The Translation of the Invocation of Opening the Gate of Ganzir, the Hellish Pit

“Yet, there are many terrors on the Way to the Self, and an Abyss to cross before victory can be declared. Demons, vampires, psychic leeches, ghastly forms accost the aspiring magician from every angle, from every quarter around the circumference of the magick circle, and they must be destroyed lest they devour the magician himself.”

Dear Brothers and sisters,

This will be the third and final time that we will discuss the translation of the invocation of opening the gate of Ganzir, for this third attempt leaves us with a complete translation given in the ancient tongue. In my previous article, https://warlockasylum.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/a-nearly-complete-transliteration-of-the-invocation-of-opening-the-gate-of-ganzir/, there were still some lines left untranslated, and some words we were still uncertain of as to its meaning. But with the help of a very skilled and knowledgable person known as Brother Etluzini, who was properly educated in these matters, and who has several decades of occult experience, we have finally managed to accomplish a full translation of this most important incantation. Brother Etluzini definitely knows the skills of his trade, and therefore I will give the translation that was provided by this valued Brother of our Tradition, which here follows:

  • Open to my voice, great Tower Gate!
  • Dingir Ninnghizhidda
  • Thee I invoke, Serpent of the Deep!
  • Alsi Ku Nushi, Mush-gal ina Zu-ab
  • Thee I invoke, NINNGHIZHIDDA, Horned Serpent of the Deep!
  • Alsi Ku Nushi, dingir Ninnghizhidda, Mush-sha-tur ina Zu-ab
  • Thee I invoke, Plumed Serpent of the Deep!
  • Alsi Ku Nushi, Ushum ina Zu-ab
  • Dingir Ninnghizhidda
  • Open!
  • Pi-ta-a
  • Open the Gate that I may enter!
  • Pi-ta-a Ba-ab-ka-ma A-na-ku Lu-ru-ub
  • NINNGHIZHIDDA, Spirit of the Deep, Watcher of the Gate, Remember!
  • dingir Ninnghizhidda, Zi Zu-ab, Mass Ssaratu ina Ba-ab-ka-ma, Kanpa
  • In the Name of our Father, ENKI, before the Flight, Lord and Master of Magicians, Open the Gate that I may enter!
  • Mu Lugal Pad, Dingir E-a, Dub-sag Ina Ba-ra-ash, En Ma Lu-ka-inim-ma, Pi-ta-a Babam-ma A-na-ku Lu-ru-ub
  • Open, lest I attack the Gate!
  • Pi-ta-a, lu A-ma-xas Si-ip-pa
  • Open, lest I break down its bars!
  • Pi-ta-a, lu Ush-ba-lak-ka-ta Dalate
  • Open, lest I attack the Walls!
  • Pi-ta-a, lu A-max-xa-as Si-ip-pu-ma
  • Open, lest I leap over It by force!
  • Pi-ta-a, lu U-shu-pal-kat Dalati
  • Open the Gate, lest I cause the Dead to rise and devour the Living!
  • Pi-ta-a Ba-ab-ka-ma, lu El-lu-u-ni Mituti-ma Ik-kal-lu-ni Bal-tu-ti
  • Open the Gate, lest I give the Dead power over the Living!
  • Pi-ta-a Ba-ab-ka-ma, Lu A-na-ku A Shum Ina Dug-dug-ur-hi Ina Se
  • Open the Gate, lest I make the Dead to outnumber the Living!
  • Pi-ta-a Ba-ab-ka-ma, El Mi-tu-te I-ma-’-du Bal-tu-te
  • NINNGHIZHIDDA, Spirit of the Deep, Watcher of the Gate, Open!
  • Ninnghizhidda, Zi Zu-ab, Mass Ssaratu ina Ba-ab-ka-ma, Pi-ta-a
  • May the Dead rise and smell the incense!
  • Mituti Li-lu-nim-ma Kut-ri-in Li-is-si-nu

This concludes the translation that was provided by Brother Etluzini.

Thank you ver much, honored Brother, your work is valued and most appreciated!

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. I was wondering what it meant that the dead would outnumber the living?
    maybe I’m just trying to be too logical?
    surely they must outnumber the living?
    am I correct in assuming there is no reincarnation in this philosophy?
    apologies for my rustyness in the doctrines here
    it’s been a few years and many philosophies studied, so I forget


  2. The ancients had quite a bleak view on the afterlife, believing that each spirit went to the underworld upon death of the physical body, no matter how wealthy or how poor that person had been in life. All had to stand before Queen Ereshkigal and the dreaded judges, the Anunnaki.

    Ishtar probably made that threat as she was determined to enter Ganzir, whether she was allowed, or not. By breaking the Gate the Dead would escape to the upper world, causing much grief. You must keep in mind that even though spirits of the dead are often viewed as belonging to the lesser classes of spirits they are actually pretty dangerous. I shall give you an example on which I do not want to expand to much. For it may occur that the spirits of the dead tempt you to join them. I do not have to tell you how dangerous that is. Therefore one should not be tampering with the opening of Ganzir, and only do so when one possesses the proper formulae.


  3. Tania, that is actually a very logical question. They say for every soul that departs one enters our world. yeah, i guess i would think that the dead would outnumber the living as well, but i personally believe in reincarnation. There is just so much time spent in the afterlife process. There is a low realm where souls work out issues or challenges they failed at in life; they actually don’t go to higher realms until issues are worked out, then ascend to higher planes of existence. Some teachings say that WE decide when to incarnate into the next life, that we choose an appropriate fertilized egg on Earth to which we need to enter according to what issues & experiences we need to work out during our existence’s on Earth!! If you really want to learn the process of the afterlife you can invoke Ereshkigal herself, & she will guide the info to you either in dreams or psychically. Also the Egyptian God of the dead, Anubis, can also be very helpful, as are the 3 fates of the Greek pantheon known as Clotho, Lachesis, & Atropos (trio of goddesses) to name a few of them. These gods of the underworld are very powerful, & may impart some seriously dark imagery upon you, don’t fear it, just take what is given to you. If you do it correctly, your mind will decipher the rest as it will be guided by whomever you choose to invoke? Actually Innana when she is in a certain aspect of her divinity can provide some insight also, but i’ve found the previous gods mentioned to be more insightful. It is thy choice?!!?


  4. It means: “Lest I make the Dead to outnumber the Living!”

    Why the -‘-?

    As I am no proper scholar in these matters I’m not really sure. This is how I find it in the transliterations. Perhaps it signifies a pause in the pronunciation. I will make it my point of study immediately, and I’ll get back to you when I know the proper answer.


  5. Dear Brother Barrio, I found the correct answer by consulting Brother Etluzini, who is extremely well versed in these matters, and the -‘- signifies a compound word, usually a verb, a descriptive verb.


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