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Feast of the Vampire – A Monstrous Attack on the First Night of Christmas

Damn! It has happened again! Twice!!

What the Hell makes me such a tasty midnight snack for the horrible apparitions that we know as psychic vampires?

But first… What exactly is a psychic vampire?

Well, it is an entity that feeds on psychic energy (also known as the life-force that resides in our mortal shells). So, even while they are called vampires, they do not feed on the blood itself, but rather on the life-force of living creatures (also called Chi, or Prana). Usually they attack their prey during during sleep, but attacks can as easily occur during daytime. Attacks by entities of this kind are not particularly pleasant because they emanate some kind of force which leaves their victims virtually paralyzed with feelings of sheer terror.

Psychic Vampires hovering over their prey

A while ago I experienced an attack by a psychic vampire, so I know what it feels like…. Not very pleasant!

Past Sunday, the first night of Christmas, it happened again. A nightly attack by a silent stalker oozing with terror. I had come home at about 11:30, having spent the evening at a friend and his wife who had invited me for dinner. It was a pleasant evening which left me rather tired, yet when I came home I couldn’t sleep anymore. I spent several hours reading my new book (Babylonian Magic and Sorcery), and eventually I felt tired enough to try and get some sleep. I do not know exactly how much time had passed before I regained some form of consciousness, but when I did I felt very alarmed and knew there was something wrong.

A wave of pure terror washed over my immobile physical form. With my third eye I vaguely perceived a formless mass which crept on my paralyzed body. The feeling of terror I experienced was incredible!

I knew what was coming next, for I had encountered such a creature of terror before.

By now my mind was racing with panic, but the unnatural weight of the creature kept me firmly pinned down.

When it had positioned itself it did what it had come for…. It fed.

It is a horrible feeling, yet it does not hurt because it does not tear the skin. But it is an uncomfortable feeling nonetheless. This one fed in a rather violent manner, as if I was stung by a giant mosquito. It struck me just below the Adams-apple, in that little soft hole at the bottom of the throat. This shocked me into full consciousness and I was free to move again, but, even after having just experienced such an ordeal, I quickly regained sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I experienced an unnatural fatigue. I felt completely drained and somewhat numb (No, this was not caused by alcohol! For I do not drink!). I could not stay in bed however because I had promised that I would visit my 86 year old grandmother with whom I would have a nice dinner. I had to hurry because I had to catch a bus….

As I got up I gathered my clothes, and I noticed that it was not only fatigue I was suffering from.

My left eye was not working properly! My vision was all hazy and troubled!

What the Hell had happened?

Not wanting to cancel the dinner with my grandmother I hurried to the station, all the while feeling awful and a little stressed.

When I arrived at my grandmother’s house I still suffered from these strange conditions. Nonetheless we had a pleasant afternoon and a nice meal.

After having done some chores around the house I decided I would travel home because my condition had not improved. I told my grandmother that I was feeling very tired, and she replied that she also would prefer a little nap. So I went home…

I greatly looked  forward to getting some more sleep, but when I arrived home I found, to great dismay, that I was unable to descent into the realm of slumber. Yet, my eye had regained normal function! I breathed a sigh of relief, and decided that I would visit the supermarket which was opened (on the second day of x-mas?!).

When I came home I passed out on the couch, and experienced a second attack!

Again I was attacked by a vampiric entity!

This time, however, I seemed to experience this on another level of consciousness. My physical form did not regain consciousness, but I saw this completely with my third eye. All characteristics of a psychic vampire were present. The feeling of terror, the immobility of the body, the unnatural weight which presses the victim down, and the horror of being fed upon.

This particular entity, however, seemed to have chosen another spot to feed upon, for it sucked its sustenance from my solar plexus. Also the strange force that presses the victim down was more overpowering than the feeling of terror which accompanies these creatures.

This second attack was a little to much for me, and I decided I would rather stay awake for a while. My fatigue was gone, but for several hours I felt quite paranoid for reasons I cannot explain.

I think that two of these experiences in a row had me quite rattled at the time….

These experiences leave me with one important question though…..

Where the Hell was my Watcher?

I must admit that I have been neglecting the sacrifices as of late, but I always make sure that I do not exceed the 28 day period. Usually I make sacrifices every three days, but these past few weeks I have not been doing what should be done….

Maybe it is the Watcher’s way of showing its discontent….

Tonight, I will feed Thee, great Watcher!

I will bring Thee Thy sacrifices!

Mayest Thou keep me safe from harm!



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  1. If such is the case, why does it behave in this manner?

    Have I somehow offended this great and noble Spirit?

    I know that the Watcher has abilities that are similar to those possessed by psychic vampires. Gates of the Necronomicon (by Simon) tells us, on page 177:

    “The destruction of the Magician(s) by the Watcher can occur in different ways, although all are swift and irreversible. It can be immediate, during the Rite itself, or can take place as a slow feeding on the body of the Magician by the Watcher as all life is drained from the magician. Various illnesses arise, of uncertain provenance, which cannot be cured.”

    Just like psychic vampires the Watcher is able to drain the life-force of the Magician.


  2. I see! I did not understand at first, but my Jinn wife is a Lamassu and is propitiated for in the Calling of the Watcher!

    I would very much like to discuss this topic in private correspondence… I will send you an email soon.


  3. Actualy the Lamassu is called in the Crown of Anu Exorcism. The words “kindly spirit” are originally lamassu.


  4. First of im a Monster anything dead is food to me i learn to turn them Vampires into BLD (breakfast,lunch,dinner)

    I learn to deal with Vampires (cause i come from vampires my mom is one) by really understanding them they are the undead they weaker than you what they are doing in sending death cause they have no life and they want yours. death is the future so when they send me death i just remind her that i love her cause i have a beautiful future for her see most vampires are just crying beggers for life they have been stealing life from people cause they are too weak to create their own their negativity is from hate and fear ( blind children of love) they are not draining you they are giving you their hate and fear for exchange for you love thats why you tend to feel cold . i learn a form of alchemy by taking it an making it love or bring it to love using the cold/coal to fuel my fire of life. the trick is to one just keep reminding yourself of the beautiful life you have and focus and remind death/future that you love her and have great gift of basically peace and love and of course justice.

    I have a online Magazine call Enluv(in love) for just this purpose . i offered it to Inanna so she may protect me from the onslaught of negative attacks and remind death that i have love in my future, it feels great to say I am Enluv and to tell people to be in love check it out

    What i learn from you guys are great it really helped me cause i get vampire attack all the time. now i seem to look for them like blade LoL


  5. Warlock, you are correct my friend. I had incorrectly interpreted your info from A Rapid Increase In Marriage Ceremonies Between Jinn and Humans Within The Necronomicon Tradition.

    Based on your previous suggestion (about finding my Jinn wife) I had consulted your article in order to find the solution as to how I should proceed in establishing a relation with this female Jinn that has taken an interest in me.

    I had come to my conclusion by the following information:

    “Sedu and Lamassu became known as the Jinn in Arab mythology”, “The Sedu and the Lamassu are propitiated for in the Necronomicon Tradition in the famous calling of the Watcher”, “What is called the Watcher in today’s Necronomicon Tradition was known in ancient times as the Sedu and the Lamassu”, “Marriages between a human being and a Jinn (Watcher) do exist in the Necronomicon Tradition”.


  6. It is great to hear from you Black Cea’Zar, and I’m happy to hear that our articles have been of some help to you. 🙂

    I have checked out your magazine… Nice work! It is a beautiful thing to create such a work as an offering to the great Queen Inanna, mistress of Heaven and Earth. As a fellow devotee of this great Goddess I rejoice in the fact that DinGir Ishtar is actively worshipped, and that sacrifices are made in Her honor.

    Keep up the good work!


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