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The Translation of the Second Maqlu Tablet – Part 1

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

It has been a long time since I put any Maqlu related material on this blog. That does not mean however that I’ve not been working on it! On the contrary, I’ve pretty much finished the research for my book and now that the Tradition is evolving I thought it would be a good idea to begin posting my translations of the remaining seven tablets.

This post is part 1 of the second Maqlu tablet and comes from two different sources. I base my work on the book Die Assyrische Beschworungsserie Maqlu; Nach Den Originalen Im British Museum Herausgegeben written by Knut Leonard Tallqvist. Since this book is an exact reprint from the work that was released in 1865 it contains a lot of gaps and incorrect transliterations. Luckily I was given a gift by Brother Amadi which consisted of a number of very useful works. With one of those works I was able to fill in some of those gaps, and correct some of the transliterations of professor Tallqvist. Since the work was anonymous I can’t give anyone credit for it, except Brother Amadi. Thanks! It has been of great help to me!

This post will contain two incantations which are almost completely intact.

Let us start with the first incantation!

  • 1.   Nusku! Great god! King of the great gods!
  • 2.   Guardian of the sacrificial donations of all the Sky Gods!
  • 3.   Founder of cities! Renovator of sanctuaries!
  • 4.   Shiny day, whose command is supreme!
  • 5.   Messenger of Anu, who obeys the decision of Enlil!
  • 6.   Who obeys Enlil, Counsellor of the Sky Gods!
  • 7.   Powerful in dispute, whose Rising is great!
  • 8.   Nusku! Scorcher! Conqueror of enemies!
  • 9.   Without thee no feasts are held in the temple!
  • 10. Without thee the great gods will smell no incense!
  • 11. Without thee, Shammash, the judge, will hold no court!
  • 12. Whoever remembers your name, you save him from difficulty, you spare him from distress.
  • 13. I, your servant, I …., the son of …, whose God is.., whose Goddess is…
  • 14. I turn to thee! I seek thee out! When I raise my hands, I fall down at thy feet!
  • 15. Burn the sorcerer and the sorceress!
  • 16. My enchanter and my enchantress! May your lives be destroyed!
  • 17. Let me live! I make the heart shine, and will humbly pay thee homage!
  • 18. (Recite the incantation in a whispering voice. An image of wax should be present.)

Here follows the Assyrian translation:

  • 1.   Nusku šur-bu-ú ma-lik ilani rabuti
  • 2.   pa-qid nindabê šá ka-la I-gi-gi
  • 3.   mu-kin ma-xa-zi mu-ud-di-šu parakkê
  • 4.   u-mu nam-ru šá qi-bit-su si-rat
  • 5.   sukkal A-nim še-mu-ú pi-ris-ti Bel
  • 6.   še-mu-ú Bel ma-li-ku ša-du-ú I-gi-gi
  • 7.   gaš-ru ta-xa-zu šá ti-bu-šú dan-nu
  • 8.   Nusku a-ri-ru mu-šab-riq za-ai-ri
  • 9.   ina ba-li-ka ul iš-šak-kan nap-ta-na ina é-kur
  • 10. ina ba-li-ka ilani rabûti ul is-si-nu qut-rin-nu
  • 11. ina ba-li-ka šamaš daiânu ul i-da-a-ni di-i-nu
  • 12. ha-sis šu-me-ka te-it-tir ina i-dir-ti ta-ga-mil ina pušqi
  • 13. ana-ku ardu-ka pulanu mar pulanu šá ilu-šú pulanu ištar-šú pulani-tum
  • 14. as-hur-ka eš-e-ka na-šá-a qâtâ-ai šá-pal-ka ak-mis
  • 15. qu-mi kaš-šá-pi ù kaš-šap-ti
  • 16. šá kaššapi-ia u kaššapti-ia ár-hiš ha-an-tiš napišta-šú-nu lib-li-ma
  • 17. ia-a-ši bul-lit-an-ni-ma nar-bi-ka lu-šá-pi dà-li-li-ka lud-lul
  • 18. šipta mussaprata idi salmu ZAL LU KAN

Here ends the first incantation, and begins the second one.

  • 19. God of Fire! Perfect Lord! Thou maketh known thy name!
  • 20. God Nanna! You see everything!
  • 21. You enlighten the House of Darkness, you are the Eternal Light of the country,
  • 22. You enlighten the dark places ; I stand before thee!
  • 23. Because you are a judge of the court,
  • 24. like Sin and Shammash, judges of the court.
  • 25. Judge my case! Decide my decision!
  • 26. To your shining light I come!
  • 27. To the bright torch I come!
  • 28. Lord, I am grabbing the hem of thy clothing!
  • 29. The clothing of thy divinity I am grabbing!
  • 31. Make  my eyes look restless,
  • 32. my feet be nimble,
  • 33. my knees be striding,
  • 34. my hands be dextrous!
  • 35. Now I will put, before the greatness of thy divinity,
  • 36. the images in bronze.
  • 37. The images of the sorcerer and the sorceress,
  • 38. of the warlock and the witch,
  • 39. of the tempter and the temptress,
  • 40. of the destroyer and the corruptor,
  • 41. the lord of my oppression and the lady of my oppression,
  • 42. the lord of my hostility and the lady of my hostility,
  • 43. the lord of my trampling and the lady of my trampling,
  • 44. the lord of my judgement and the lady of my judgement,
  • 45. the lord of my speech and the lady of my speech,
  • 46. the lord of my musing and the lady of my musing,
  • 47. the lord of my thinking and the lady of my thinking,
  • 48. the lord of my doom and the lady of my doom,
  • 49. who have handed me over to the dead,
  • 50. who subjected me to ridicule,
  • 51. to the evil spirits, or the evil alûs, or the evil fiends,
  • 52. or the evil devils, or the evil god, or the evil ghoul,
  • 53. or the hag-demon, or the ghosts, or the vampires,
  • 54. or the man of the night, or the woman of the night, or the maiden of the night,
  • 55. or Fever, the Sibit Šadi disease,
  • 56. or Epilepsy, the Product of Šulpaea,
  • 57. and all evil that may take hold of a man,
  • 58. or anything that causes harm to my body,
  • 59. which holds me prisoner during the night, which chases me during the day,
  • 60. which torments my flesh all day long,
  • 61. which keeps me captured the whole night!
  • 62. Yes, before the greatness of thy divinity
  • 63. on the banks of the radiant Flood Goddess I want them to scorch and burn!
  • 64. O Lord! Show me mercy, and pull them out of my body!
  • 65. Dissolve their evil sorceries!
  • 66. You! O God of Fire, are the Lord, who emerges on my side!
  • 67. Let me live! I will make thy heart shine, and I will humbly pay homage to thy divinity!
  • 68. (Chant this incantation in a whispering voice. A bronze image of the earth of the river god should be present.)

Now the Assyrian translation:

  • 19. GIS.BAR bêlu git-ma-lu gaš-ra-a-ta na-bi šum-ka
  • 20. Nanna-ra-ta na-bi šùm-ka
  • 21. tuš-nam-mar bit ik-li-e-ti-ud ma-ta-a-ti
  • 22. tuš-nam-mar gi-pa-ri az-za-zu-ma
  • 23. áš-šu at-ta da-in di-i-nu
  • 24. ki-ma Sin ù Samaš ta-din-nu di-i-nu
  • 25. di-e-ni di-ni purussâ-a-a purus
  • 26. a-na nûri-ka nam-ri az-ziz
  • 27. a-na elle-ti ti-pa-ri-ka az-ziz
  • 28. bêlu sissiktu-ka as-bat
  • 29. sissikat ilu-ti-ka rabi-ti as-bat
  • 30. MISSING LINE …….
  • 31. is-bat ênê-ia5 na-ti-la-a-ti
  • 32. is-bat sêpê-ia5 al-la-ka-a-ti
  • 33. is-bat bir-ki-ia5 ib-bi-ri-e-ti
  • 34. is-bat idê-ia5 mut-tab-bil-a-ti
  • 35. e-nin-na ina ma-har ilu-ti-ka rabîti
  • 36. salmâni siparri it-gu-ru-ti
  • 37. kaššapi-ia u kaššapti-ia
  • 38. e-piš-ia u muš-te-piš-ti-ia
  • 39. sa-xir-ia u sa-xir-ti-ia
  • 40. ra-xi-ia u ra-xi-ti-ia
  • 41. bêl ik-ki-ia u bêlit ik-ki-ia
  • 42. bêl sir-ri-ia u bêlit sir-ri-ia
  • 43. bêl ri-di-ia u bêlit ri-di-ia
  • 44. bêl di-ni-ia u bêlit di-ni-ia
  • 45. bêl amâti-ia u bêlit amâti-ia
  • 46. bêl dabâbi-ia u bêlit dabâbi-ia
  • 47. bêl egirri-ia u bêlit egirri-ia
  • 48. bêl limuttim-ia u bêlit limuttim-ia
  • 49. ša ana pagri pu-qu-du-in-ni
  • 50. nam-ra-su kul-lu-mu-in-ni
  • 51. ekimmu lim-nu lu-u alû lim-nu lu-u utukku lim-nu
  • 52. gallû lim-nu lu-u ilu lim-nu lu-u râbisu lim-nu
  • 53. labartu lu-u labasu lu-u axxazu
  • 54. lilu lu-u lilitu lu-u ardat lili
  • 55. lu-u li-’-bu si-bit šadi
  • 56. lu-u be-en-nu ri-hu-ut dšul-pa-è-a
  • 57. lu mimma lim-nu šá šu-ma la na-bu-u
  • 58. lu mimma e-piš li-mut-ti šá a-me-lu-ti
  • 59. šá sab-ta-ni-ma mu-ša u ur-ra iredú-ni
  • 60. ú-hat-tu-ú šêrê-ia kal u-mi sab-ta-ni-ma
  • 61. kal mu-si la ú-maš-šar-an-ni
  • 62. e-nin-na ina ma-har ilu-ti-ka rabîti
  • 63. ina kibri Nari elliti a-qal-li-šú-nu-ti a-šar-rap-šú-nu-ti
  • 64. nap-li-sa-an-ni-ma be-lum ú-suh-šú-nu-ti ina zumri-ia
  • 65. pu-šur kiš-pi-šú-nu lim-nu-ti
  • 66. at-ta GIŠ.BAR be-lum a-li-ki i-di-ia
  • 67. bul-lit-an-ni-ma nar-bi-ka lu-šá-pi dà-li-li-ka lud-lul
  • 68. šipta mussaprata idi salmu siparri irsiti Nâri KAN

Here ends the second incantation.

Next time there will be more of this!



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  1. Excellent article Brother! @Jyotishmoy…not sure what problem you are have but send me an email about it.


  2. Hi,
    I am pleased to know your concern and interest. I tried to send a copy of the booklet, to both Warlock asylum and Night Caller, but the book is pretty big, nearly 80 MB, 247 Pages. So, i was unable to send it as an attachment with email. I am trying to find out other options to send it to both of you. I hope i will send it very soon.


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