Dumu Abzu-a’s Library – A Penitential Psalm to DinGir Ishtar

DinGir Ishtar – Daughter of the Moon

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Oracle of Enheduanna has shown me new ways of working with the ancient Semitic material we so often use in our rites and rituals. It has opened up a whole new way of working with this material and made me aware of the importance of various matters in regards to being a priest.

One of these important matters is the use of penitential psalms.

At first I thought these psalms were only used for what their name already implies; doing penance. But working with the Oracle has shown me that such psalms are of the utmost importance to the magician who aspires to become a true priest or priestess of the DinGir, for these penitential psalms are used as methods of purification which is essential for establishing a connection with the divine.

While I am a servant of all DinGir I have bowed down to two divinities in particular. One of them is DinGir Enki, who is our Father and Master of Magicians. The other is the joy of my heart and represents beauty and terror in equal measure.

She is DinGir Ishtar.

My guardian and my queen.

My desire and my goddess.

To her I bow down and I kiss her feet.

She makes my breath catch in my throat and my heart beating wildly.

She is the desire of every man and the envy of every woman.

She is DinGir Ishtar.

And to her I pray to stand at my side.

Therefore I have written a special psalm for her.

That she may continue to bestow her favor on this humble servant.

Ištar ká-rid-ti i-lá-a-ti
Dumu Abzu-a ana-ku šúm-ru-ssu arad-ki
šax-tu pa-lix ilu-ti-ki pit-ku-du na-ram-ki
xa-ši-ix i-si-na-ti-ki mu-ša-az-ni-nu parakka-ki
mu-da-xi-id kurun-nam bi-bil lib-bi-ki šá ta-ra-mi
a-na at-mu-u-a šú-nu-xi lib-ša-a u-zu-un-ki
a-na zik-ri-ya šúm-ru-ssi ka-bat-ta-ki lip-pa-šir
ul xa-sa-ku-ma bi-lut-ki ul ú-sap-pa-a ka-a-a-an
at-ti-ma Iš-tar ú-šúm-gal-lat ilani ra-šub-ti
ki-niš nap-li-si-in-ni-ma li-ki-i un-ni-ni-ya
ri-ini-nin-ni-ma Iš-tar ki-bi-i na-xa-ši
ú-bil ap-ša-na-ki pa-ša-xa
ass-ssur ša-ru-ra-ki lu-ú taš-mu-ú û ma-ga-ru
iš-ti- ‘ -ú nam-ri-ir-ri-ki lim-mi-ru zi-mu-ú-a
as-xur bi-lut-ki lu-ú balâtu û šul-mu
a-mat a-kab-bu-ú ki-ma a-kab-bu-ú lu-ú ma-ag-rat
ina tu-ub širi u xu-ud lib-bi i-tar-ri-in-ni û-mi-šam
am-ri-in-ni biltu ki-i su-ux-xu-ra-ki libba arad-ki lim-ra-as
ki-i la pa-lix ilu-ti-ki ka
ki-i la ar-ši ar-ni xab-la-ti
kurun-nam ša nap-la-xi a-na da-da-ri
bit-nu-u rig-ma šúm-su-ka-ku si-mat
u xa-da-a balâti zu-um-ma-ku
ini-a-a bit-ru-ma-ma ul ú-ssab-ba-a
a-di ma-ti biltu murssu la na-par-ku-u xal-ku si-ki-ya
nap-li-si-ni-ma ênta-ki lu-sa-ap-pi
ša ti-zi-zi rimi-ni-ma ka-bat-ta-ki lip-pa-šir
ga-ma-lu lib-ba-ki ili-ya lim-ra-ass
šú-ssi-i mur-ssi šúm-si-ki xi-ti-ti
ki-bi-ma liš-ši-mi zik-ri

By now you are all familiar with my style so you know that I won’t leave you without giving a full translation in English which here follows:

O Ishtar, heroine among goddesses!
I am “Child of the Abyss”, thy afflicted servant!
Humble, worshipping thy divinity, provident, thy favorite!
Who desires thy shrines, who adorns thy sanctuary,
Who makes abundant the wine, the joy of thy heart, which thou lovest.
To my sorrowful words may thy ears be inclined,
To my afflicted speech let thy heart be open.
I had no understanding, and to thy ladyship did not regularly pray,
But thou, O Ishtar, mighty princess of the gods,
Truly pity me and take away my sighing!
Have mercy on me, O Ishtar! Command abundance!
I have borne thy yoke: do thou give consolation!
I have protected thy splendour: let there be good fortune and prosperity!
I have sought thy light: let my brightness shine!
I have turned towards thy power: let there be life and peace!
Let the word I speak, when I speak, be propitious!
Let health of body and joy of heart be my daily portion!
Look on me, O Lady, thus may thy turning make glad thy servant’s heart!
As one who does not worship thy divinity I am tortured…
If I have not incurred sin and evil why am I afflicted ?
The wine of the temple-service into gall is changed,
I am confused in my word,
Of the beauty and joy of life I am deprived.
My eyes are sealed, I cannot see!
How long, O lady, shall the disease without cessation destroy my members ?
Be favorable to me, to thy mightiness let me pray!
Because thou art strong pity me, let thy heart be open !
Do good, let thy heart be grieved over me !
Cause my sickness to go out, restrain my sin !
Speak and let the word be heard!

Please, my goddess, hearken unto my prayer….

Thy servant,

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. i know where this comes from, Dear Brother. i know that DinGir Inanna will hear your lamentations and act according to the humble desires of her servant. All Blessings. This is a powerful piece…i am in Awe……….:)


  2. Yes Brother, you know this well. The influence of DinGir Ishtar can bring joy as well as terror… I do not feel like She has withdrawn Her favor, but more like She is testing me… Why else would I meet a divine one, and yet being not able to be with her? She can be a cruel mistress… And the ordeal She puts me through may very well be a test of honor and dignity.

    You are right that this is a powerful piece! Because various lines I used were spoken by Assurnasirpal, Son of Shamshiraman, the King.


  3. Wow….I am soooo new to this searching for my pagan beliefs…I have looked here and there up and down….I have studyed much of christianity growing up but never listened to the gentle tugs from within of learning more. I do not even remember why I subscribed to Papers in the attic but have found a chill on the back of my neck when I read more and more…I have a bone wnd used for necronomicon uses. I do not know how to use it, but like to feel the energy when I hold it. I keep it wrapped up all the time. Am looking forward to learning more and to become an initiate..Thanks your future brother….No idea on how the personal name is achieved. Also loved the “Know thy enemy” article.


  4. Yes..my bone wand is wrapped with copper and a crystal, and has inscriptions rubbed into the bone. I have no instructions for the use of it and thatks for your help..It is a long journey to master..I am 51 years old and have so much to learn and do..Copper Dagger of Inanna..hummWill have to look into that.Personal name? ha ha never mind… I did not now if some of the nicknames used were from Asharu Tradidtion or just personal favorites. To Din Gir Ashtar I bow down and kiss her feet.. Have a blessed day and look forward to hearing more.


  5. If you are interested in working with the Necronomicon we can instruct you on how to properly work with it, if you want. I received my nickname after praying to the DinGir. It perfectly highlights the state of my being and the DinGir I feel most closely related to. It means “Child of the Abyss”. It is a reference to Father ENKI and the darkness in my being. If there are any questions please feel free to ask them!

    Stay blessed!


  6. oh wow what an honor to hear that. I would not feel alone in my search for truth and knowlege. I say yes to your offer.


  7. This is a master piece for the honor of our Beautiful Lady Ishtar, to whom I have connected. It seems that the Current of the Teacher reaches the Student for I have, when deciding which Din Gir align myself for the Gate -Walking the Two who I resonated like an epiphany was Master Enki and Lady Ishtar. Makes me feel that I am in the right track. This confirmed by the feeling of daily prayers and offerings of incense to my Lord and Lady, I had this strong desire after opening the Gate of Din Gir Nanna. I have also received, via epiphany, a recipe for holy water blessed by Lady Ishtar and Master Enki. Thanks for this writing Brother and Teacher, I know you are busy, may the Din Gir smile upon you and Remember Thee!


  8. Hey..Thanks I have registered on the tradition site. I came up with a user name Masshu 1 as I know it means the gateways to the garden of the gods and a passage way to the under world in sumerian


  9. Great!! In the forum you can find an option to send private mail. If you have questions and i am not available for chat then just leave me a PM and I will answer you as soon as possible.


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