Asharu Tradition

The Student Becomes The Mentor When Dumu Abzu-a And Whelliston Team Up

“Whelliston” – Healer, Soulmirror, and true Sister.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The article you are about to read tells an incredible tale of two people who share a common interest in matters regarding the occult. Having both answered the Calling of their kind they encounter each other in the one place that actively supports those who are called – the Asharu Tradition.

It all began when Dumu Abzu-a, yours truly, followed his mentor’s advice of starting to teach others who sought to become Gatewalkers themselves. Personally he never sought to become a teacher or mentor, but he has learned to pay close attention to his mentor’s advice. For his mentor’s words encouraged Dumu Abzu-a to take on students of his own, thereby assisting those who seek his help on the path of Initiation.

Little did he know that one of those students would soon become his mentor in matters of magick in which he is lacking. For this student turned out to be a true blessing! He teaches her in matters regarding the Tradition and she teaches him in the areas of magick he is not yet proficient in.

Her name is Whelliston.

It didn’t take long for Dumu Abzu-a to recognize the extraordinary abilities possessed by the mysterious Whelliston, for not long after their meeting this interesting woman would help Dumu Abzu-a to get rid of a grotesque physical pain by employing her amazing healing ability.

Fascinated Dumu abzu-a became friends with this mysterious stranger who showed her kindness so gracefully. And soon after they were strangers to each other no more.

“Dumu Abzu-a” – Spawn of the Night.

As the friendship between the two practitioners developed Dumu Abzu-a became aware of his own limitations. For even though his mentor was pleased with his progress Dumu Abzu-a was faced with the harsh reality of his limited magickal abilities. It turned out that the student he had met, and by now shared a strong connection with, was by far the superior being of them both.

The reader might be wondering why Dumu abzu-a, who was succesfully initiated in the Necronomicon System, and who now practices the Black Rites found in the Book of the Worm, views this mysterious female, who is not initiated in the ways of the Asharu Tradition, as his superior.

Well, he has a good reason to do so!

For the mysterious Whelliston is a creature of magick, a Shaman, for whom the spirit world is as common a place as her own house is to her. The abilities she possesses are a natural part of her being and her perception of the spirit world would take many a ceremonial magician years to develop.

The reality of this matter was revealed when Dumu Abzu-a taught this new student the details of the Watcher ritual.

It was the beginning of, what would be, an interesting and emotional weekend, as Dumu Abzu-a and Whelliston, who both live many miles apart, would be spending many hours together, the mentor teaching his student.

Dumu Abzu-a had prepared his student well, standing by her side, imparting his aquired knowledge, and teaching her the ways he himself had learned from his amazing mentor, the great Warlock Asylum. She was ready for her first summoning!

But before Whelliston could engage in the ritual she was plagued by sudden pains and pressure on the head. Something was about to happen!

Lapsing into the trance she commonly uses for communication with the spirit world she encounters the very creature she was about to summon, for it was her Watcher that greeted her!

Dumu Abzu-a was stunned…

How could this uninitiated female accomplish the very thing wherein Dumu Abzu-a had failed so many times? How was it possible that after all Dumu Abzu-a’s efforts he was not able to perceive the very thing this newcomer was visited by of its own accord?

The truth of this matter came down hard on Dumu Abzu-a, shattering his confidence, causing temporary madness and confusion, causing him to fall down to his knees in front of the DinGir, lamenting his fate with tears in his eyes, saying: “Why, O great Gods, have you forsaken me?”

Dumu Abzu-a was happy for his student, and proud too, but his confidence had suffered a severe blow, because Dumu Abzu-a had heard his calling when he was still very young and having now become faced with the possibility that he might not be of the sacred Bloodline of the Children of Tiamat, the great Maiden of Life, made him almost lose his sanity.

But doubt had made Dumu Abzu-a blind!

And doubt had made Dumu Abzu-a deaf!

Doubt had made Dumu Abzu-a forget the encouraging words of his kind mentor…

For the recognition this great One had shown for Dumu Abzu-a had already confirmed his lineage to him. Yet, once again, Dumu Abzu-a’s great and honorable mentor listened to his wailings and he made sure that Dumu Abzu-a understood that it is not necessary to be able to perceive one’s Watcher in order to be of the sacred Bloodline, for it is Dumu Abzu-a’s understanding of the ways of the Tradition that mark his lineage.

Whelliston, whom Dumu Abzu-a had come to know as a very caring person, saw his pain and suggested that she might be able to help Dumu Abzu-a develop the abilities he was obviously lacking, and in doing so she showed Dumu Abzu-a the beauty of her divinity.

“Dumu Abzu-a and Whelliston”
The Power of the Sun and the Power of the Moon merge in a Magickal Union

In the years that Dumu Abzu-a was caught in the ravages of the possessive demon the Sister he now knows as Whelliston was becoming proficient in her many skills, and she would now be using her skills for the development of them both.

She taught Dumu Abzu-a a method of connecting her energy with his, and in doing so she took his magickal cherry, for this was Dumu Abzu-a’s very first time of connecting on such a deep level that it felt as intimate as making love.

But it was Whelliston who bore the brunt of their connection, as she entered trance and received an object that had been stored in Dumu Abzu-a’s subconscious mind. The reader will obviously be very curious about what object Whelliston received in the spirit world, but Dumu Abzu-a does not want to speak on the matter. Both Dumu Abzu-a and whelliston are aware of the symbolism of the object, but its meaning needs not be shared and will remain a secret.

Fascinated by the experience Dumu Abzu-a and Whelliston decided to continue these practices, as it is obvious to them that this is a matter that needs to be further explored.

The DinGir seemed to have been pleased with the efforts of the two practitioners, for they were given another chance to enjoy each other’s company for many hours through the means of our wonderful internet.

This time Dumu Abzu-a would teach his student how to Walk the Gates, for he has seen her grew quickly in her understanding and he has great admiration for her insatiable hunger for knowledge, her sharp wit, and her serious attitude towards these matters.

They would be together for two nights.

For two nights they would enjoy each other’s company.

For two nights these two ancient spirits would be intimate with each other in a magickal union.

They would laugh.

They would cry.

They would learn.

On the first night they tried the practice again, which gave them some very interesting results. As they established the connection both Dumu Abzu-a and Whelliston perceived the color yellow, but while Dumu Abzu-a still lacks the proper abilities to enter trance, Whelliston has no problem with that whatsoever and floats off into the spirit world where she meets two of Dumu Abzu-a’s totem animals, those being a bear and a monkey.

Drained from the experiences they ended their wonderful night, both feeling content from the gained result of their exercise. But Dumu Abzu-a was plagued by bad dreams that very night and early morning, for he dreamed about his magickal companion in ways that he does not want to share with the reader.

The next day Dumu Abzu-a shamefully shares his dreams with his partner in magick and he is very pleased that she listens to his bizarre dream experiences. One issue in particular is discussed between the both of them, and that is the resurfacing of fear in the mind of Dumu Abzu-a.

At around six o’clock that evening Whelliston suddenly ask Dumu Abzu-a: “May I be allowed to connect to you, now?” Dumu Abzu-a agrees and they prepare to establish the connection between them. They keep up their connection for ten minutes and then share their experiences.

Whelliston is speechless and cries softly. The scene she witnessed had moved her greatly and she has trouble finding the words that would explain what she had seen as she mirrored his soul.

She had not only met Dumu Abzu-a’s main totem animal, but also his Watcher!

“Dumu Abzu-a’s Watcher, whose name is the face of the One he holds dear in his heart”

As Whelliston entered trance she was first at play with the energy swirling around her, but pretty soon energy began to build up and things got pretty intense. After a while the energy got so intense, so fast, so strong, and so ‘compact’ that an energy sphere took form between her hands. And something was being born in there…

It was a deer, a tiny little deer, which was born from the round sphere laying in the grass.

The deer grew into an adult.

It grew into a male deer sporting fantastic antlers, huge and many.

A new scene appears to Whelliston and she finds herself in some woods. It is dawn and the sky is yellow. A beam of light penetrates the forest and touches Whelliston. Before her she beheld an incredibly beautiful woman, with dark hair, kinda curly and thick, and strands of it falling down the clean features of her beautiful face. The dark eyes of this woman stare back at Whelliston who asks her the following question: “Can you help him to be cut loose of his fears?”

The woman dematerializes into a shadowy thing, yet Whelliston is still able to perceive the upper part of the woman’s body.

Now the scenery changes and Whelliston beholds a harsh environment of mountains, rocks, and stone. In the middle of this scene there is a cylinder made of rock. And on top of that is the forest as Whelliston first saw it. It was litterally on the top of the rock cylinder. In a spiral, a road forms, and the woman leads her downwards towards a tiny little hole, a little crack, at the bottom of the cylinder. The woman accompanies Whelliston into the tiny hole and she finds herself in pitchblack darkness. Whelliston senses that they have reached the centre of the cylinder and suddenly the woman who accompanied Whelliston displays a show of raw power as she explodes the cylinder with tremendous force.

Whelliston is shocked…

For in the core of the cylinder, which is now no more, she sees the form of Dumu Abzu-a. He is standing upright, naked and covered in blood, his head is hanging on his chest and his  arms are extremely tired from the piece of the cylinder he is still holding. It is the piece with the forest on top…

To Whelliston’s amazement the forest is still intact.

But she is worried, as she sees Dumu Abzu-a straining to keep the forest aloft, protecting its beauty, for it is built of his dreams. It is all he’s got…

The woman who exploded the cylinder swirls around Dumu Abzu-a and tells him that it is time to let go.

But the deer, which was born from the sphere of energy, appears on the scene and replaces Dumu Abzu-a, carrying his dreams on its antlers, carrying Dumu Abzu-a’s world.

The woman leaves and floats up to the forest carried on the antlers of the deer.

Whelliston tells Dumu Abzu-a: “You are free to live your dreams, instead of just protecting them.”

She tells him that both the deer and the woman will always be with him.

Whelliston and Dumu Abzu-a both cry.

But Dumu Abzu-a rejoiced when he realized that his prayer to the DinGir had been answered. For Dumu Abzu-a had greatly worried about the fact that he was not able to perceive his Watcher. But the woman that Whelliston met was Dumu Abzu-a’s Watcher. Dumu Abzu-a discovered this to be the truth by an uncanny experience, for at the moment of the shattering of the cylinder, which was after about six minutes into the practice, Dumu Abzu-a fell into an almost hypnotic state. He needed to sit down, and he suddenly felt very sleepy. The feeling was so profound that it almost felt like a physical blow to him.

After having discussed their experience for hours afterwards Whelliston felt very tired and went to bed to recuperate. Dumu Abzu-a stayed awake, pondering the meaning of the visions of his magickal partner. But after five hours of sleep Whelliston suddenly returned, thinking about their earlier discussions. Dumu Abzu-a asked Whelliston if she could ask the woman’s name if they ever met again, on which Whelliston answered that she could give it another go, as she had regained some of her power.

Dumu Abzu-a agreed.

Again they engaged in the practice and again Whelliston met the woman. She asked for the woman’s name, but the woman wouldn’t tell. Instead she chanted: “Kami, kami, kami…”, while pointing to a small white flower.

When the practice had ended Whelliston made a frantic search for the peculiar white flower pointed out by Dumu Abzu-a’s Watcher. Whelliston succeeded in finding the exact match of the flower she had been shown and it was in this manner that they learned the name of Dumu Abzu-a’s Watcher. As the spirit would not tell her name, but gave them a test to find out for their selves, Dumu Abzu-a and whelliston agreed to keep the name their secret, not wanting to betray the trust of this beautiful and powerful female warrior spirit.

The reader will ask him or herself how Whelliston and Dumu Abzu-a are so sure that the name of the flower is the name of this woman. Well, because they decided to seek out the woman again and ask her for confirmation. Which the woman amazingly did!

But it doesn’t end there…

For Whellistion asks the woman if there is anything else she wants to share which she could bring to Dumu Abzu-a.

A shamanic drum appears.

And on the drum a painting becomes visible.

The painting shows a landscape, and Whelliston asks to see it more clearly.

She is taken to Egypt, to a very specific old town, to a temple along the Nile.

A woman, all dressed in black, travels along the Nile, in a narrow wooden boat, towards the temple. Whelliston has seen this woman before, in another vision. Around her neck the woman has a bottle, a small bottle, with a very special liquid in it. She most definitely is a magician, and on her way to a special ceremony which will be held in the temple. She steps out of the boat, and walks the little steps up to her appointed place. All the people and citizens are already in position. Some kind of  priest is waiting for her. In front of the priest stands a kind of jar, or bowl, and within the jar is an entire labyrinth present. Water flows into the labyrinth. Now the woman steps up to the priest and pours the liquid she had safely guarded and which hung around her neck into this labyrinth. The priest then sprinkled that water out onto the temple, onto the ground, and onto the people. Whelliston becomes aware that the priest she is watching is none other than Dumu Abzu-a.

This is very interesting to Dumu Abzu-a, as he has had a vision himself wherein he was ascending the stairs on the side of a Sumerian ziggurat, clothed in the white robe of the priesthood. For it may well be that he has always been a priest-magician, as he is one in this era too.

Whelliston and Dumu Abzu-a will continue to engage in these practices and will have lots more experiences to share before their epic tale finally ends.

May the DinGir smile on them both!

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. I’m happy to read that, jyotishmoy, so am I.

    Dumu-Abzu-a: Haha! Thank you, I truely appreciate the credit you give, but please take the same amount to yourself too. In all situations we’re always both the teacher and the student. It’s all work – just different from each other. Equal, but different. White and Black makes the perfect grey 😉


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