Teachings of Pain – An Immortal in Mourning

“My Dearest Old One Returns To The DinGir To Have Honor And Blessings Bestowed On Her”

On this Path of Life, my dear Brothers and Sisters, we will encounter Death countless times, in a multitude of different shapes, some horrible and some peaceful. But Death knows better than to turn its schyte on the Children of Tiamat, for they have stared into its eyes, never faltering, nor crumbling, under its hollow gaze. Enraged by its impotency the Reaper harvests the spirits of the Asharu’s loved ones instead. It’s touch may not be felt by the Asharu, yet by taking the loved ones away it does snuff out part of him or her, for with the passing of each loved one we die a little inside.

So, to you, my dearest old one, my giver of life, my architect of existence, I address these words, though you will never read them in this world…. Yet as your passing is complete you will know the things of my heart that were never spoken out loud, and your joy will be great, for you will know how important you were in the creation of part of the Greater Mysteries that our kind belongs to. Without you my spirit would not have been, and without your care I would not have been who I am today. Know that I cry as I write this, for though I am glad for you to start your new journey, I am in great mourning over this terrible loss. As I looked into your eyes today I could see your readiness to depart, but stubbornly clinging to life as you saw my pain.
Go if you must, my dearest old one….. I understand… For the amulet I gave you is the Symbol of Life, in this world, and in the next. That it may guide your spirit on your journey, that it may be known to the gods so they have mercy on you…. Know that if you pass I will heap upon your resting place the most sweetest incenses, and I will pour out generous libations of sweet water. That your spirit may never be thirsty.

I will call upon my God, and I will call upon my Goddess. I will call on NINDINUGGA NIMSHIMSHARGAL ENLILLARA, Queen of Mysteries, to bring to you renewed life. I will pray for you in each and every empty moment, and tomorrow I will visit you again if my prayers are heard. If not, then the DinGir will greet you, and will welcome you in a new place of life, for they favor you for having given life to one of their devoted servants. Your passing will be marked with honor as I evolve into greatness.

Thank you, thank you for everything my dear old one…
We will meet again.

With the greatest love and respect,

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. Well written words to the one who’ve cared for you for such a long time. The persons spirit will feast side by side with the Gods and Goddesses, while earthlings shed their tears, when the transition takes place. What you’ve shared throughout the years is not for everyone to experience. I feel grateful on your behalf 🙂


  2. Thank you very much for your sweet words. I am grateful too, yet it is human nature to feel sad about these matters, while I know it is only the start of a new journey.

    Thank you.


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