Asharu Tradition

Warlock Asylum’s April Fool’s Joke

Pray to the DinGir, Brothers and Sisters, for we are deviating from the Path and losing sight of our true goals. Wake up! Sacrifice not only to the Gods and Goddesses, but also to the Tradition itself! Unite! For we are Family!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, my heart weeps and my eyes are moist from sadness…

Most of you will have read Warlock’s post about the closing of the blog page and the inevitable demise of the brand new forum. When I read it I felt pretty fucked up, and that’s putting it nice to say the least! Fortunately I can tell you that we can at least salvage one of the two mediums.

It’s up to you!

That’s right!

It’s up to you!


Because we are Family!

And family always looks out for each other…

In the previous post Warlock already explains, gently, how he feels about the current state of affairs and how he feels about how we should act to support each other. I agree completely with him on this. We don’t expect people to send in cartloads of money, but we do feel that, to maintain a proper means of communicating our wisdom to others, we need the support of those who call themselves Brothers and Sisters and who proclaim to be Family.

We need you!

And you need us!

I really hope that all you readers understand the true value of the information we put on this blog  and the forum, because the secrets we teach and the insights we provide are priceless. We don’t have to show others that what we teach is real, for we live it and know it to be real.

Therefore we have come to the conclusion that our audience may have become a little lazy, for it gets all its secrets presented to them on a silver platter.

Did I offend you with this remark?

Then get the fuck up out of here!

This Tradition is not for those who don’t have the will, or the drive, to penetrate the deeper mysteries and who don’t like the idea of sharing with their Brothers and Sisters.

Those who will only take and give nothing in return are looked poorly upon by the DinGir.

And they are looked poorly upon by their Brethren…

We are not after your money!

But we do need a little support for the expenses we make!

Please, Brothers and Sisters, I implore you…

Act as true family and show that you are worthy of calling yourself a Priest, or Priestess, of the Asharu Tradition.

In return I will show you my devotion by announcing the immense task I have accepted in honor of the Asharu Tradition.

For I can proudly announce that the blog page will not be shut down!

I have had a conversation with my mentor, and Brother, the great Warlock Asylum. He has bestowed on me a great task as he did me an honorable proposition. I will follow in his footsteps, for he has appointed me as his “second-in-command”. He will retire for a while and I will be the one running the blog. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not his replacement, for Warlock is irreplaceable. He will still be around, but not as much…

To show that I mean business and that I live up to Warlock’s expectations my first act will be to save the forum. I am already busy with arranging the payment that is required to keep it online, but I also need to find a select group of hardcore Priests or Priestesses who will fight and sacrifice to keep our Tradition on its feet. Do you feel that you are truly worthy of learning our secrets and do you want to be of importance to the Tradition then let me know!

Together we can survive!

My regards,



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  1. We will make it work together 🙂
    Thank you Nightcaller for holding it together! We stand firmly behind ya 😉

    hahahhaa, hardcore… :’)


  2. Thank you very much Sister!

    You and your partner (Imajica) are to be commended for your generous donation!

    Thank you very much!

    The DinGir will smile on you and your partner for this generous sacrifice!

    My regards, Nightcaller.


  3. Hey bro sorry the chat on the forum kept getting an error…i have lots to post!! i have my entire web site backed up that was i had to shutdown its over 250 megs of sumerian/akkadian rites and stuff. i have a highly detailed series of festivals and religious rites of the seasons. akitu this year was a fun time i even have wonderful food recipes to share for these occasions as well. sorry i havent gotten to post much im remodelling my house and juggling work and doing ritual. i havent got the akkadian translations up for the hymns i posted but i have them just takes a bit to type up. ive worked for the university of pennsylvania translating the cuneiform tablets so i can help with that type thing. ive been doing this 32 years now. contact me ill get in touch let me get this roof and rest of this flooring done u wont be disappointed.


  4. I am glad this blog is not going anywhere! THANK YOU Nightcaller for stepping up to this HUGE task. You have been a Guiding Light for me as I prepare to begin my journey with the DinGir…


  5. I understand your situation Brother. We all have our own lives to live! 🙂

    Again the great DinGir have looked favorably upon our efforts, for they have answered my prayers! A little while ago I realized that we need some well versed scholars to join the Tradition, for their knowledge is great and they are a real necessity to the work we do. Unfortunately I know not a single person (in my immediate surroundings) that would be fit for such a task. But the DinGir must have sensed my plight too… For here you are! I had been desperately awaiting the arrival of someone with your skills! If you are willing, and have time of course, you can definitely be of help, as we will be setting up a languages course which is to become a great tool for those who are not well versed in the ancient tongue. Remember that the Tradition is evolving and that we need to evolve with it accordingly. Knowledge of the ancient tongue is very important and we strive to eventually have all of our incantations in the language of the Priests of old.

    Thank you Brother! I will contact you soon.


  6. Thank you brother! But I’m merely an extension, or product if you will, of warlock asylum’s efforts. If he hadn’t taken the time to mentor me, or if he hadn’t taken the time to review my translation work, then I would definitely not have been where I am now. Knowing that someone as accomplished as Warlock Asylum has faith in me means a great deal to me, for I do not excell in many things… I will continue our work according to the standards set by Warlock and I will strive to improve the work we do. Thank you for your support!


  7. I may not be able to donate money, but I am able to donate my time and my skills when needed. Use me 😉


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