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A Blessing from Ishtar – Astral Intercourse

Welcome to another one of my personal experiences!

In a previous post I told the reader about an astral visit from Warlock Asylum. It had been a strange and interesting experience, and because of it I began searching for ways that would allow me to enter the astral world. Since my  involvement in the occult I make sure that I keep track of my rituals, as well as how I experience normal day to day life. A lot can be learned from doing so! It showed me a way of how to enter the astral world…

Because each Magician is an unique individual these techniques, as well as their results, may vary from person to person, but I will share with the reader my way of entering the astral world. I must warn thee, however, it is a technique that requires a strong will as it is based on the fast period that usually precedes the Walking, yet somewhat more extreme.

I begin this ritual on a Wednesday when I stop eating during the early evening. I not only stop eating during this period, but I also refrain from falling asleep. I keep this up till Friday night / early Saturday morning. By this time the body is exhausted and requires deep sleep to recuperate. I warn thee again! This technique can wreak havoc not only on the body, but also on the mind! At the end of this period I lie down, and go to sleep for about twelve to twenty hours on end. During these long periods of sleep I find myself in the astral world, and usually I am able to visit the astral realm on two separate occasions, one just after the fasting period and the other on the next day.

Entering the Astral World

Last week I performed the ritual described above, and Saturday night I found myself again in the astral world, during a sixteen hour long period of sleep. It was an incredible experience during which I received a blessing from DinGir Ishtar.

It all began when I found myself walking through strange streets. I came upon a little shop that was owned by an old Asian couple. The old man smiled and told me, in a heavy accent, that he had a lot of books for sale. Indeed he had! I spent some time searching through the volumes that stood on the shelves of a long, rectangular bookcase. Suddenly I came upon a large volume with a purple cover that had astrological signs on it. Now I am not much of an astrologer, that’s for sure! But for some reason the book felt important. I sifted through it’s pages and came upon a remarkable message that was left by Warlock Asylum (also an astrologer). It was, let’s say, a compliment, and that is all I will say about it.

I purchased the book, and the world went black….

When my surroundings returned I was in the company of a woman who looked like a very attractive woman from my early years of becoming a man. I had always admired her beauty, and had nasty thoughts about her on more than one occasion. It was a physical form that was pleasing to the eye, and was lodged firmly in my memory.

We made love…

It was a thrilling, exciting experience.

Our flesh becoming one….

Our spirits becoming one….

It was like making love to a Goddess!

When I woke up I found myself still in her bed, yet she was gone. I still clutched the volume that contained the message from Warlock Asylum, and I could smell the scent of the woman on the sheets.

When the world turned black again I woke on my couch.

Had Ishtar blessed me with a Jinn wife?



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  1. To Nightcaller, i to have done this technique with amazing results! I don’t always have to fast though, although it helps for purity reasons that all who are serious occultists know well. My greatest experience occurred on the Winter Solstice in 2009. I had recently got back involved in the tradition (Necronomicon & other occultism) I started reading the necronomicon to refresh my memory of it’s contents. I’m 35 yrs old & have had the necronomicon since i was 14! Anyway, it started late in november 2009, when every night at around midnight while awake i started having o.b.e’s!! i’m usually up to the wee hours of the morning (4 or 5 am) but i wasn’t feeling to good for some time now, so i was hitting the sack “early” so to speak. The night of the winter solstice i was up till about 5 a.m., just laid in bed the whole time trying to get some sleep. I had actually forgotten it was the winter solstice, til after my experience when i checked my calendar to see it was indeed a very powerful night! After i had fallen asleep i entered the astral world & pretty much saw the blood of the moon! It looked like the picture in Nightcaller’s blessing from ishtar post where you see the netting in the picture & it was flowing through my body! i kept seeing waves of blood & every time the vision passed through my body i wouid feel intense vibrations! Remember in the description of Nanna, in the “of the zonei & it’s attributes” where it says “& possesses the secret of the tides of blood”; well i basically had this dream & it was the most intense dream or experience i’ve ever had!!!! It truly was of the other side, & the visions i had during this dream where the type where words cannot express, except in maybe the Divine world. It was much more powerful than any acid trip i took as a kid. (there wasn’t many by the way!!) The decipherment of this dream is for my mind only, but i awoke around 7:30am completely drained & exhausted & as i looked out my window the sun was just coming up & it was surrounded by the blackest clouds i’ve ever seen! It wasn’t natural at all! The sun was the most golden i’ve ever saw it, & surrounded by these black clouds & the rays were shinning right in my face as i laid in bed trying to understand what it all meant?? Anyhow i had not been doing any occult work for several years; talk about being maybe perhaps re-intiniated back into the tradition!!! My occult powers & my mind have been extremely powerful ever since. Any magick i do whether it be necromancy or not has been quite powerful ever since that fateful dream! My whole life has been re-born so to speak! i’m currently walking through the seven gates now, i tried when i was younger but never with the effect they have on me now!! It’s been AMAZING to say the least!


  2. Well met, Moonsadden! It is great to hear from someone who applies a similar technique! You had a great and wonderful experience. 🙂 I am also happy to hear of your renewed interest in the Necronomicon Tradition. It is a wonderful experience! I have recently passed the Ishtar Gate, and am currently preparing for the Shammash Gate. 😉 I appreciate that you wanted to share your experience with us, and I think that people should do this more often….

    My regards, Nightcaller.


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