The Preliminary Purification Invocation – Authentic or Not?

In this post I would like to take the opportunity to examine one of the Works of the Sphere of Libat – the Preliminary Purification Invocation. This invocation can be found on page 110 of the Simon Necronomicon and it plays an important part in our Workings. Therefore I have been researching the authenticity of the invocation for quite some time. While the invocation does not require to date back from ancient times (as anyone with some knowledge on summoning spirits knows, for we can all write our own invocations), it is definitely a good thing if it does, for then it draws from the power-source that was created and given shape by the priests of old through the thoughtforms they applied to such rites and which still exist today.

Shamefully I must admit that, as of yet, I am still unable to verify the authenticity of the invocation. Nor am I able, at the moment, to give a translation in the ancient tongue. I have, however, found a tablet which roughly corresponds with three keywords that are given in our invocation. These being: lapis lazuli, alabaster, and gold.

It may seem to be a stupid choice to take these three words as keywords, for wouldn’t it be better to take Ishtar’s titles as keywords?

Well, the answer is no.

For Ishtar’s titles are numerous in almost any text that mentions the great Queen of Heaven and Earth. The three materials, however, can help us along in a way that greatly reduces the chance of a coincidental correspondence. Even though the three materials that are mentioned in the invocation were common substances in ancient Mesopotamia and therefore aren’t all that rare to see them turn up in the ancient texts, it almost effectively canceles out coincidence when we see all three of them turn up in a text in a somewhat similar way as they are given in our invocation.

Let me show you what I mean by first presenting the three lines how they are given in the Preliminary purification Invocation.

  • “May my body be purified like lapis lazuli!
  • May my face be bright like alabaster!
  • Like shining silver and reddish gold may I not be dull!”

Now, I have come upon a text which contains a rough approximation of these three lines, but it is no text that is addressed to great Ishtar. Instead it calls upon DinGir Marduk. The text is called: An Incantation in Sickness (to Marduk). This text can be found in the following work: The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East Vol. 1 of 14 (page 428 to 431)and is written by Charles F. Horne.

The three lines we are looking for can be found in consecutive order, starting at the last line of the tablet’s obverse. The remaining lines are the first two lines of the tablet’s reverse. All three lines are obviously part of a larger text.

These lines read as follows:

  • “Like alabaster let my light shine, let me never have affliction!
  • Like lapis lazuli may my life be precious in the night, let it establish mercy!
  • Like gold, O my god and my goddess, may prosperity be with me!”

These lines indicate that our Preliminary Purification Invocation is very likely based on the lines above, but it is also possible that there are texts out there which contain lines similar like these as we often see the same lines, in various texts, in a slightly different form. At the least these lines show us that our invocation is indeed partly taken from an ancient text.

I will continue my research on this subject.



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  1. Thank you. I really liked your interview. You are so straightforward about your lineage! Very refreshing and exciting to meet someone who speaks so openly about this subject. I did have some sporadic correspondence about this subject with Warlock Asylum, but I actually had many questions and thoughts about it, yet I kept most thoughts to myself as I worried about the thought of unintentionally offending anyone. Fortunately times have changed and people can freely discuss their true heritage. No more “Burning Times!”


  2. That would be great!

    What is interesting is that only moments before your interview was placed on this blog I was corresponding with Nephilm on the forum about the very subject of being from Jinn-human lineage. In our short time of correspondence we came to the conclusion that our lives and experiences showed so much similarities that we might as well have been twins. The forum is a great way to communicate with the others. Excellent work!


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