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A Visit from a Brother – An Astral Meeting with Warlock Asylum

I have had an incredible experience that I want to share with the reader. I had a meeting with a great Magician, who I regard to be my mentor, as he has taught me many things, while he and I live an incredible distance apart from each other. In fact, we both live in different countries, yet we have an important thing in common.

We are both Gate-Walkers.

Let me tell you of this astral visit, and of some experiences that preceded this meeting.

I have no doubt that these experiences began taking place after I had received the Word of Ishtar, the greatest of Goddesses. I had attempted to Walk the Ishtar Gate a while ago, but I had trouble receiving the Word. This could have been caused by a number of different reasons, but I think that the main cause of my inability to receive the Word was simply that I hadn’t been ready for it yet.

At the time, however, I was kind of worried by the fact that I hadn’t received the Word of DinGir Ishtar. Especially because I worship this great Goddess, and bring her sacrifices on a regular basis.

Had I somehow offended her?

Had she withdrawn her favour?

I should not have worried, as great Ishtar is as wise as she is beautiful. She would answer the Call only when I was ready for it. This decision was a wise one, because I can tell you from experience that Walking the Gates can be pretty stressful at times, and the experiences one is going through can be frightening and powerful. I can certainly understand now why it is so important that one Walks the Gates in the order we are instructed to follow.

I decided I would wait a while, and that I would Walk the Ishtar Gate again when I felt that I was ready for it. I started studying more than I already did, I kept summoning and feeding my Watcher on a regular basis, and I kept performing the necessary rites. But equally important, I turned for advice to an individual that I have come to respect and admire. He is a great Magician, and plays a vitally important role in the Sumerian revival.

He is known as Warlock Asylum.

Warlock Asylum – The Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep

From Warlock Asylum I learned an interesting visualization technique that would aid me in receiving the Word. Recently I felt that the time was right to Walk the Ishtar Gate again. I performed the preliminary rituals, and a few days later I called on DinGir Ishtar again. I performed the visualization technique that I had learned, and it worked perfectly. The Word was forcefully shoved into my mind.

About five days ago the dreams began.

Strange dreams, of alien landscapes that had somehow fused with places I know from memory.

The laws of nature did not seem to apply in these places.

And even death was but an illusion in these strange realms…..

I have had some astral experiences before, but these dreams were really incredible and it seemed that I had some form of control over them because each time I was on the verge of waking up I willed myself back into these worlds. I knew that I lay on my couch, sleeping. I could feel my body lying prone, yet I traveled in the blink of an eye to the wonderful places I had beheld in these dreams.

It was wonderful indeed. But these places also have their dark sides….

I can recall feelings of utter terror, and the horror of being hunted by man and entity alike.

I died in that place….

Yet, death held no sway over this realm because, though deadly wounded, I rose to my feet to seek out my murderers.

It made no sense at all, but when I woke up I somehow knew that I had really been there. The details are incredible, and I am certain that they are no mere dreams.

They are visits to the astral world.

The very structure of this realm is rather strange, and kind of hard to explain. It should really be experienced to know what I am actually talking about. These places are alien, yet they are somehow fused with memories one has of things in the physical world. The normal laws of nature are broken in these places. Because of this one is able to do things, and see things, that are not possible in the physical world. For example, a house in this place may be built in ways that would not be possible in the physical world. I have visited strange mansions that were far bigger on the inside than on the outside. And one moves around with a simple thought.

It must be stated, however, that the memories of these places are, on the one hand, very clear, yet, on the other, these memories seem to be obscured by a misty veil. I can recall certain parts of it in great detail, yet other parts I do remember, but I seem somehow unable to put into words the scenes I have witnessed. It is like the conscious mind can not perceive certain things the unconcious mind has seen.

I have a nice example of this.

It happened two nights ago, and it was another visit to the astral realm.

I found myself on strange, yet familiar streets. I approached a market-stall that stood on the corner of the street. The woman behind the stall called out to me. She asked me if I was interested in purchasing some old books. Now, she did not have to say this twice, because I am always interested in old books!

She handed me an ugly looking volume. It was badly damaged and almost fell apart.

The title, however, was clearly visible.

                                               THE CONJURATION OF THE FIRE GOD

I had to have this book!

The woman asked 20 Euro’s for it…..

I checked my pockets, but I didn’t have any money on me!

I told the woman that I would be back with the money.

After this the world turned black, and I could feel my body preparing to wake up. During this process I could feel myself mentally checking the cash I had lying nearby. It was more than 20 Euro’s…. With this in mind I willed myself back to the book, and when I found myself in that world again the woman was gone but I had the volume. The rest of this visit is very hazy, but I can recall the power that emanated from the old book as well as the strange happenings that were caused by this ancient volume. Whenever I opened the book, poltergeist activities started to take place. I saw strange diagrams on its pages that turned and twisted as I looked at it. It made me scared…. The last time I opened that book a silver-colored entity emerged from its pages. Somehow I was told in my mind that I faced a Doppelganger. A manlike entity that can assume any shape. The horror I was witnessing was enough to scare me back into my mortal shell and I woke up.

You see that some of these happenings I can remember in great detail, yet other parts are blurred and hazy. I know it is in my head, but my mind cannot make it visible.

This account may seem to be the recollection of a madman’s pipedream, but my experiences were confirmed when I asked the great Warlock Asylum a strange question about last night’s experience that I had.

Last night I found myself once again in a strange realm. It seemed to be a harbour that I know in the physical world, yet it was different and alien. I was approached by a figure who had a familiar face, yet I have never met this person in real life. I knew his face however…

The man introduced himself as Warlock Asylum.

Now I knew where I had seen that face!

It featured one of Warlock Asylum’s gravatars on his blog-page!

Now, I have never met Warlock Asylum in real life, but I have seen him on pictures and know that his appearance is different from the person that claimed to be Warlock Asylum. So I confronted the individual with this knowledge. He laughed in a kind way, and said: “I am more than one person!”

As he said this, an image of his true physical appearance came into my mind.

It was, indeed, Warlock Asylum!

There are large portions of this meeting which I cannot seem to remember, but I can remember that we had a conversation in that strange harbour. We discussed our Workings, and we shared laughs. I have some vague recollection of me asking about the laws of that realm because everything looked so alien, and of Warlock Asylum telling me to try it out by taking a plunge in the harbour from what seemed to be an incredible height. I climbed atop a square wooden pole (the ones you will find in harbours). It was very high up, and I felt kind of scared. I looked at the Warlock, and he nodded that it was oke. So I took the leap of faith, and I plunged deep into the waters of the harbour.

As I swam up I did not reach the surface, instead I reached consciousness. I awoke…

When I was fully awake I began to think things over, and I decided (despite the strange shame I felt for asking) that I would contact Warlock Asylum and that I would ask him straight up if he had visited me in my dreams.

This is what he said: “Yes, I try to visit some of the Walkers at times.”

I was astonished by his confirmation! And greatly excited!

It was an incredible experience, and a real honor to meet this great Priest-Magician in the wondrous world that is the astral realm.

Next time we’ll have that beer, Warlock!



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  1. Excellent post. It is always good to read about an Initiate’s experience, as it sheds some light on certain practices. ou may be interested to know that I found the following “dream definition” for “harbor at the following site: :

    “A harbor symbolizes your birth as this is where ships berth, with berth being a pun on birth. Dreams about birth will invariably show your spiritual abilities as you have these from day one.”

    hopefully, we can hang out a little more next time if you can stay awake in the dream 🙂


  2. In response to “a visit from a brother” I to have had an experience like this before. It’s entirely possible to meet other people on the astral plane! If you make a conscious effort to have an astral trip, by actually doing a mental exersize to achieve this result, you can meet up with others who are doing the exact same thing!! REALLY!! I’m not kidding, this has happened to me a several times over the last 20 years or so!
    As for not being succesfull in your attempts to walk a gate & recieve your word; well if your not ready your not ready! Just a you said Nightcaller. It took me seven times to succesfully walk the “Nanna” gate & it took seven days to recieve my word for that particular gate! What was interesting was that i was already well versed in occultism, so for the initiatory gate to take that long was strange. I’m very far in the stages of the walking these days; & it’s interesting to go back & walk certain gates again sometimes! The Inanna gate can be tricky, but for me personally all gates i’ve been succesfull in took more than one try! Yet when i do other types of occultism, such as the Esabats of the moon when i actually have a request to be fullfilled, i usually get my “wish” within 3 days! So just because your no longer a neophyte, does not mean the “necro” tradition will be simple & easy!!(?) I’m sure you guys know that, i’m just saying, u know?


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