Dumu Abzu-a’s Library – A Sumerian Love Poem

“My Dearest, My Darling, My Desirable One”

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The great Queen of Heaven and Earth, Goddess of Love and Passion, the great Inanna, has cast her spell on me. Her gentle touch has sent my mind into chaos, yet I have never felt more alive.

As a priest of the Asharu Tradition I am also a servant of DinGir Nebo and am therefore familiar with the magick of the sacred Art of Writing and this allows me to put my emotions into words of great beauty, whether they be in the English language, or in the Sumerian language.

Therefore I needed to write this beautiful poem in the ancient words of our Sumerian ancestors. That it may be pleasing to DinGir Inanna, who brought a very special person into my life. And that it may be pleasing to DinGir Nebo. That the very words may bring magick and prosperity!

The poem is entitled: lubigu labigu ul gurrugu, which means: My dearest, my darling, my desirable one. It is uniquely constructed by using various ancient sources.

Here follows the poem:

  • lu-bi-gu la-bi-gu ul gur-ru-gu
  • ša-at me-li-si-im  ru-â-ma-am la-ab-ša-at
  • ba-ni-à-a ši-im-ta-à-ša bi-it-ra-a-ma i-na-ša ši-it-a-ra
  • šar-ḫa-at i-ri-mu ra-mu-ú re-šu-uš-ša
  • lu-bi-gu la-bi-gu ul gur-ru-gu
  • za-aʾ-na-at in-bi mi-ki-a-am ù ku-uz-ba-am
  • ša-ap-ti-in du-uš-šu-pa-at ba-la-ṭú-um pí-i-ša
  • si-im-ti-iš-ša i-ḫa-an-ni-i-ma ṣi-ḫa-tum
  • lu-bi-gu la-bi-gu ul gur-ru-gu
  • na-ap-la-su-uš-ša ba-ni bu-a-ru-ú
  • ta-ar-ta-mi te-eš-me-e ri-tu-ú-mi ṭú-ú-bi
  • a-ia-um na-ar-bi-à-aš i-ša-an-na-an ma-an-nu-um


  • lu-bi-gu igi-za igi du-ru-na-bi ma-dug gen nin ki ag-gu
  • la-bi-gu ka-za gu di-di-bi ma-dug ka lal ama-na-gu
  • ul gur-ru-gu nundum-za ne su-ub-bi ma-dug gen nin ki ag-gu
  • lu-bi-gu la-bi-gu ul gur-ru-gu

As always I have also got an English translation of this poem for those who are not yet proficient in the ancient tongue.

It follows here:

  • My dearest, my darling, my desirable one.
  • She of excitement, clothed with sexual charm.
  • Her tones are beautiful, her eyes colorful and iridescent.
  • She is resplendent, loveliness is set upon her head.
  • My dearest, my darling, my desirable one.
  • She is adorned with sexual allure, attraction, and appeal,
  • With regard to her lips she drips honey, her mouth vivacity,
  • Smiles flourish upon her face.
  • My dearest, my darling, my desirable one.
  • At her glance happiness is engendered,
  • She loves attention, passion, and contentedness,
  • Who can rival her greatness? Who?


  • My dearest, the gazing of your eyes is pleasant to me; come my beloved sister.
  • My darling, the speaking of your mouth is pleasant to me, my honey-mouthed of her mother.
  • My desirable one, the kissing of your lips is pleasant to me; come my beloved sister.
  • My dearest, my darling, my desirable one….

This poem is dedicated to you….

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. Ha,ha!! Depends on if you’re a beautiful female, or a baldheaded priest like myself. For in the case of the latter I have no sweet words to offer… 😉 Ha,ha!!


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