The Remarkable Power of the Necronomicon

Let me tell y’all a story…

A true story…

About how the powers of the Necronomicon Current have influenced and changed my life.

From an early age on I have had a fascination for the weird and the bizarre and when I say early age I really mean EARLY. I was three years old when I was given my first monstrosity which came in the form of a small long-nosed devil with small wings. It was a gift from my grandfather (May the great Goddess of the Underworld rest his soul!). I still have this little toy in my possession to this day. From then on my weird fascination grew, often to great despair of my parents. I can vividly remember the horror on my mother’s face when I brought home the bones and skulls of various animals I had found while playing outside. Ha, ha, ha!!!

When I grew older I became extremely fascinated by various books owned by my father. They were such works as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the books of Velikovsky, the works of Plato, and various others. At around the age of ten years old I often looked into those works, yet their texts were too difficult to comprehend. It was during this time that I was first confronted with what would become my life’s work.

The Necronomicon.

The name Necronomicon was first mentioned to me by my father and it has been with me ever since… He didn’t know much about the Book, but, looking back on it, he must have heard of the work on television when he was a young man. Whatever the case, he had planted the first seed of a concept that would eventually grow to dominate my life.

The name of the great sorcerers tome sparked vivid imaginations in my young, undeveloped mind.

I dreamed of becoming a great Magician – a Necromancer.

That very day I promised myself that I would one day be in possession of such a great tome. If ever it existed…

Keeping true to my promise I started a search for the Book. However, I lived in a small village with only one small library and finding the Necronomicon seemed to be impossible, especially at my young age. Still I kept up my search throughout the years, but never succeeding in establishing the whereabouts of the tome. I felt like I was chasing a phantom…

Still the Book kept calling me…

Back then I couldn’t explain nor fathom why I felt such a strong pull from this work which might as well have been non-existent. But the strangest thing about this all is the fact that I mentioned the Necronomicon on many occasions to a close friend of mine whom I affectionately call “the Chief”. If one were ever to speak to this individual about this matter he would confirm this odd occurrence. As it so happens he did visit me two weeks ago and we remembered those times when he saw my occult library. While he isn’t at all interested in the world of the occult, he thought it was indeed very strange that I had mentioned the Book so often to him and that I now was a practitioner, a priest of the Book of the Black Earth.

For approximately seven years I searched regularly for the Tome, but I never succeeded. Then I met the love of my life and the name Necronomicon was slowly forgotten. It had sunk into the dark recesses of my mind, only to resurface years later.

The relationship with this girl I had met was the most beautiful time of my life.

Little did I know what was to come….

In order for me to become prepared to the forces of the Current I had so desperately sought during my childhood I had to undergo a long process of suffering and change. My old self needed to be stripped away and torn apart so that I would become a changed man. This process would hurt me greatly and I would bear the scars of it for years to come.

The girl betrayed me…

My world collapsed…

Still this was just a precursor to the real doom that would befall me…

Unable to cope with the loss and the act of foul betrayal I gave in to the demon – the possessive demon.

This possession lasted for nearly a decade and almost destroyed me…

I had become a shadow of my former self…

I decided it had been enough and managed to cast of the hold of the demon, but it was always close, waiting for me to slip up.

This all changed around my 29th birthday.

Just days before I turned 29 I was visiting a friend who had just bought a new computer. That very moment the name Necronomicon resurfaced! I asked him if I could use his computer, as I did not own one at the time. He agreed and I typed in the name of the Tome. I was amazed to discover that the Necronomicon was for sale! Instinctively I knew that I had found what I was looking for. Since it soon was to be my birthday and my parents didn’t know what to get me I asked them if I could have this single cheap book as my present. They agreed and also bought me the other works of Simon, Dead Names, Necronomicon Spellbook, and Gates of the Necronomicon.

A few days after my birthday the books arrived and my life would be forever changed.

Having finally found a purpose in life I managed to cast out the possessive demon completely and do not longer suffer from its oppressive grip. I began studying the tome in the privacy of my home and started working with the Fifty Names. After months of studying the Tome on my own I began translating various parts of the text. These translations would later catch the attention of a great Magician who is the leading authority in this special field of magickal science. He is known as Warlock Asylum.

In my early Workings I had often prayed to the DinGir if they would bestow on me a kind and knowledgeable individual who could mentor me and who could teach me how to properly Walk the Gates.

My prayers were answered as I stumbled on Warlock’s blog – the Papers in the Attic.

After having posted some comments we came into contact with each other and after a while I presented him with some of my translations. I was thrilled to hear that he was kind of impressed with my work! From then on things began moving fast. He allowed me the chance to publish my work on his blog page and I was honored to be given this opportunity. Writing these articles has greatly aided me in my understanding and was a true blessing.

It has allowed me to create my childhood dream – the writing of a book.




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  1. Great story,I definetly enjoyed your story… Inanna/Ishtar has visited me many many times over and will probably continue…I believe if she could materialize she would…Years ago I took her as a companian…..I am at a much higher level now…I seek to obtain the impossible…..As we know even the impossible is possible….


  2. Excellent post and very well written. It is good to see that many have benefited from your experience and understand of this sacred path. stay bleesed


  3. they are persistent indeed, the Dingir….this is the third time i have owned a Necronomicon. i stumbled upon the website a year ago and it is a blessing. i was not prepared when i was younger…i was self destructive and full of hate. i have since been thru the cleansing fires and have discovered myself once again. i have always had the calling, thugh i didn’t know what it was till i read an article by Warlock Asylum. once he got back to me, it was confirmed within my spirit that this is the way for me. i am now consumed with an unquenchable thirst. may all of your vessels remain full, Brother Nightcaller. then you may be at least able to try and quench the unquenchable. Cheers!!!!!!!! and thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. You’ve got a magickal way with your words on paper, bro! 😉 I always enjoy reading your posts 🙂


  5. That’s really nice to hear, as my work for the Tradition seems to be one the few things I’m doing well at, which makes for quite an odd and rather complicated life.


  6. Thank you for the post on the necronomacon , I also have had a experience with a tome The necromanic ritual book, field work with Azrael, and the results were also triumph! But the one thing I also always wanted and liked as a child, the necronomacon, I’ve tried many times to gain it as a necromancer but there’s something there I can’t find or didn’t know how to find, your notes on your post? Sounds like you had results.. I’m also 32, writing a coven tome of our magic and the things we find, if it does work I will also enjoy adding a beautiful form of necromancy to our covens power,
    Hail to hecate this power I call to the, that no astral or magic harm will come to me, waves and shadow, horn and sky, hold back the ones who would try, protect all who speak this spell who try to learn and see, this is so, mote it be


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