Nightcaller’s Library – A Prayer to the Great God of the Sun

Welcome to my 50th Post!

I can’t believe that this is already my 50th post for this great blog, but it truly is. I have learned much during these studies, yet there is still much more to learn and experience, for it seems that I am ready to Walk the next Gate, the Gate of Šamaš.

It seems that I am becoming more attuned to the Necronomicon Current because I am gradually becoming more aware of the subtle voices that whisper softly in the dark recesses of my mind.

Lord Šamaš is calling me….

I recognized his call just moments ago when I experienced the urge to write a protective prayer adressing the great God of the Sun. I experienced a somewhat similar occurence when I was preparing to Walk the Gate of Ishtar and therefore I recognized the subtle calling, telling me that the time is near.

The following prayer is constructed during this writing and, though unique, originates from various ancient tablets. It is a prayer to DinGir Šamaš, the God of Life and Light, that he may protect us from the machinations of the Workers of Evil, may he cast them into an Abyss of Fire.

  • Šamaš šar šami-e u irsitim
  • mukin kit-ti u mišuri mušta-ulum la da-atim
  • šakin namirtu anu nišé apa-ati
  • birbir-ri munam-mir Igigi u Anun-naki
  • šar šami-e u irsitim es-i-ka asxurka
  • šupi-i arkiš up-pu-uš
  • šalmi ikribi-ia takrubu-úti
  • nirbika lu-ukbi dali-lika ludlul
  • aš-šum gam-malata bili as-saxar ilu-utka
  • aš-šum ta-airata išti-‘-úka
  • aš-šum riminita at-taziz panika
  • tir-rama saluti ša kaš-šapti ša ruxi-e ipušu
  • šú-uškin ki-ti ina pi-ya
  • ina si-ikrika kabti ina kibit ilutika rabititi
  • šunu linišuma anaku lu-udnin
  • šunu li-iktisuma anaku lu-up-patar
  • šunu limutuma anaku lu-ublut
  • kibsa išara šúkun ina šipi-ya
  • urxi lidmi-ik lišir
  • ina kibit ilutika rabititi lu-úblut ludima

This prayer not only corresponds to Shamash by calling on him, but also connects to the great Sun God through his sacred Number, 20, as the prayer consists of twenty lines.

The English translation reads as follows:

  • Oh Shamash, Lord of Heaven and Earth!
  • Establisher of Right and Justice, unbribable Inquisitor!
  • Bestower of Light upon the palefaced race of men!
  • Robed in Splendour, enlightening the Heaven and Earth spirits!
  • Lord of Heaven and Earth, I seek thee, to thee I turn!
  • Make clean quickly the one bewitched!
  • Fulfill my petition with blessings!
  • Let me talk of Thy greatness, let me bow in humility before thee!
  • Since Thou art beneficent, I have turned to Thy divinity!
  • Since Thou art compassionate, I have sought for Thee!
  • Since Thou art merciful, I have taken my stand before Thee!
  • Turn away the enmity of the sorceress who has employed venom!
  • Set justice in my mouth!
  • In Thy illustrious Name, at the command of Thy mighty godhead!
  • May they quake and I stand fast!
  • May they be bound and I be freed!
  • May they die that I may live!
  • Set a pleasant path for my feet!
  • May my way be propitious!
  • At the command of Thy mighty godhead let me live, let me have knowledge!

Great Utu, Destroyer of Evil, Lamp of Wisdom, accept my prayer for I am a servant of the Gods….



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  1. To Nightcaller, Yes indeed, your next attempt at walking the gate of Shammash (if successfull) will most certainly reward you !! I’ve stated before that i’ve have walked the gate of Marduk with success!! i tried it last month, & i’m most pleased with the results!! From someone’s point of view that has successfully walked this gate, a most interesting experience awaits you!!! I wish i could tell you what awaits you (possibly?) But as we all know, it is for ones ears only!! Next month, i will attempt the seventh & final gate of the inner realm!! I’ve asked for someone who is as far as i am in the seven gates, but have not seen a reply! Therefore i will assume i’m perhaps the only one this far ahead??? Anyway, what you’ve learned at the Innana gate will most certaintly play it’s part at the Shammash gate, indeed!!! If anyone is interested, i’m currently working on a book about my experiences walking the gates, as well as other systems of Occultism!! I have a potential publisher at hand who has read some of what i’ve written, & is very eager to conduct a publishing deal with me!! It’s a dream come true, as i’ve been wanting to write a book on the “occult sciences” for some time now!!! I wish you the best of luck Nightcaller, may the dark forces of erstwhile yesteryear be with you!!!!


  2. I’m looking forward to Walking the next Gate!
    You said you asked for someone who has Walked all Gates, but did not see a reply. Well, someone did reply! Warlock Asylum replied to your question. You can look it up in a previous post.
    I am also working on a book which will contain various translations of spells found in the Simon Necronomicon, my own personal Maqlu text, and also it will feature the eight original Maqlu Tablets and their English translations.
    Let me know when your book becomes published because I will definitely buy it! 🙂

    My regards, Nightcaller.


  3. Thank you Tony! There is a lot we can do with the ancient material. It’s beautiful how we can integrate the knowledge of today with the knowledge of the ancients. It is perfectly oke to write your own material, but there are certain rules to follow. This prayer, for example, has a certain logic to it. It clearly states what Deity is called upon and connects it to this Deity through its sacred Number. It also clearly states the intent of the prayer. These things are important to any self written incantations.

    Many Blessings to you Brother!


  4. exactly! Here’s an example of one I wrote awhile back, minus the personal parts, of course:

    Great Khonsu, falcon-headed God of the Moon, remover of obstacles, destroyer of evil, the Great Snake who fertilizes the Cosmic Egg in the creation of the world.

    Exalted Khonsu, He who causes the crescent moon to shine, the women to conceive, the cattle to become fertile, and all nostrils and every throat to be filled with fresh air… whose temple at Karnak stands as a testament to the “Greatest God of the Great Gods”.

    Beloved Khonsu, healer of princes and kings and all factions of life.


    we ask that you assist…


  5. Very nice Brother! The Egyptian Moon God Khonsu, son of Bastet… The Egyptian Deities are pretty powerful don’t you agree? I have done some rituals that involve assuming the Godform of the great Anubis. He is a great Lord! I find the Egyptian pantheon of Deities very fascinating! I must say that I possess a good number of books on Egyptology. This interest was awakened when I was still a little child, when my father showed me his Egyptian Book of the Dead.

    I like your incantation a lot and you seem to be pretty skilled in such things! Thanks for putting it on this site!

    May the DinGir smile on you Brother!


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