Teachings of Pain – Know Thy Enemy

The Asharuic Priest
“Defender of Mankind”

“The Necronomicon magician is a warrior -priest. In order to understand the enemy, he or she requires information about their weapons, their schedules, and their designs on the planet. They must understand how the Gate can be opened, and by whom, and when, so that they recognize the signs.”

(Dead Names by Simon, page 314)

….., so that they can recognize the signs…..

These signs, my dear Brothers and Sisters, are all around us. If you know how to read them you will be left shocked, as your perception will be fouled by the unnatural origins of many evils that are prevalent in this world, for many physical horrors we see happen all around us are of a spiritual nature. Hordes of dark angels beset the beloved of ARRA on all sides, and in all places. We must draw our bows before the fiends of ABSU, and we must loose our arrows at these dark hordes, for they run rampant. Legions of Maskim have spilled out of the Gates that are intentionally, as well as unintentionally, opened by our foul enemies. And in doing so these horrid Liers-In-Wait have found and possessed many humans whom had no defense against these “seizers”, or who willingly chose to act as puppets of flesh in order to seek release from the poor empty lives they lead, trying to escape the pain and misery that their incarnation is suffering. Thereby they lose their humanity, for they become like slaves to the spirit that possesses them. The dark whisperings of demonic entities replaces their already weakened thoughtprocesses and erases any trace of free will. They have become like “shells”. Mindless automatons which are driven by a malignancy that programs them to perform acts of unspeakable horror, making them enjoy the spreading of pollution, violence, disease, terror, and death. They become physical manifestations of a spiritual evil, turning into harbingers of doom, feeding on the blood of the slain and the psychic emanations caused by the spreading of their fear and terror among the societies of man.

“Perhaps the prophecies are right; perhaps the world is coming to an impasse, a spiritual conflagration if not an actual, physical Armageddon sometime in the next fifty years. Perhaps there is a need for someone to monitor the Gate, for a talented person or persons in every country to guard the planet against forces coming upon us from some other reality… or from deep within our own sick and saddened souls. Either way, it’s an Underworld; and it’s no coincidence that the ancient city of Cutha or KUTU is in the hothly contested deserts of Iraq.”

(Dead Names by Simon, page 315)

We are all familiar with what has happened, and is still happening, in Iraq. But this is just one example given by Simon, as Cutha is connected to our workings and heritage. But those who are “enlightened” will be very much aware of the state of affairs around the world, regarding this same matter. And they are able to see what the enemy is causing in these very places.

To properly understand these matters one has to be able to see the mechanics and processes involved in regards to the planet in its totality. If we study nature we can see that each process and each species of animal, no matter how small they might be, serves as a cog in a far larger piece of cosmo-biological machinery. If a piece gets broken, when, for example, a species of animal becomes extinct, the machine begins to malfunction, and eventually breaks down. Now, these are processes which have become visible to us through the appliance of research and science, but what of those processes which are invisible to us?

The answer to this lies in the survival of the indigenous people of each country. Each race had their own special function in the preserving of the planet, but through invasion and the killing and eradication of these indigineous people the Earth has become imbalanced, and is slowly declining into a state from which it will be unable to recover. Just look around at the places where the indigenous people are dying in droves. It are these places where the Gates become weak and evil seeps into this world. It is a selfsustaining process, for this evil needs power to manifest, and that power is fed by the blood and psychic excretions of the slaughtered native population, as these indigenous people are keepers of the Earth.

A perfect example of the consequences of eradicating the native populace can be found in the United States. With the slaughter and subjugation of the native people, who were the actual and original tenders of that particular piece of planet, the invaders caused great evil to escape into their world. Since such evil is not bound by time, as it is eternal, it often does not manifest immediately, but may take many human lifetimes for it to actually take on a physical appearance. With the native American tribes effectively removed from their sacred duty there was no one left to Watch and guard the Gates, thus allowing demons to slip through the cracks into this world. Because the tribes never recovered from the foul injustice perpetrated against them, the delicate process of keeping the Gates sealed has become neglected, as the invaders had no eye for these important matters and scorned the natives for their beliefs, portraying them as superstitious savages. This was a big mistake, and now the consequences of this genocide are easily visible. We can see it in the abnormal numbers of killers and psychopaths that run loose in the societies of this country. The same it is with such places as Iraq, and currently Syria too. For in these countries we see acts of mindless suicide and terror-bombings against the people of the land, the indigenous people.

“Our leaders are pushing us into a worldwide conflagration over which we can exert no other form of control. Our environment is being destroyed by these same leaders, choking and poisoning us at home. We are running out of time. We are running out of space. If we cannot seize the reins of our own physical security, we can — and must — seize power over our own souls, our own spiritual destiny.”

(Dead Names by Simon, page 315)

As Asharuic priests and priestesses this is exactly what we can and must accomplish, for we are a group of individuals that stand apart from the rest of mankind. We owe neither allegiance to Light, nor to Darkness, yet taking from them both in order to ensure the survival of both ourselves and the innocent members of mankind that are left defenseless through the betrayal commited by their political and spiritual leaders. The task we were given is sacred and of the utmost importance. It will be hard, and it will be difficult, but there is no doubt whatsoever that we can stand in the face of all the enemy throws at us. We may be few that stand against uncounted hordes, yet each and every Asharuic priest and priestess has contained within their being the power of legions. None will dare to stand against us, for the enemy cowers in fear at the knowledge of our true faces. The Ancient Ones will reign supreme!

“Perhaps there is a Necronomicon egregore and this is its mission: to ensure that the technology for watching the Gate is in the hands of as many people as possible because we can no longer trust our priests, our bishops, our politicians, our scientists, or our cultural heroes to do that for us. We can no longer trust the self-annointed, self-described magicians and guardians of humanity to have our best interests at heart. We have already been betrayed, over and over, by our spiritual and political leaders. If we cannot take back the reins of government, we can at least take back control over our own souls. It is not easy. It isdangerous.
And it’s necessary.”

(Dead Names by Simon, page 315)

Amen, Brother Simon….

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. thank you, brother. the full realization of what is at stake here should make many shudder, especially those initiates who have not yet grasped the full extent of the agents of chaos, and their abominable influence on every aspect of humanity. you and i have spent many an hour discussing this subject, and you are to be commended for putting this post on the blog. a heightened state of urgency is in order, because it doesn’t at all seem that time is on our side. stay Blessed.


  2. I very much agree Brother… This post was indeed inspired by our talks, as well as my talks with another Brother. It is time to open our eyes to what’s going on!


  3. The Necronomicon is a book of unparrelled excellance!! To see everyone’s postings & comments is a great & cherished thing! (at least 2 me anyway) It opens one’s spiritual potential like none other! Of course we all know this as children of the tradition, but there is so much more to it! One’s interpratation of it, is one’s unique path to spiritual enlightenment! Quest not my friends, for the necronomicon’s hidden path to the arcane knowledge of Eternity is beyond all our most solemn dreams! trust me, when one seriously opens up one’s mind to these teachings & secrets that reside very, very deep within one’s subconscious mind the visions & images that come forth are beyond your most vivid, lucid dreams one can think of or imagine!! And they all have something to say to our spirits! I still remember my first dream of thy “necro” nature, what was seen was nothing short of mankinds deepest, most lucid visions one can have!! One day i plan to write all my visions down on paper, & i guess bookform, It’s like spiritual acid, without taking the actual drug itself!! The human mind is capable of some AWESOME stuff, as we who are followers of the tradition know all to well!!


  4. Thank you, Brother Moonsadden. I can do nothing else but agree with you. Though this post was written during an epiphany, I must admit that the info within has been the subject of conversation for many hours. Therefore I should extend thanks to both Brother Kingu Darkly and Brother Amadi, as well as Mother Tiamat of course. These conversations are necessary in order to establish the validity of the knowledge received. The fact that this knowledge is shared and understood by those I know to be adepts of this Tradition, as well as by members whose current heritage can be traced back to one of the more recent races of indigenous people who had been given the same sacred task, serves as confirmation that my mind is properly working. It shows that these epiphanies are no mere ramblings, but are caused by the expansion of one’s views and understandings, which are in accordance with my current state of development. With my succes on engaging the power of Tiamat, I effectively stopped existing as the man I were, for having activated the serpent power within my being an Ancient One was born again. Part of my old self died, and the change in my personality is significant. Again this is something that none of the Uninitiated will be able to truly understand, for it has to be experienced, which will only be accomplished by the few, and not the many. I too hope you write your findings down, for this knowledge, upon our passing, will find itself in the hands of those who are in need of it the most, and who will make the best use of it. Stay blessed Brother!


  5. Hi Dumu! Where can I read more about your Asharu Tradition, or your calling…I’m finding it hard to understand, and am intrigued to know more about it. CHEERS! coco


  6. Dear miss Ginger, my earlier reply was a bit incorrect I’m afraid. My apologies! 😉 My error was the result of male multitasking. Ha,ha!!
    There can a lot of info about the Asharu Tradition and our Calling be found on this blog, but you need to explore some of the writings. A lot of information, though, only makes sense to those who are initiated in our ways. If you are really interested in learning more about this ancient and sacred Tradition you may contact me at nightcaller@hotmail.nl That way I can speak freely on the matter. Just feel free to ask any questions you have, and i’ll be more than happy to explain you a little about our ways and work! 🙂


  7. Well, I like it as I know no better. It is a pretty good country to live in, very openminded, but due to the financial crisis it is turning worse. 😦

    US is great!! My mentor lives there too, in NYC.

    Do you perhaps make use of Skype?

    It allows for easier communication, which enables me to satisfy your curiosity about our Tradition a little.


  8. well spoken brother !!! as a blood relative of sitting bull (great great grandson) i truely know the horrors of what the government does as they been poisoning my people for over a century with their toxic waste being dumped on our reservation. and yes we are the gatekeepers as its been my lifehood to rid these entities from the unwary. as u know i am currently in battle with Dagon and Nadal….very taxing on my energy…..but ive captured many violent spirits and imprisoned them some of which are Asmodeus/Bullhorn/Darius/Zozo but its been getting worse every year as the occurances of more and more become too apparent on the plane. i only protect my surrounding states unfortunately as thats even becoming too much for me to handle. but by fire and steel i raise my sword to the winds and continue my battle cries. to never back back down and never surrender i engage all who come to do harm…there is no retreat !! this is the way of my noble Sioux Nation – this is the way of the Asharuic Priest !!


  9. I am so enlightened by this article…I now see the importance of not asking for anything for self in the Oracle of Enheduanna rituals….But first things first, I must learn the Necronomicon first and now have a forward goal to proceed too…I do not feel blind now…Thanks to all of you.


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