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Scholar versus Magician – The Power of Occult Knowledge

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

This time I will be presenting a post to you all which will highlight the benefits that are gained by being an active magician, for in one of my many conversations with the legendary priest-magician known as Warlock Asylum I was made aware of this remarkable benefit we enjoy as being magicians. He provided me with this knowledge when I informed him on some obscure insight I had gained regarding some particular material which was written by a famous scholar of great renown. He told me how important such “epiphanies” are, as they give us the knowledge and understanding that are required to fill in the blanks we often encounter in scholarly works regarding Magick.

Great though these scholarly works might be, they often lack the deeper insights which are only obtained by engaging in actively working with the System of Magick on which the scholarly work is based. Actually this is true for the occult in general, as “occult” means “hidden”. In actively engaging in the occult we become able to “reveal” what is “hidden”. Therefore we are able to interpret and understand certain material that kept confounding the well-educated, and highly skilled scholar, for even though his expertise is concerned with material that corresponds to an ancient System of Power he is only able to understand his material as well as he possesses scientific knowledge and knows how to apply this to his material. He lacks a deeper understanding, for he is Uninitiated. Do not read in these words a disdain for scholars, or an insult to their abilities, for I greatly admire the profession of the scholar’s guild!

Unfortunately I was never able to become a famous and respected scholar, for other people, humans, have judged me to be unfit for such an important profession. They have judged me to be too stupid to attain such a rank and have therefore influenced certain important occurences that have changed my life in a negative manner.

As I write these words I feel almost overwhelmed with rage and unbelief.

How the hell dare these pale-faced apes, those grotesque hairless abominations created by the Gods to act as servitors, judge that which is inside of me?

In my very blood…

How can they even understand their own decisions?

They are the ones who are “asleep” with their eyes wide open!

They are the ones who are pretending to be qualified to make such life-altering decisions for their fellow humans!

Either “wake up”, or just fuck off!

I can still vividly recall something my dear, departed grandmother (may Ereshkigal have mercy on her soul!) used to say in my early years of going to school.

“If you study hard and pay proper attention at school you may well be attending Oxford University one day!”

Well, my dearly beloved ancestor, with shame in my heart I can’t do nothing else but admit that those high hopes you had for me have vanished like smoke from a burnt offering. I know that I have not been the studious type in my school years, but such was the effect of being told that I never was good enough to become the things I dreamed off.

I will never be the archaeologist I envisioned myself to be when I was still a child…

I will never be the famous explorer who uncovers ancient mysteries and great treasure…

I will never be the heroic warrior who serves his time in a glorious army on hellish battlefields…

All of these things I have not become because of the decisions made by others!

They have corrupted my spirit and weakened my resolve, for I could have been all of this!

If only I had never lost the faith in myself…

All those years you saw me struggeling and failing in all things, time and again. Yet you never gave up on me and for that I love you greatly. Sadly you took the “Road of No Return” before I ever had the chance to prove myself. I wish you could see me now, dear grandmother… Great changes are taking place within me, and in my life as well. I have finally grown up and I have found my purpose in life!

All the things I could not be, I am becoming now!

I am the archaeologist!

I am the famous explorer!

I am the heroic warrior!

And still I have become so much more!

I am the writer who will leave his legacy to the world!

I am the priest in service of the most ancient Gods!

I am the Magician, the Necromancer I imagined myself to be during my childhood!

And in this very lifetime I will become the God of Gods!



And one day I will summon your spirit and we will meet again, so that I can thank you properly for all that you mean to me. I know that you always held on to the Christian concept of the afterlife which had been firmly brainwashed in the already brittle human psyche of that era, but by now you will have gained understanding regarding the process of afterlife and rebirth and you will have learned of the limitations that were forced on you by a religion who could not hold true to the faith they force on those whom they instill with fear of going to hell. It was that very same faith which made you a slave to their lies by having you live your life in a hell which they created for you. However, knowing that you have lived an honest life you will probably receive a proper incarnation, though it will be highly unlikely to return as a new member born from our own bloodline, as me and my brother have still not procured any offspring. Whatever the case, we will meet again! When I have become accomplished enough to have earned the title of “Raiser of the Dead” I will summon you and hope you are then able to teach me about the Underworld and of the processes after death.

Now let us get back to the matter at hand!

The actual reason for the writing of this post is a very interesting piece of incantation which I found in a scholarly work. The incantation contains a footnote by the author regarding certain elements that are found in the incantation. It is a perfect textbook example of the benefits of being a Magician which Warlock explained to me. The author could only perceive as much as his scientific material allowed him to, but to us, being Initiates of the Tradition, his lack of understanding deepens ours.

The particular incantation I’m talking about can be found in a work of Stephen Langdon which is called in short: Babylonian Liturgies. On page 93 we can find the fragment of a tablet which contains the following lines (note that I only give the lines that are useful to this article):

6. Oh Eanna of the seven regions, I cry, ”Who shall escape? How long! he that is cast out.”
7. Oh Harsagkalama of the seven regions, I cry, ”Who shall escape? How long! he that is cast out.”
8. Oh Eturkalama of the seven regions, I cry, ”Who shall escape? How long! he that is cast out.”

In Babylonian these three lines read:

6. é-an-na uh imin ga-an-dug-a
7. har-sag kalam-ma uh imin ga-an-dug-a
8. è-tûr-kalam-ma uh imin ga-an-dug-a

Now take a look at the footnote which is applied to the word uh..

uh in these passages refers apparently to the seven stages of the temple tower, but the term uh, ” direction,region”, does not seem to describe the meaning of a stage of a tower. Moreover all the names in lines 6-8 are those of temples, not ziggurats, or towers. The seven uh occur also after the name of the temple of Ningirsu at Lagash. And at Umma on the inscription of Lugalannatum, published by Scheil in the Comptes Rendus of the French Academy (Inscriptions et Belle-Lettres), 1911, after page 3l8. n the latter case uh does not follow é-PA. Unless we infer that in each of these cases the name of the temple includes the tower for which no separate name existed, the reference cannot be made to apply to the stages of the tower. The precise cosmological and architectural implication of the seven uh remains unknown. Note that in the earliest reference to é-PA at Lagash, SAK, p. 2 AIV 2, the seven uh do not yet appear, so that they probably represent some later addition. For uh = gepar, ‘stage’ of a tower, see No. 207 II I4.”

As you can see from the text above the author has a rather small understanding of what the word uh represents. He is correct about the terminology of the word, that it means direction, region. He also notes that these seven regions are not directly tied to the ziggurats, as the word uh can also be found after the names of different temples. Then he goes on to say that the precise cosmological and architectural implication of the seven uh remains unknown. We, as members of the Tradition, know this to be false as the System that is represented in these seven uh, as well as in the seven steps of the ziggurats, are the seven stages of Initiation. But one can only know this if one is Initiated into the System! These are the blanks which are created when one only looks at the material from a scholarly viewpoint. A shame really, because some of those scholars would have been mighty magicians if they would also have studied the occult and combined the knowledge of both fields of expertise, just as we are doing now.



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  1. Ahem, 🙂 !

    Night Caller, it seems very interesting ! I do also observed a martian overdose in your nature, did you mastered the Gate of Nergal? If you have not, then I think you should be cautious during that period of time. Wish U Good luck. 😉


  2. It is great to hear from you Brother! 🙂 Thank you for your concern, but I have already received the Word of Nergal and of Marduk too. A few days ago I have opened the Gate of Ganzir which may account for the nature of this article. I can tell you that the writing of this post caused a fairly uncommon reaction in me, which I did not at all enjoy. Some of my experiences are extremely powerful and feel like temporary possessions. Articles such as this one are the result of it, being furiously scribbled down in a session of lucid madness. Such occurences seem to become more frequent and they display various strange changes in my being. You can imagine the shock I felt when I recited an incantation during ritual and the voice that uttered the words was not my own. I really wish I had a recording of that occurence, for if you had heard the sounds that came out of my mouth you would be definitely shocked too! The voice that spoke did not in any way, shape, or form resemble my own voice. It sounded harsh and guttural. The pronouncing of these words seemed to require a different throat than that of a human, and it was as if this voice spoke after having been silent for ages. This was by far the weirdest experience I have had during ritual.

    Many Blessings to you Brother!


  3. Dear brother Night Caller!

    It is a great pleasure to know that you have completed all the seven Gates and now also opened the Gate of GANZIR ! CONGRATULATIONS !!! I salute you with honor and respect from my heart!

    Yes, I have already these types of experiences myself regarding to temporary possession and weird nonhuman and sometimes nonverbal voices. I think that’s why the MAD ARAB advised to take one month of rest and cleansing before and after walking every Gate, it helps the Gate-walker and his body to adjust with these energies and these types of altered-state situation.


  4. Hold on to your congratulations yet Brother, for I did not mention that I had completed all seven Gates. I have opened Ganzir, yes, but I still have to Walk the Gate of Adar. The Magician has first to descend into Ganzir after he has received the Word of Marduk, and before entering the Gate of Adar. And though the Ritual of Descent is spoken of in the Book, its formulae remains largely obscure, and seems to be passed on orally from Adept to Initiate. Therefore I will not discuss any matters regarding this formulae, as it is most unwise to open the Pit without having first passed the Gate of Marduk.

    Regarding these occurences of temporary possession I can honestly say that it greatly intrigues me! To some people the idea of having an entity entering the body may be insane and sanity-shattering, but I found it quite an amazing experience! It also seemed to be very pleasing to the summoned entity, as I could feel it rejoicing in the experience of having a physical body to reside in. I was somehow able to partake of its consciousness and could feel its thoughts.


  5. Sorry,
    Actually I said seven Gates in a sense that ( from NANNA to MARDUK) 6 GATES + (GANZIR) 1 = 7 Gates. That was just for convenience of communication. Although as per tradition the numerical value of Ganzir is in my knowledge, is considered as 0. So, in our Necronomicon Tradition (NANNA to MARDUK) 6 + (GANZIR) 0 + (ADAR) 1 = 7 Gates.

    I understood the danger of premature knowledge of the realm of GANZIR, and personally I also do not recommend revelation of such knowledge for the unprepared; as it may prove to be too much the unworthy. Because, there should be, ” milk for the baby and meat for the man”.


  6. 🙂 Ha, ha, ha!!! Nice expression Brother!

    My apologies, I did not take the numerical values into account. I only mentioned it to avoid being credited for something I did not achieve…

    Speaking of Ganzir I will send you a nice work in a few moments!


  7. Thank you very much Hadley!

    This post was written during an extremely lucid episode, and it perfectly illustrates the raw emotions I experienced at the time.


  8. Nice work Nightcaller!! Well, first off never let anybody tell you that you can’t do something!! I totally understand where your coming from with this; i too, have heard such things in my life! Once i realized i could do anything, it only made me work harder when some lackey said i wasn’t good or smart enough to do or accomplish something!!! Occult knowledge is a gift for the few & not the many as we all serious occultist know well! There is a reason for that, & i think where your at in your magickal life, you know what i’m saying!!(?) I’ve experienced many things in my 22 years in the occult, some good , some bad, it’s all part of the journey!! You don’t need 10 years of schooling to be great, believe me, i’m an example. I still have lots to learn still, but it’s all part of it!!! Go ever onwards, just like the “mad arab” said, your rewards will be nothing short of amindblowing magickal trip through the cosmic world above & below! Remember, “as above , so below. You have been chosen for a reason, cause your “special” I bet if you do your birth chart in astrology @ the time you were born, you’ll see what i mean!(?) When i did mine, i was blown away at what it foretold!!! We occultists are all part of the secrets of eternity!!! Blessed be , my friend!!!


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