Dumu Abzu-a – The Ancient One
“Stepping into the Light for the Very First Time”

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For some three years now I have been among you. Learning, evolving, working, teaching, and generally enjoying the care and love of you all, my dear “family.”. It has come to my attention that despite of the intimate bond we share within our family structure most of you have never actually beheld the physical form of the man you know as Dumu Abzu-a. For years I covered myself with this veil of secrecy for various important reasons. Persecution being among the worst of them, as I can see in my mind vividly the flaming pyres of the “burning times” instigated by the “ancient enemy”. And even though those times have long since passed it had left an imprint of fear on my psyche, which affected me still towards this day. But yesterday I was being taught a lesson by a kindred spirit of a different Tradition. It became apparent that the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the great Inanna, my most beautiful goddess, in all her infinte wisdom, had not forgotten about her humble servant. Even though he had miserably failed the lesson she had meant to teach him many months ago. Having regained full composure again after suffering my mistake I was given another teaching, another shot at growth. This lesson came in the form of a female known as Fleury, who turned out to be a native from the land I too was born in. That we met was no coincidence as we shared a mutual friend, who is my current mentor and is known as Brother Amadi, who, by the way, bears an uncanny resemblance to the legendary and deceased rap artist Tupac Shakur (may the gods rest his soul). The full realization of the care of this Brother for my personal growth became apparent when I spoke to the female he had introduced me too. He seemed to know exactly the kind of care and attention my mind needed to become aware of the truths he had already tried to instill in me, but to which I, so far, had remained painfully oblivious. Again he warned me about the dangers of the desire of the flesh of man. A warning he had uttered once before, but which I had blindly ignored, and for which I suffered the painful consequences. This time I heard him loud and clear though, and I will not forget. With this wisdom firmly in mind I received my first lesson from the Sister of the Serpentian Rose School.

Due to the fact that this teaching contained a lot of personal information on my part, the nature of which I do not want to disclose, I will only speak on the outcome of it. That Fleury was acting according to the will of my goddess, the great Bright Rising, was made clear by the words the spirit spoke through her mouth, as they were exactly the same words spoken by the lesson I had failed. This moment reminded me of the advice given by my first, and still, long time mentor, and Brother, the honorable Warlock Asylum, who told me to look to the spirit within, and not the flesh without. He was right of course. And for the first time I truly understood his lesson.

As I was listening attentively to each word Fleury spoke a grand process of change was being initiated, and the methods and means of achieving yet another stage of development and personal growth were revealed to my rejoicing spirit. The very first act of which to affect this change is to lift the veil of secrecy, and show to you the face of this Ancient One. By shedding any notions of shame and fear I take this first step into the light. Remaining a stranger no longer.

Thank you Sister Fleury, for making me aware!
Thank you Brother Amadi, for your selfless care for my growth!
Thank you Brother Warlock, for always watching over me!
Thank you my first lesson. I’m sorry it turned out the way it did…
Thank you Brothers and Sisters, for all the support I receive from you!
Thank you great Inanna, for enlightening me!

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. You may want to post personal experiences and revelations in the forum as well.

    stay blessed


  2. It is good to connect a face with the Wisdom. I am fortunate to have met you and so far my Awareness of You have brought blessings and knowledge to my life. I am proud of your acomplishments, may the Din Gir Bless and Remember you!


  3. yes, it’s not always easy to reveal oneself to others, especially in the occult traditions. i too have held a “code” of secretsy (spelled that wrong ?) It isn’t always the best to let certain folks know, but your among your felllow initiates here so!!!! thanxs mon!!!!


  4. Dumu, yes your welcome my friend, thanks for the reply! I want to join the party posting my own experiences & knowledge on “papers”, i just haven’t gotten around to it. But i’d love & be honored to join those already posting on papers, it’s a great site, highly informative & just plain awesome to be part of a great web site, indeed!! You guys are great, all of you!!! i’ll be joining soon i hope? Anyway, many blessings to you Dumu, & thy others!!!


  5. Dear Brother Moonsadden, unfortunately our policies have changed over the past few months. The blog is now only used for announcements and writings concerning the Oracle of Enheduanna. I will, however, take this matter up with my mentor. In the mean time you are welcome to join our forum. It is the place to share experiences and necronomicon related subjects. It can be freely used and can be accessed by clicking on the following link.


    My regards, Dumu Abzu-a.


  6. Let me also add that Nightcaller is correct, but do know that the book of our initiation, the Simon Necronomicon, can be openly written aboutand discussed on this blog page. I have been considering this for some time. I will explain more in future posting, but do know brother Nightcaller that you are free to post on Necronomicon related material.

    Additionally, I would also like to encourage moonsadden to post in our forums as Dumu Abzu-a mentioned in his previous comment. After a phase of posting in the forums is one selected for the blog page.

    stay blessed


  7. Thank you very much, Brother! You make me very happy with this decision. I have various new cool material I will be posting in time, as I have been able to verify the authenticity of various parts of the Necronomicon.
    I’m also still in the process of constructing various new and unique burnings, one of which had a devasting effect after use.


  8. As regards to walking you’re path if you could tell me how or where to begin then I would gladly read up on what you are about. Thanks John


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