!
  • 128. The warlock has bewitched me, through the magic by which he bewitched me, you bewitch him!
  • 129. The witch has bewitched me, through the magic by which she bewitched me, you bewitch her!
  • 130. The enchantress has bewitched me, through the magic by which she bewitched me, you bewitch her!
  • 131. The spell of those, who have made images according to my image, who have imitated my form,
  • 132. who have taken my breath away, who have plucked out my hair,
  • 133. who have torn my clothes, who have bound my feet through the use of dust,
  • 134. may your spell be annuled by the fire god!

Here ends the seventh incantation. We continue with the Assyrian translation.

  • 122. Nusku šur-bu-u i-li-ti A-nim
  • 123. tam-šil abi bu-kúr Bêl
  • 124. tar-bit apsî bi-nu-ut Êa
  • 125. aš-ši dipâra ú-nam-mir-ka ka-a-ša
  • 126. kaššapu ik-šip-an-ni kiš-pi ik-šip-an-ni ki-šip-šu
  • 127. kaššaptu tak-šip-an-ni kiš-pi tak-šip-an-ni ki-šip-ši
  • 128. e-pi-šu i-pu-ša-an-ni ip-šu-i-pu-ša-an-ni e-pu-su
  • 129. e-piš-tu te-pu-ša-an-ni ip-šu te-pu-ša-an-ni e-pu-si
  • 130. muš-te-piš-tu te-pu-ša-an-ni ip-šu te-pu-ša-an-ni e-pu-si
  • 131. ša salmâni ana pi-i salmâni-ia ib-nu-ú bu-un-na-an-ni-ia ú-maš-ši-lu
  • 132. rûti-ia il-qu-ú šârti-ia im-lu-su
  • 133. ulinni-ia ib-tu-qu e-ti-qu eprâti šêpâ-ia iš-bu-šu
  • 134. GIŠ.BAR qar-du šipat-su-nu li-pa-aš-šir

Here follows the eight incantation which consists of lines 135 to 143.

  • 135. I raise the torch! I burn your images!
  • 136. The images of the spirit, the genius, the fiend, the ghost,
  • 137. the hag-demon, the ghoul, the vampire,
  • 138. the man of the night, the woman of the night, the maiden of the night,
  • 139. and all evil that may take hold of a man.
  • 140. Tremble, melt, and disappear!
  • 141. Your smoke rises up to heaven!
  • 142. Your limbs are destroyed by the sun god!
  • 143. You are held back by the son of Enki, the master of magicians!

Here ends the eight incantation, and follows the Assyrian formula.

  • 135. aš-ši di-pa-ru salmâni-šu-nu a-qal-lu
  • 136. ša u-tuk-ku še-e-du ra-bi-su e-kim-mu
  • 137. la-bar-tu la-ba-su ah-ha-zu
  • 138. lilû lilîtu ardat lili
  • 139. ù mimma lim-nu mu-sab-bi-tu a-me-lu-ti
  • 140. hu-la zu-ba u it-ta-at-tu-ka
  • 141. qu-túr-ku-nu li-til-li šami-e
  • 142. la-‘-mi-ku-nu li-bal-li Šam-ši
  • 143. lip-ru-us ha-a-a-ta-ku-nu mâr É-a masmašu

We have come to the last incantation of the first Maklu tablet which is the ninth incantation that consists of lines 144 to 156, at least according to the book I work from. I am fairly certain that the book has a printing error that marks the beginning of this last incantation because the incantation starts with line 144 which reads exactly the same as the first line of the second tablet which is printed on the same page. I will rectify this error in my work and will start with line 145 which is the beginning of the last incantation of this first tablet.

  • 145. Tabel 1 of the serie Maklu, according to the original, newly written and revised.
  • 146. In the palace of Asurbanipal, the king of the world, the king of Assur,
  • 147. who trusts in Assur and Belit,
  • 148. who Nabu and Tasmet have given much listening ear,
  • 149. who got to own the eye of clairvoyance, the awarded of the art of writing,
  • 150. selfsame among kings, my ancestors, as much as was theirs, no one learns…
  • 151. The wisdom of Nabu, as much as it is,
  • 152. I have written and incised on this tablet,
  • 153. and have viewed the purpose of seeing my lecture established in my palace,
  • 154. I the king, because the king knows the light of the god Assur.
  • 155. Whoever takes away this tablet, or even writes his name next to my name,
  • 156. will be brought down by Assur and Belit, vengeful and filled with wrath, his name and his country will be destroyed.

Here ends the first Maklu tablet.

It is interesting to see that this last incantation is actually a warning and a curse, rather than an invocation. Because the Assyrian part of this “curse” is too badly printed I won’t write it down in this article for fear of errors. I hope you all enjoyed the translation of the first Maklu tablet. I can already tell you that the second Maklu tablet looks very interesting. It focuses mainly on the calling of the Fire God, and it also instructs the Magician as to what tone of voice to use and what material the images should be made of.



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