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A review of the Oracle of Enheduanna

“We walk the broken path to remembrance of that which we cannot deny.”
“While we wear the visage of man, we are dragons in the flesh!”

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

By now I have almost finished reading the Oracle of Enheduanna and I am amazed at its content. The story contained in its pages is wonderful, but the real value lies in its practices and mystical knowledge which are abundant in this work of magickal art. Chapters such as Book of the Forgotten Warrior, The Rising Tide, and The Gate of the Broken Star truly express what our System represents and where we stand in all of this.

Book of the Forgotten Warrior, page 193 of the Oracle of Enheduanna:

“Here is where we stand; poised on the brink of the moment when the Work begins in earnest and a dream is realized. A dream given flesh and form in the blood and sinews of a man who is not a man.”

“Within the clay burns the Fire of the Jinn and the venom of the Dragon runs rapid through its veins. Not the wispy gossamer the humans mistake for a soul, but the very Flame of Immortality. We walk the broken path to remembrance of that which we cannot deny.”

“While we wear the visage of a man, we are dragons in the flesh! Our thoughts are not their thoughts. Our desires are not their desires. The Moment is upon us! It is time for the Tribe to Awaken!”

I can hardly describe how I feel when reading these words… It is real powerful stuff! And the Oracle of Enheduanna is full of such magnificent pieces.

Here is another example which comes from the chapter The Rising Tide, page 200:

“Upon the lunar winds, the tide rises. Like sweet rain, the Spheres bless the Chosen with their essence. As the Moon waxes full, the cup overflows to bestow the Gift of the Wanderers upon their children. We give our Blood to our parents; sacrificed to the ever-burning Fire of GIBIL.”

“We open our Hearts and pour our Life’s Blood upon the Stone as the Song of the Sword That Never Sleeps rings throughout the Spaces!”

“Our People are a forgotten people; our Tribe, a lost tribe. Among the Children of Dust, we have planted our Seed in this fertile ground, it lies dormant until the Waters of Life enrich the Dust and Awaken the Seed.”

“Then, the essence of Fire bursts into Life and our Immortal Life is born again!”

“What you call Time is moving faster. That which once would have taken a lifetime to encompass is received in mere months by our Children in their process of Awakening!”

The wisdom and knowledge contained in these words is not only incredible, but it is also the truth. It is the truth of our Tribe, the Tribe of the Lost Children of Mother Tiamat, the Maiden of Life. And the knowing and understanding of this very truth brings us a step closer to coming home and being reunited with our dear Brothers and Sisters.

The Gate of the Broken Star, page 198, warns us of how to obtain our goals and makes it obvious why this System is not for the fainthearted, as it states the following:

“To live, one must die. To defeat fear, one must be consumed by it until he and fear are one.”

While the Oracle of Enheduanna shows similarities with practices given in the Simon Necronomicon it is definitely a whole different work. This is a work of true and proper Mesopotamian spirituality and should be regarded as sacred by those who aspire to work with its wisdom.

During its reading I discovered something interesting, as I make it my habit to be extremely observant of any material I work with so that I may instantly recognize any pieces of text that I’ve seen before in other works.

I came upon such a piece of text when I was reading the chapter Book of the Gardener. In this interesting chapter the beautiful Enheduanna (may the Gods bless her name) is taught a prayer of protection by a gardener with no name. Now the last five lines of this prayer seem to have been commonly used in those times, as they were found on various amulets, which indicates that they were regarded as very powerful.

The Doctrine of Sin in the Babylonian Religion written by Julian Morgenstern tells us the following, on page 81:

Amulets were often very elaborate, composed even of precious stones, strung on vari-colored cords. However, most amulets must have been simpler. Sometimes too they were inscribed. Thus:

a-na Ištar be-el-tu
šur-bu-tu šar-rat Igigi
ù A-nun-na-ki
ša ilani abê-ša
be-lut-sa ú-šar-bu-u

In English this means:

To Ishtar, the mighty Lady,

Queen of the Igigi.
And the Anunnaki;
Whose authority the Gods,
Her Fathers, made great.

These are the exact same lines as those five which end the prayer of protection taught to Enheduanna, even though choice of words varies from author to author.

I strongly suggest that those who seek to elevate their Necronomicon knowledge to a higher and cleaner level should obtain the Oracle. It is really amazing! I must admit that the first edition still has some bugs which need to be worked out, but they are purely cosmetic and have no influence on the overall knowledge contained in its pages.

All in all it is an amazing and excellent work which is a real must-have for the serious members within our Tradition. You should definitely obtain a copy!

Dumu Abzu-a.



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