Ancient One

The Meaning of the Term: “IA ZIXUL”

“The Evil Spirit”
“Enchantingly Beautiful, Yet Deadly As Poison”

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today it came to my attention that someone had searched the blog for the term: “IA ZIXUL.” This sparked my interest and I decided to give a translation of the term.
The term can be found on page 185 of the Simon Necronomicon, in the Incantation of the Ancient One. The line reads as follows:


Let us first take a look at the term: “IA.”

The Chart of Comparisons, on page xxxix of the Simon Necronomicon, tells us the following: “IA (JAH; EA; Lord of Waters)

Now we examine the term: “ZIXUL.”

The word should actually be divided into two words, these being “ZI” and “XUL.”

ZI” is a Sumerian term meaning: “Spirit”, page xlii of the Simon Necronomicon.

XUL” is a Sumerian term meaning: “Evil“, page xlix of the Simon Necronomicon.

So the entire line would read as: “ENKI! ENKI SPIRIT EVIL! ENKI SPIRIT EVIL!” Of course this is no proper English translation, as the construction of Sumerian sentences is quite different than in the English language. Therefore the line needs a little reconstruction to understand its proper meaning.

It properly translates as: “ENKI! Evil Spirit of ENKI! Evil Spirit of ENKI!

Those of you who diligently do their research will be aware that Master ENKI does indeed have Evil Spirits at his command. Just read the myth: INANNA and the God of Wisdom, and you will discover that it was Master ENKI who sent all kinds of monsters to retrieve the Boat of Heaven. For he sent enkum-creatures, uru-giants, and lahama-monsters.

The reason why such a line was added to the Incantation of the Ancient One is unclear to me. Suggestions on this matter are very welcome!

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. IA is sumerian for “Oh!” but in akkadian it means Enki so you could say another translation using the sumerian would be O! O Spirit of Evil!


  2. I have to smile every time I see you two commenting in these kinds of threads – I find it fantastic and fascinating that someone are both able and willing to use so much time, effort, energy and love into this kind of work. I want and need to take closer looks into the material, but my tasks is somewhere else then in translation. I admire you all who do this kind of work *Two thumbs up and a BIG smile!*


  3. It is indeed great to see the extreme high level of knowledge and dedication of the people on this blog and on the forum. It is also amazing to me that these same people are so willingly sharing their knowledge and experience to people like me, who are new to the Tradition and still have so much to learn. Your efforts have really been life changing to me. You are all amazing and your work is highly appreciated! Stay blessed!


  4. Whelliston and Imajica, thank you both for your encouraging words! Your support is greatly appreciated! We do this work and we share it with our Brothers and Sisters because it would be wrong to deny our true Brothers and Sisters the knowledge of their heritage. You are all welcome and it is a real honor to stand beside all of you.

    Stay blessed!


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