The Asharu Tradition – A True Family

This Angel represents Sister Sitrah, as she was the first one to step up and take the responsibility that comes with being a member of the tradition.

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Papers In The Attic Blog Page. A resource for Initiates of the The Asharu (Necronomicon) Tradition. If this is your first time here, please feel free to browse through some of our previous articles located in the menu that appears on the right side of this page.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, my heart sings with joy, for I can proudly announce the continued survival of the forum!

Brother Warlock and myself were pleasantly surprised by the quick reactions of the Brothers and Sisters who truly care for the Tradition and for the continued survival of our great means of communicating.

I’m really, really, happy with this, as it shows the honest intentions and the proper mindset of those we call Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you very much!

All of you who contributed to the immediate survival of this great asset to the Tradition will be remembered.

Our words cannot express our gratitude…

It almost makes my eyes watery…

We fully understand that some members do not have the means, or the money, to support the Tradition in such a manner, and that’s perfectly allright!

Hell, I’ve been so long without a job that I have not much to donate besides the work I put in for the Tradition and our audience. But rest assured, for I too will make a monetary donation, the same as all who support us in this manner.

I also like to address an issue which, I think, makes many of you hesitant when monetary matters become involved. A lot of us only know each other from the internet and as we all know appearances can be very deceiving, and it is nearly impossible to measure someone’s intent from an email or chat conversation.

I can assure you, however, that all of the donated money is spent on keeping the forum online!

I know that me saying this doesn’t really mean anything to you, as I could be a big fat liar for all you know.

Just keep in mind the following words of wisdom…


This one sentence explains everything, but for those who are new to the Tradition I will explain in more detail.

The great DinGir are ancient, wise beyond comprehension, and extremely powerful. Such beings do not look kindly upon the petty human emotions that causes a lot of humans to act in a dishonorable manner, for giving in to such short term benefits is a sign of weakness and does not become a true Priest, or Priestess, who serves these mighty beings.

In other words…

If our admin team were to use the donations you sent in for no other purpose than to line their own pockets with cash received from members with a good heart and kindly spirit, then we would walk on a razor’s edge. For in doing so we would incur the wrath of the very beings who assist us in attaining godhood.

I do not need to explain that it would be a bad and dangerous situation if one were to throw all caution to the winds in these matters.

It is for this same reason that we advice newcomers to refrain from taking part in any criminal activities.

If we were to abuse the generous gifts of our readers then we would be committing an offence for which we have no justification.

We are neither willing, nor stupid, to deceive our Brothers and Sisters in this manner.

If we were, then we wouldn’t be qualified to act as Priests and Priestesses of the great DinGir.

Honor and loyalty are very important in our Ways, and those who dare to betray the trust of the Brothers and Sisters of this great Family will be asked to leave, for such individuals are to be shunned and preferably annihilated.

Remember that treason is still a capital punishment in many countries!

I might be old fashioned in my thinking, but all traitors should be shot!

For comitting treason is an act of immense evil which can rarely be justified.

That being said, I would like to thank all members who answered our wailing by sending in a donation. You are to be commended for your care and your quick response.

We have received enough money to keep the forum running till next year.

Great job!

I am also honored to announce that I am the new admin of the messageboard, as Brother Warlock will retreat to the shadows for an undetermined period of time.

Last but not least I was allowed to announce that, when the new book comes out, each contributer will get a new copy, for free.

As a token of our gratitude.

Many thanks to all of you who rushed to our aid. (You know who you are!)

May the DinGir smile favorably upon thee!

And that our sacred Tradition may grow and prosper so that it may come to reflect the glory and greatness of Sumer, back in the day.

My regards,



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  1. It is great news that this Blog and the Forum will continue to be up and running. The value of the information shared within these pages is beyond any compare! It has totaly changed my approach of the material, and thus changed my life. Everyday I’m still very grateful that I was blessed enough to discovered this page.

    Dear Nightcaller, the time and energy that you spend on this Blog has way more value than any monetairy donation could do justice. It is us, the readers, who gain wisdom and insights from your shared wisdom, who should act in a situation which we just had.

    You, the contributors of this Blog, have already shared so much for free!

    And since I had the honor of meeting you in person, I can honostly state to all readers that you are the most dedicated person to our Tradition I have ever had the honor to meet. I can therby assure everybody that our donations are in good hands.


  2. Well, you deserve it, as you reacted immediately to our plight. I know that Brother Imajica is equally responsible for your generous gift, but since I do not yet know the identities of the other, equally great, members who quickly responded to our troubles I thought it to be fairer to thank everyone anonymously, instead of naming only the both of you.

    You were given this little spot of honor because you reacted immediately and without hesitation. On top of that you willingly donated twice the amount I had petitioned you for!

    Thank you!

    We are very grateful for your support


  3. Dear Brother Imajica, thank you for your kind words and your generous gift.

    I’m just doing what is required of me. We all have important parts to play, some are clearly visible and some remain obscure.

    I didn’t exactly feel ready to follow in Warlock’s steps and I doubted if I was the right man for this task. Warlock, however, encouraged me and in his opinion I was ready, and if there’s one thing I learned from my interactions with warlock then it is to pay close attention to his guidance and advice. I can honestly say that in the time we have been working together I have never once experienced fault in him. He has never given me a single sign of being untrustworthy or manipulative. Hell, as far as I can remember he has never even given me a single piece of bad advice! Being who he is is one of his most admirable traits and I strive to maintain his high standards and honesty. If he hadn’;t chosen to act as my mentor then I would not be here. Where I am today is for a large part his doing, for he saw in me a potential that others are blind to and he encouraged and nurtured my newly discovered talent and he showed me that I can accomplish great things in contrary of how most people perceive me and who always enjoy seeing me slip up.
    Warlock is as much responsible for these great changes in my life as Walking the Gates is.

    To quote the famous Amaya Taoka: “We assist those that we remember.”


  4. I know you are doing a GREAT job….as I too have learned so much in the short time I have been here thanks to you, Warlock, and the other contributors. I have not felt deception at all, and really like this art due to its absence of jewish and christian influences that saturate every thing else. Thanks for all that you do…


  5. You’re welcome honey! 😀 You are part of this Family too! 😉

    Don’t believe the lies!! Sorrow creates strength!

    Do not feel alone in your hour of need, for I am continually standing at your side, and the DinGir watch over us. Our love is Their blessing, but we must face our ordeals…

    Volim te puno, Larisa, moja kraljica!

    May the Dead rise and smell the Incense!


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