The Simon Necronomicon – Its Author and its Authenticity

Greetings Brothers!

Today I like to discuss a topic which is probably more written and talked about than the Necronomicon’s material in itself. To me personally it is a topic which annoys me at times, yet for the active practitioner it is imperative and should be subject to study.

I am talking, of course, about the authenticity of the Simon Necronomicon.

Since my involvement in the Necronomicon Tradition I have read many online articles and opinions of people who question the authenticity of the famous Book of the Black Earth. To do so is not a bad thing because one should never blindly assume that such a work is authentic, for there are many who revel in the creation of falsness and illusion, spreading confusion, and corrupting that which should be kept pure. Therefore it is necessary to do research in order to form our own opinions of such works that we may come to learn for ourselves how the author arrived at his conclusions and how he applied that knowledge to create his work.

Take note of what I said above… IT IS NECESSARY TO DO RESEARCH!!

I have noticed that some of the individuals who attack the Book, and its Tradition, are actually pretty smart people, yet they do not properly use their brains! Instead they choose to be lazy and their opinion on the subject is formed by their poor attitude. If they had done proper research, and actually performed the rites instead of just reading about them (Yes! It is a lot of work and commitment!) then they would see for themselves that they had actually nothing to bitch about, except their own lazyness.

Personally I do not really care for such pathetic bickering, and those who are opposed to the Work are certainly entitled to their opinion, but one thing always greatly annoys me… Those are the people who seek to discredit the author (Simon) often in ways that make no real sense. He is often portrayed as somewhat of a con-artist who concocted the material of the Necronomicon to make a nice buck, heavily borrowing from Lovecraftian sources.

I can, of course, neither confirm, nor deny such claims for I do not know Simon.

What I do know, however, is the material he made available to us, and if one studies the Book well, one can learn from the author, not by just reading his work, but through becoming the author by analyzing his work and then following the most likely process of thought that resulted in the creation of his work.

If one would follow the process above, one would come to a particular fact about Simon which, unlike all the other claims, cannot be denied. He was instrumental in the rekindling of the Sumerian revival. Without his work this blog would not be, and, even worse, we would have remained ignorant of our life’s work.

Therefore I implore you all to show some respect for the individual who made this possible. He certainly deserves it!

If you choose to be a dick and still post disrespectful rumours, or blatant bullshit, without having first properly studied the subject you choose to attack, then so be it…

If such is the case then I pray that Namtar strikes thee down!

Well, I have been ranting for long enough, so let me explain the importance of this post…

I have managed to confirm the authenticity of an entire chapter that is found in the Simon Necronomicon! This is pretty important because that particular chapter contains various pieces of text which are often thought of as being made up by Simon.

I am talking, of course, about the Maqlu Text…

The Simon Necronomicon’s Maqlu Text is not entirely based on the Maqlu tablets, but is compiled from a number of different sources. Some have complained about this, but in my opinion the author made a valid choice, and such inconsistencies are beyond our concern for it does not corrupt our material in an irreversible manner. Yet it made confirming the authenticity of all incantations found in the Necronomicon’s Maqlu Text a bit harder.

Nonetheless I have completed my task and can now proudly say that every spell contained in the Necronomicon’s Maqlu Text originates from the good old ancient times. While it is true that they do not match the ancient incantations word for word, the essence of the source is retained in its altered form.

You can imagine my excitement when I uncovered the source on which is based the last exorcism that needed its authenticity verified. It is an exorcism that is seldom discussed, and I imagine that many practitioners refrain from using it, with exception of the adepts perhaps. I myself have only used it once, but I do not know what effects it causes, nor do I know the appropriate moment to employ this exorcism.

In the early beginnings of my Workings I severly doubted the origins of the exorcism, and considered it to be a viable candidate which could potentially be labeled as being constructed from scratch. That it was only placed in the Book to have a noticeable correspondence to Lovecraft’s Azathoth. Which, by the way, is not the case.

I learned of Azag-Thoth’s meaning in the Necronomicon Tradition by reading the work of an adept who is known as Warlock Asylum. The work, of course, is The Atlantean Necronomicon which can be ordered at To learn more about Azag-Thoth you will definitely have to order this great work! It is a great addition to the material of the Simon Necronomicon! Well, to say it’s great is a bit of an understatement because it is without a doubt the best work available concerning the Necronomicon Tradition.

The exorcism I mentioned a moment ago is, of course, The Exorcism against AZAG-THOTH and His Emissaries. It was the last exorcism of the Necronomicon’s Maqlu Text for which I lacked the source material, but not anymore! For I have not only been able to prove the existence of the ancient origins on which the exorcism is based, but I have also an Assyrian translation for the greater part of the incantation.

But let us first quickly review the contents of the Necronomicon’s Maqlu Text, and from what source they were obtained.

  • The Exorcism of the Crown of ANU – Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia – Book 1 (R. Campbell Thompson), cuneiform tablet K (British Museum collection).
  • A Conjuration against the Seven-Liers-In-Wait – Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia – Book 1 (R. Campbell Thompson), cuneiform tablet V from the serie UTUKKI LIMNUTI (British Museum collection).
  • The Exorcism BARRA EDINNAZU – Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia – Book 1 (R. Campbell Thompson), cuneiform tablet A from the serie UTUKKI LIMNUTI (British Museum collection).
  • The Exorcism ZI DINGIR – Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia – Book 1 (R. Campbell Thompson), cuneiform tablet V of the serie UTUKKI LIMNUTI (British Museum collection).
  • The Exorcism against AZAG-THOTH and His Emissaries – Die Assyrische Beschworungsserie Maqlu (Knut Leonard Tallqvist), Maqlu tablet no.4 (British Museum & Universitat Helsingfors).
  • Incantation against the Ancient Ones – Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia – Book 1 (R. Campbell Thompson), cuneiform tablet V of the serie UTUKKI LIMNUTI (British Museum collection).
  • Incantation of Protection against the Workers of the Ancient Ones – Publications of the Babylonian Section Volume X from the University of Pennsylvania – the University Museum 1915-1919 written by Stephen Langdon, Tablet called Prayers and Incantations of Shamash-shum-ukin.
  • The Exorcism against the Possessing Spirit – The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East: Babylonia and Assyria (Charles Francis Horne), the location of the tablets is currently unknown.
  • The Exorcism ANNAKIA – Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia – Book 1 (R. Campbell Thompson), cuneiform tablet V of the serie UTUKKI LIMNUTI (British Museum collection).
  • The Binding of the Evil Sorcerers – Die Assyrische Beschworungsserie Maqlu (Knut Leonard Tallqvist), Maqlu tablet no.1 (British Museum & Universitat Helsingfors).
  • Another Binding of the Sorcerers –Die Assyrische Beschworungsserie Maqlu (Knut Leonard Tallqvist), Maqlu tablet no.4 (British Museum & Universitat Helsingfors).
  • Xilqa Xilqa Besa Besa – Die Assyrische Beschworungsserie Maqlu (Knut Leonard Tallqvist), Maqlu tablet no.5 (British Museum & Universitat Helsingfors).
  • The Conjuration of the Mountains of MASSHU – Die Assyrische Beschworungsserie Maqlu (Knut Leonard Tallqvist), Maqlu tablet no.5 (British Museum & Universitat Helsingfors).

See that we have succeeded in verifying the origins of the entire Necronomicon’s Maqlu Text!

By now the reader (You!) will be asking him or herself when the Assyrian translation of the Exorcism against AZAG-THOTH will follow.

Have patience my friends, for it will follow very soon. I think the reader will appreciate getting the translations in a post that only focuses on the text, instead of finding such a translation at the end of an article which at first sight has nothing to do with translations.

Just be patient.

It will follow soon….

My regards,



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  1. Woo Hoo! Fantastic, Brother. i love it when the doubters and naysayers get their ignorant opinions and shallow misconceptions shot down! somebody has definitely yanked your chain recently. thank you for all your efforts, and i’m looking forward to your next piece. May this New Year find All of the Brothers and Sisters if this Path Blessed without End.


  2. well, there is this from the United States Copyright Office:

    Type of Work: Text
    Registration Number / Date: TX0006458891 / 2006-11-13
    Title: The gates of the necronomicon.
    Copyright Claimant: Peter Levenda (Simon, pseud.)
    Date of Creation: 2006
    Date of Publication: 2006-11-01


  3. Thanks my friend. I’m indeed a bit in a foul mood, and writing such an article relieves pressure. I feel like going on a warpath, but have no identifyable enemies at the moment… So I felt like striking out to the workers of evil who seek to insult our Ways by using the evil mouth, anonymously uttering the evil word.
    If you take a look at the crap some people are writing about our glorious Tradition you will most certainly feel like cracking a skull or two…

    My next piece is already almost finished, but I am not sure if I should post it for it is rather aggressively written, and is a reflection of the emotions I am currently experiencing.
    I feel like a man possessed because I have been writing almost nonstop for over 24 hours on end….
    I’m working on three articles simultaneously, as well as my book which will be brought into print probably within six months.

    You also have a blessed new year! 🙂 Many blessings and the best wishes for 2012 to all members of the Necronomicon Family! That we may all work towards bringing the Tradition to new heights!
    May the DinGir bless each and everyone of you! 😉


  4. Tony, you might want to read the following article which was written by Warlock Asylum.

    Secret Files Unveiled: Aleister Crowley Identified As The Mad Arab and Kenneth Grant As Simon of Necronomicon Fame



  5. Absolutely. Gates of the Necronomicon has Levenda listed on the copyright. an excellent formulae to perpetrate the idea that he wrote the book, which is probably why people who have read Gates of the Necronomicon still do not know the methods of walking a gate. stay blessed


  6. Very true, but “Gates” isn’t an instructional book on walking the gates, it’s more of a correlation between the tradition presented in the Simon Necronomicon and other traditions, primarily Chinese Taoism & astrology, thus enforcing the idea that it’s not ‘all made up’, which it obviously isn’t, as your research has more than proven.


  7. Thanks Tony. I do agree with what you’re saying regarding the Gates. Its just that I find it odd that there is more information explaining the system on this log page than the works written by Simon.


  8. In response to the “is the Simon Necronomicon real or authentic” Yeah, as Nightcaller has said there has been much ink spilled onto paper about this subject indeed!! Many say it’s a hoax, many say it’s real! Me personally, i know it’s real & it’s power is immense! First off, if it really was a gimic to cash in on this famous title, then my hat goes off to Simon!! Not only is Simon an occult genius, but a literary genius also!! Believe it or not it’s entirely possible to create an actual spiritual energy from one’s mind. In ancient times man gave names & images to these forces so there is a tangible reality to behold. Over thousands of years the thoughtforms that are associated with popular deities have gained much power & realness. Remember that not only in the Necronomicon tradition, but occultism in general what we create in the astral realm eventually manifests in the phyisical realm! (AS ABOVE, SO BELOW) If for instance if the demon Pazuzu, never recieved any thoughform energy from thousands of people over the centuries, he would have no power, or even a image or manifistation! Maybe not all spiritual enities evolved this way or not, i’m not sure, or is anyone else for that matter!? I have personally had experiences with many spirits or god/goddesses in a visual manner, so this theory may or may not be viable? As for the “reallness” of the Necronomicon it’s most definately a real & very powerfull grimoire! The things & qualities i’ve obtained from using this sacred text is & has not only been enlightened, but transforming as well! However as occultists going through & using occultism to enlighten themselves & towards transformation, it’s usually does so through peril!! The havic it places upon the mind & body isn’t always peacefull! Which is a prime example of what happens when safeguards & period of purifications are not taken which in turn can have extremely negative consequences to one’s sanity & spiritual awareness! That is a prime example of why the few & not the many can successfully utilize occulitism to enlightenment, especially necromancy, or to be more specific the varity of the occultism known as the Necronomicon! I find it very difficult to believe that the book is a fake; for those of us who “get it”, we understand very clearly why the book is not only powerfull, but possibly just as dangerous too, if used improperly.


  9. I’m glad I found this blog to assist in one day gaining that understanding.

    (Warlock Asylum – did you get my email? I sent it to the gmail addy…)


  10. I enjoyed reading your comments. Many people on the internet claim that the Simon Necronomicon is a “hoax.” What I think is so funny about this is that many of these organizations publish books that are priced three times higher than the Simon Necronomicon. The Simon Necronomicon is the lowest-price grimoire and occult book on the market. So I must ask again, who has the real money-making hoax? I enjoyed reading your thought Moonsadden.

    Stay Blessed!


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