Nightcaller’s Library- The Burning of the Evil Sorcerers

Beware evil ones! For I, Nightcaller, will turn thy evil against thee!

This particular incantation calls on Nusku who is a God of light and fire and was called as such by the Babylonians and Assyrians. From a certain time on this God was hardly distinguished from Girra or, in Sumerian, Gibil, the Fire God. Nusku is known as the great Purifier. Therefore he is an excellent God to call upon when performing rituals of the Fire-cult, the rites of Maqlu.

I must admit that I am a great admirer of the Maqlu rituals. The tablets offer us so much possibilities! Therefore I have constructed this unique Burning which is directed against various Workers of Evil. While in this day and age our views on sorcerers and witches have changed from the views on such matters by the ancient races it does not mean that their incantations have become useless, for the Workers of Evil are still amongst us!

Not all Workers of Evil employ sorcery against their victims, but their evil actions are destructive nonetheless. Just think of a person in your live that always seeks to bring you down. Who always strives to see you slip up. I know that I encounter such people far too often! In a sense you could think of such individuals as being the sorcerer and the sorceress that are so often mentioned in the Maqlu Text.

Why? And how is that possible if they are no Magicians?

Well, such individuals still employ evil means to get to their goals. Much like the warlock and the witch of ancient times. They use the Evil Eye, the Evil Word, they wreak destruction by silently plotting our downfall, and they rejoice when they see us hurt.

Their evil influences, however, can be counter-acted by employing the Burnings and Bindings of the Fire-cult, of Maqlu. So I present to you this Burning, that it may destroy one’s evil enemies.

Here follows the Burning:

  • Nusku šur-bu-u i-li-ti A-nim
  • tam-šil abi bu-kúr Bêl
  • tar-bit apsî bi-nu-ut Êa
  • aš-ši dipâra ú-nam-mir-ka ka-a-ša
  • mu-ab-bit lim-nu-ti at-ta-ma
  • e-nin-na ina ma-xar ilû-ti-ka rabi-ti
  • kaššapi-ia u kaššapti-ia
  • e-piš-ia u muš-te-piš-ti-ia
  • sa-xir-ia u sa-xir-ti-ia
  • ra-xi-ia u ra-xi-ti-ia
  • ša ana pagri pu-qu-du-in-ni
  • qu-mi šu-nu-ti
  • a-ru-ux šu-nu-ti
  • šú-ta-bil šu-nu-ti
  • e-piš kiš-pi lim-nu-ti u ru-xi-e lâ tâbûti
  • ša a-na li-mut-ti ik-pu-du-ni ia-a-ši
  • dan-nu ma-ak-kur-šu-nu šú-ul-ki
  • a-kul a-a-bi-ia a-ru-ux lim-nu-ti-ia
  • kima salmâni an-nu-ti li-xu-lu li-zu-bu u lit-ta-at-tu-ku
  • kaššapu u kaššaptu li-xu-lu li-zu-bu u lit-ta-at-tu-ku

Now for the English translation:

  • Nusku! Great God, begotten by Anu!
  • Image of thy father! Firstborn of Bel!
  • Sprout of the seas, made by Enki!
  • I raise the torch to you, so to enlighten Thee!
  • To you! You destroy the evil ones!
  • Now I will put, before the greatness of Thy divinity,
  • the Images of the Sorcerer and the Sorceress,
  • of the Warlock and the Witch,
  • of the Tempter and the Temptress,
  • of the Destroyer and the Corruptor,
  • who have handed me over to the Dead.
  •  Burn Them!
  • Destroy Them!
  • Carry Them away!
  • Those who practice evil Magic and sinister Sorcery,
  • which they intentionally and maliciously concocted against me,
  • may they be taken away by Violence!
  • Devour my Enemies! Destroy the Villains!
  • Like these Images tremble, melt, and dissolve,
  • may the Sorcerer and the Sorceress also tremble, melt, and dissolve!

The Incantation should be whispered softly and two Images should be fashioned from wax. One male and one female. Both Images should be covered in honey and are to be burned in the Aga Mass Ssaratu before the Watcher.



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