Asharu Tradition

The Dark Betrayal – Death of a Watcher

“Dumu Abzu-a and Bilit Iturra”
“Two great Watchers who share an eternal bond of love”

The doors of the magnificent gathering hall slammed shut. The two Watchers cautiously moved forward towards the great empty throne standing at the far end of the hall. They  glanced nervously at each other, both being familiar with the thoughts of the other, for they had been lovers for as long as they could remember.

“Approach!” , a booming voice commanded them.

A shimmering form materialized in front of the throne and the two Watchers immediately averted their eyes as a sign of respect, for the one with the booming voice was none other than the great DinGir Enki.

“Dumu Abzu-a, my loyal servant! My finest warrior!”, master Enki said.

“Bilit Iturra, my loyal servant! My purest warrior!”, master Enki said.

“You were summoned in my presence to receive a sacred task. For you are my finest and my purest. Your bond of never ending love makes you stand out among all of my loyal Watchers and therefore you will be appointed a most holy task. You will travel towards Earth, towards Babylon you will travel. The people of Babylon will rejoice and they will worship you as living gods, for you will be in their image. In their image they will worship you as living gods. Among them you will establish a cult, a cult of the Watchers you will establish. For being clothed in the image of man will allow you to procreate, and procreate you must do. For the first child your spouse will bear will be a great and noble king who will make great the people of babylon and they will sing praise to the DinGir and make much sacrifices. You must both go to the realm of man and you must accomplish this greatest of tasks. I have already prepared the coming of your arrival, for I have instructed the Ashipu-priests to begin the ritual of summoning. Take place in the circle in the centre of this room, kneel down, facing towards each other, lock your hands together and gaze in each other’s eyes till the darkest hour of night. All will be black, and when you regain your senses you will have reached your destination. Go now, my loyal Watchers, go and enter the circle.”

Dumu Abzu-a and bilit Iturra sat silently, holding each other’s hands and each staring in the face of the other. They both knew the other’s thoughts, for their love was legendary, even among the DinGir, who greatly enjoyed the songs about these two passionate lovers, as from the moment of their creation these two ancient spirits were meant to be together forever, their love being as eternal as the great gods themselves.

At the darkest hour of night these two ancient lovers were consumed by utter blackness, and their beings were clothed in an unknown experience, for they were being born in the flesh of man and the pain of birth was their first taste of the human experience.

The Ashipu-priests rejoiced, for their ritual of summoning had been succesful. In the circle they had painstakingly prepared, as received in the dreams of the ancient oracle, there were two newborn babes, one male, the other female. The two virgin girls they had been born from had died in the process of childbirth. Such was their noble sacrifice, for these two virgins, as they had never lain with a man, were said to have been blessed with the seed of the DinGir, and their offspring were to be gods in the flesh of man.

The two babes were taken in by the Ashipu-priesthood, who instructed gangs of laborers to start building a temple to these two divine beings. They were taught during their childhood all the mysteries of the sacred priesthood of Babylon and both were being well skilled in the art of war by the greatest Babylonian swordmasters. They both grew into adult beings, humans, one male, the other female. And they both began to feel the need for being together, for being one.

But the ancient teachings, given to the Babylonians by the DinGir, prevented them from a physical union, for they were only allowed to consumate their love at the completion of the temple, which would be soon, when the moon would be full in the skies.

On the next moon the temple was completed and a great feast was held in honor of Dumu Abzu-a and Bilit Iturra. Tonight they would finally be together! The sexual tension between them had almost reached a point of exploding, as they had longed for each other’s physical form for many centuries, as they knew there was nothing sweeter than a union of the spirit through the flesh of man.

At the darkest hour of night, with the moon, the sphere of Nanna, high in the skies, Dumu Abzu-a picked up his lover and carried her in his arms up the stairs of the magnificent temple. He took her into the top chamber, which was richly decorated with a large bed and beautiful furniture. Dumu Abzu-a gently laid his lover down on the soft silk sheets of the bed. He softly kissed her tender lips and looked deeply into her painted eyes, while saying to her: “My love, you are so beautiful.”

The two incarnated Watchers made passionate love that night and they greatly enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh. But their union had greater meaning than just pleasure, for Dumu Abzu-a needed to put his sacred seed into the holy belly of Bilit Iturra. So after hours of steaming pleasure their playful lovemaking suddenly became serious, for they both felt what needed to be done, a child must come of this. Bilit Iturra lay back and parted her legs to reveal the entrance of her female holiness, dripping wet juice like sweet honey, waiting for the sacred flesh that would release the divine seed within her temple of fleshy sweetness. Dumu Abzu-a entered her gently and with sleek and swift motions rode them both quickly to an ecstatic climax. With a grunt Dumu Abzu-a released his seed deep within the belly of Bilit Iturra, who, in turn, released a scream of pure extasy, digging her long fingernails deep into the flesh of Dumu Abzu-a’s back, leaving a lasting testament of their union.

Little did they know that in a secret chamber, far away from the temple, a group of blackrobed individuals gathered, and their intentions were far from good…

As the months passed by the people rejoiced, for Bilit Iturra grew a beautiful round belly, her face glowing with the radiance of pregnancy and divinity. The ancient prophesy would come true! A great king would be born of this and he would lead Babylon to greatness!

But as the, by the diviners predicted, date of birth neared Dumu Abzu-a began to feel uneasy. He was plagued by nightmares which made no sense to him. So he prayed to his lord, to his master he prayed: “Great Father, Lord Enki, what is it that troubles my mind? What is the meaning of the horrors I see in my dreams?”

And master Enki, sensing the great peril his servants were in, sent Dumu Abzu-a a vision. And when Dumu Abzu-a beheld the vision he became struck with an illboding feeling, for in the vision he saw his beloved being murdered, her child being cut from her belly by barbarous hands, her lovely appearance desecrated by the dark stains of her life giving blood, casting the land of Babylon into darkness.

Dumu Abzu-a hastened from the field, where he had received the vision, to warn his beloved Bilit, and he ran towards the temple with a sense of great foreboding. As he neared the temple he heard the angry screams of his beloved and the clamouring of swords. Whatever was happening inside the temple, men were dying for sure, as Dumu Abzu-a could hear the cries of wounded and dying men. Close to the temple he drew his sword and he ran up the stairs towards the inner sanctum. Blackrobed, masked men crowded around the doorway of the inner sanctum and Dumu Abzu-a could hear his beloved companion fighting for her life inside the sanctum. With a cry of pure rage he swung his sword into the back of the nearest assailant. He went down with blood bubbling from his mouth. The second assailant turned, but could not raise his sword in time to fend of a deathdealing blow to the skull, taking part of the top of his head off. Having dispatched the assailants at the doorway he entered the sanctum and saw his dearest, surrounded by the dead bodies of blackrobed individuals, fending of three attackers. She stabbed one in the throat, while Dumu Abzu-a chopped off the arm of another, who went down screaming and was quickly put out of his misery by a quick stab in the eye, penetrating the brain. The last attacker lunged for the belly of Bilit Iturra and would have succeeded in dealing a deathly blow to both her and the child, but Dumu Abzu-a spun around, yet unable to deflect the blow with his sword, and positioned himself in the path of the thrusting sword. Bilit Iturra screamed in horror as the sword of the assailant penetrated Dumu Abzu-a’s abdomen, and she flew into a rage, overwhelming the attacker with sheer fury, hacking him to pieces.

She knelt down beside her fallen lover, crying in anguish, softly cradling his head in her lap. He tried to speak, bloody froth forming round his mouth, but she told him to be quiet. He summoned up the last fleeting power of his dying human form and spoke to her: “You must flee, my dearest. Run, you must. Flee towards the hills and keep our child safe, for this is not over yet… They seek to usurp the place he will take in the future. they seek the downfall of Babylon, my dearest…..”

Bilit Iturra cried and would not leave her dying lover, but when they heard the heavy footsteps and the clincking of weapons Dumu Abzu-a whispered to her: “Please, my dearest Sister, my love, go….. Save yourself…. I love you…. I always have….”

And with a heavy heart Bilit Iturra fled from the temple under the cover of night, haunted by the dying screams of her lover being hacked to pieces by a fresh group of assailants. She cried, and she vowed to take revenge on the Babylonian betrayers  and the murderers of her spouse.

Soon after a child was born.

And he would march against Babylon, bathing it in the blood of the betrayers, and from its destruction he would create greatness, in honor of his fallen father and his caring mother. And the Dingir would be pleased and would restore Dumu Abzu-a, to bestow immortality on him and his spouse, the beautiful Bilit Iturra.

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. The same story repeat again and again, in different places, in different times, with different names and characters. But, nobody knows the names of the “THE CIRCLE”, the secret society, behind all of these incidents, nor keep an eye on them, neither eliminate them. And THEY are the same peoples behind some authoritarian Monotheistic religion, whose sole intention is elimination of other liberal or polytheistic faiths, cultures, and abolition of the true history of humanity. And “WHOSE” only true hidden dream is world-domination and enslavement of the entire humanity. What a irony ! Sorry I felt a little bit bitter !


  2. Thanks Brother! I meant for it to end in tragedy, for it are such experiences I am having at the moment. This piece was heavily inspired by the mental state I am currently in and by the person who causes this great turmoil of emotions. In fact, my feelings during the writing were so intense that I almost puked from tension. LOL 😉


  3. I see a pattern here, a bit outside the topic, like ancient indo-europeans the priestly caste, known as the druids in celtic and other traditions have been divided into various separate specializations, the scholar, the liturgist or mystic, the diviner and the bard or poet and singer and we are developing the same. great work brother and mentor.
    we should study neo-druidism to learn from a group that attempted what we are trying, the revival of an ancient tradition and the development of such. just a tought.


  4. our tradition is moving foward and more than ever we must stress sound reasearch and schoolary sources that new age ideas. We must be aware that many parts of the ancient sumerians have been lost in time but we must develop our tradition as authentic as possible. this does not mean that we are not going to grow or that we are going to surpress creativity, on the cointrary, it means that trought scholar and sound research we can develop new material on a very authentic mesopotamian spirit. that is what i can contribute to our community and to the glory of the Din Gir, let us grow the Asaru in the spirit of those who when before us. And feel pride that possibly this can be the newest and most ancient tradition out there, getting the closest as possible to the source, to the point where culture boundries fragmented the Divine Light of the Gods.
    hail the great Din Gir!
    hail the Asaru Spirit!


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