The Assyrian Translation of the Exorcism against Azag-Thoth and his Emissaries

Welcome back!

In a few moments I will begin presenting the translation of this particular exorcism, at least as far as is possible. It should be noted however that the original version does not, in any way, refer to Azag-Thoth. It actually does not matter because the author of the Necronomicon was obviously an accomplished Magician, and was well aware of the fact that exorcisms and incantations can be manipulated, or even completely re-written, as long as they retain certain elements which are necessary for a proper working. If anybody is interested in matters of this kind I suggest you obtain the book Summoning Spirits written by Konstantinos. A lot can be learned from this Magician, and his books are excellent to work with!

It is interesting to note that the author of the Necronomicon has found, and created, a new use for an ancient incantation. He has also thought his actions through because he has added a measure of empowerment which the mind will subconsciously link to Azag-Thoth. That being the burning of an image of a throne-chair.

For the Throne is a symbol that is associated with Azag-Thoth.

Unfortunately I am still an Initiate and can, therefore, not supply the reader with any useful information regarding “the blind idiot God”. Ask an adept, or better yet, order a copy of the Atlantean Necronomicon written by Warlock Asylum. It is a wondrous work from the hands of a very skilled Magician.

Now, let us begin the translation of the Exorcism against AZAG-THOTH and his Emissaries.

  • Boil! Boil! Burn! Burn!
  • (should read: Image, image, mayest thou enkindle, mayest thou enkindle!)
  • pis-li pis-li qi-di-e qi-di-e
  • (This cannot be found in the original incantation)
  • (If I’m not mistaken this means something in the lines of: “Begone, Evil Spirit!)
  • Who art thou, whose son?
  • at-ta man-nu mârat man-ni
  • Who art thou, whose daughter?
  • at-ti man-nu mârat man-ni
  • What sorcery, what spells, has brought thee here?
  • (Made up from two lines, first line: Thy sorceries and thy tricks, which thou hast summoned forth,)
  • (Second line: with which thou hast enchanted me,)
  • ša aš-ba-tu-nu-ma ip-še-ku-nu ar-ša-ši-ku-nu
  • te-te-ni-ip-pu-ša-ni ia-a-ši
  • May ENKI, the Master of Magicians, free me!
  • (Should read: may they be dissolved by Enki, the great magician!)
  • lip-šur Ê-a masmašu
  • May ASHARILUDU, son of ENKI, free me!
  • (Should read: by Marduk, the great magician of the gods, son of Enki, and decider of decisions!)
  • Marduk mašmaš ilâni man-ni Ê-a abkallu
  • May they bring to nought your vile sorceries!
  • (Should read: Thy magic is brought to nought,)
  • liš-bal-kit kiš-pi-ku-nu
  • I chain you!
  • a-kas-si-ku-nu-ši
  • I bind you!
  • a-kam-mi-ku-nu-ši
  • I deliver you to GIRRA
  • (Should read: I will deliver thee to the Fire god!)
  • a-nam-din-ku-nu-ši a-na GIŠ BAR
  • Lord of the Flames
  • (Is not found on the Maqlu tablet, and is obviously added by the author as an additional title of GIRRA)
  • Who sears, burns, enchains
  • qa-mi-e qa-li-i ka-si-
  • Of whom even mighty KUTULU has fear!
  • (Should read: Who overwhelms all sorceries!)
  • ka-ši-du ša kaššapati
  • May GIRRA, the Ever-burning One, give strength to my arms!
  • (Should read: May the God of Fire, the burning One, strengthen my arms!)
  • GIŠ BAR qa-mu-u li-tal-lal i-da-a-a
  • May GIBIL, the Lord of Fire, give power to my Magick!
  • (Is not found on the Maqlu tablet)
  • Injustice, murder, freezing of the loins,
  • (Should read: Witchcraft, rebellion, evil words, love, hate,)
  • ip-šu bar-tu a-mat limutti râmu zâru
  • Rending of the bowels, devouring of the flesh, and madness
  • (The original line is partly damaged, and reads: ………………, glowing of the face, madness,)
  • ……………….. a su-ud pa-ni u ša-mi-e te-e-mu
  • In all ways hast thou persecuted me!
  • (Should read: and anything thou hast summoned forth..)
  • mimma tu-še-pi-ša-ni
  • Mad God of CHAOS!
  • (Is not found in the original)
  • May GIRRA free me!
  • (Should read: May it be dissolved by the God of Fire!)
  • GIŠ BAR lip-šur
  • (Is not found in the original, yet their meaning is pretty obvious…)
  • (Azag-Thoth begone! Hail Marduk! Hail Marduk! Hail Asarluhi!)
  • You have chosen me for a corpse.
  • (The original line is damaged, but it is clearly different from this one)
  • (It says: To ……………… thou hast seen me, turn back!)
  • a-na …………………… ta-hi-ra-in-ni duppirâ
  • You have delivered me to the Skull.
  • (The original line is damaged, its meaning lost…)
  • (It says: To ……………… thou hast given me over, turn back!)
  • a-na …………………………. tap-qi-da-in-ni duppirâ
  • You have sent Phantoms to haunt me.
  • (Original line misses a word because of some light damage)
  • (Should read: Thou hast delivered me to the ……….. ghosts, turn back!)
  • a-na ekimmi …………..-si tap-qi-da-in-ni duppirâ
  • You have sent vampires to haunt me.
  • (Should read: Thou hast delivered me to the fiendish apparitions, turn back!)
  • a-na ekimmi a-hi-i tap-qi-da-in-ni duppirâ
  • To the wandering Ghosts of the Wastes, have you delivered me.
  • (Should read: to the ghost of the desert thou hast delivered me, turn back!)
  • a-na ekimmi har-bi na-du-ti tap-qi-da-in-ni duppira
  • To the Phantoms of the fallen ruins, have you delivered me.
  • (Should read: To the ……… spectre, which hath no rival,)
  • a-na ekimmi HAR KIB DU ša pa-qi-da la i-šú-u
  • To the deserts, the wastes, the forbidden lands, you have handed me over.
  • (Should read: Thou hast given me over to the desert, inflammation, and destruction, turn back!)
  • a-na sêri qi-di u na-me-e tap-qi-da-in-ni duppirâ
  • Open Thy Mouth In Sorceries Against Me No More!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • I have handed thine image over
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • Into the flames of GIBIL!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • Burn, Mad Fiend!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • Boil, Mad God!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • May the Burning GIRRA untie thy knots!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • May the Flames of GIBIL untie your cord!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • May the Law of the Burning seize your throat!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • May the Law of the Burning avenge me!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • It is not I, but MARDUK, son of ENKI, Masters in Magick, that commands Thee!
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • (Is not found on the original…)
  • (The first word means: Amen)
  • (Of the second word I am not sure of…)

Well, with the translation of this exorcism we have effectively confirmed the authenticity of the Necronomicon’s Maqlu Text, as it was the last one for which we previously had no confirmation.

The translations that were applied to this exorcism come from the fourth Maqlu Tablet, lines 1 to 61. The original incantation also includes the incantation we are given in the Simon Necronomicon which is called :Another Binding of the Sorcerers”.



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  1. How do you know when you have become a full Initiate I’ve read the simon Necronomicon i pray to all the gods
    i have been feeling their presents I feel like i’ve been going through the intaites all my life
    I am rap artist/producer and the names i have chosen name that have sound like names you get at gate like Black Cea’zar is my first name i went by which sound like a name from Nanna, here are some of the (Soild Gold,Mars Millennium, Enluv, The Mad King,Ice King). And I have Intersting visions I dont really have no one to talk to about this stuff and your articles and simon Necronomicon really speaks to me. Do you have any advice
    you can give me. And is there a place where i can socialize with others like yorself

    thank for your help


  2. Well, first of all I am also still an Initiate, having recently passed the Ishtar Gate. Compared to some of the other Brothers I am still a beginner, but I can certainly help you get started with the basics. While we begin with preparing you for the Gate-Walking rituals I shall ask one of the Brothers to mentor you, so you can learn the finer points of the Necronomicon Tradition.

    I must, however, give you some words of caution. The Necronomicon Current is very powerful, and you should be serious in your undertaking. It is not something that can be taken lightly and requires a proper attitude, and a whole lot of studying. If you feel strongly attracted to the Necronomicon and its Tradition then you are well at your place here, for we are all Brothers, and as such we will look out for each other. We welcome all who are in search of their true heritage.

    When I first began experimenting with the Necronomicon I had also no one to share my experiences with, for in my country you would be labeled as being mentally ill. I have found much support in this blog and the members of our Tradition, however, some things are best discussed in private correspondence therefore I shall give you my personal mail address. We do not discuss the working of rituals in the public area, so if you want to know how to get started you should contact me privately. I am almost always present and will answer all mail I receive, so you have already found someone with whom you can discuss such matters.

    Some of the Brothers are already working on a medium that allows for easy socializing, although I cannot tell you when this will be realized, as I do not know the details of the progress. But it will certainly become available in the near future! 🙂

    You can contact me personally at:

    I look forward to hearing from you! You are welcome here for we do not discriminate.

    My regards, Nightcaller.


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