Teachings of the Ašipu – A Collection of Exorcisms and Incantations – Part 1

niš ilãni rabûti utammêka
“In the Name of the Great Gods, I exorcise Thee!”

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In this post I will offer to the reader a collection of short exorcisms. Each Initiate who follows the Path of the ancient Ašipu priesthood should aspire to aquire vast amounts of magickal knowledge. One’s personal library should consist of uncounted volumes, all containing the accumulated spells and incantations left to us by our ancestors. For every evil the Ašipu-priest should have a remedy, a cure, in the form of magickal rites and incantations. Therefore I offer you these little gems. That you all may come to possess a wide variety of countermeasures against the Evil Ones. Study them well, and make good use of these ancient writings!


  1. sila-a gin-gin ab-ba šu-šu giš-šagil tu-tu-da
  2. galu-gul igi-gul
  3. ka-gul eme-gul
  4. ug-gul ug-zu ug-ri-a
  5. gar-ša-a gar-gul-dim-ma
  6. ša-ê-a-ta ê’-ib-ta
  7. zi an-na ge-e-pad
  8. zi ki-a ge-e-pad
  9. lù-gal-lu dumu dingir-ra-na
  10. ba-ra-an-na-te-gá-ne-en
  11. ba-ra-an-gi-gi-e-ne-en
  12. giš-gu-za-na nam-ba-tuš-ù-ne-en
  13. giš-nad-da-na nam-ba-ná-ù-ne-en
  14. ur-šu nam-ba-gib iš-ne-en
  15. ê-ki-tuš-a-na nam-ba-tu-tu-ne-en
  16. zi an-na-ki-bi-da-ge i-ri-pad
  17. ga-ba-ra-du-un

Here follows the English translation:

  1. Walking the streets, attacking dwellings, penetrating bolts,
  2. Evil man, whose face is evil,
  3. Whose mouth is evil, whose tongue is evil,
  4. Evil spell, sorcery, witchcraft,
  5. Enchantment, evil deed
  6. Go forth from the house!
  7. By heaven mayest thou be exorcised !
  8. By earth mayest thou be exorcised !
  9. Unto the man, the son of his god,
  10. Mayest thou not approach !
  11. Mayest thou go off!
  12. Mayest thou not sit in his seat !
  13. Mayest thou not lie on his bed !
  14. Mayest thou not rise over his fence!
  15. Mayest thou not enter into his chamber !
  16. Mayest thou be exorcised by heaven and earth !
  17. Mayest thou depart!

This exorcism can be found in the book Publications of the Babylonian Section Vol.1 – No.1 – Babylonian Hymns and Prayers, page 52 written by David W. Myrhman.


  1. dingir Dim-me dumu an-na šumu-ša ištên
  2. ša-nu-ú a-xat ilâni ša su-qa-a-ti
  3. šal-šu pat-ru ša qaqqada i-nat-tu-ú
  4. re-bu-ú ša isa i-nap-pa-xu
  5. xa-an-šu il-tum ša pa-nu-ša šaq-su
  6. seš-šu pa-qid qa-ti li-qat Ir-ni-na
  7. si-bu-ú niš ilâni rabûti lu-ú ta-ma-ta
  8. it-ti issuri šamê lu-ú tap-par-ši-ma

Here follows the English translation:

  1. Labartu, daughter of Anu, is her first name.
  2. The second: sister of the gods of the streets.
  3. The third : the dagger, which smashes the head.
  4. The fourth: who ignites the wood.
  5. The fifth : the goddess, whose face is terrible.
  6. The sixth: committed to the care of, and taken into the hands of Irnina.
  7. The seventh: by the great gods mayest thou be exorcised !
  8. Mayest thou fly away with the bird of the heavens !

This exorcism can be found in the book Publications of the Babylonian Section Vol.1 – No.1 – Babylonian Hymns and Prayers,page 73 and 74 written by David W. Myrhman.


  1. en ê-nu-šub
  2. šinig gi
  3. ana ki el-li
  4. mu-a
  5. ur-azag-zu šu-úr-a
  6. pa-zu-šu ga-šu-úr
  7. a-gub-ba
  8. dingir Nin-sulu-ga
  9. ni-tum-ma
  10. nun-me-e šu el-la
  11. i-ni-tum

Here follows the English translation:

  1. Incantation of the” house of exorcism.
  2. The tamarisk, the reed,
  3. The heavenly tree in a holy place
  4. Grow!
  5. Thy holy root lock up !
  6. With thy branch let it be locked up !
  7. The laver
  8. Of Nin-suluga
  9. Shall be brought.
  10. The abkallu-priest with pure hand
  11. Shall bring it.

This exorcism can be found in the book Publications of the Babylonian Section Vol.1 – No.1 – Babylonian Hymns and Prayers, page 81 and 82 written by David W. Myrhman.


  1. dingir hul utuk hul
  2. utuk edin-na utuk hur-šag-ga
  3. utuk a-ab-ba utuk urugal-la-ge
  4. alad hul gal-lu me-lam-ma
  5. im-hul im-te-ga
  6. su-munšub-su mu-un-zi-zi utuk hul
  7. zi an-na he-pad zi ki-a he-pad

Here follows the English translation:

  1. Evil God, Evil Demon,
  2. Demon of the Plains, Demon of the Mountain,
  3. Demon of the Sea, Demon of the Grave,
  4. Evil Genie, Alû of full brightness,
  5. Tempest that does not know fear,
  6. Evil Demon who tears off the skin of the body,
  7. In the name of Heaven be thou exorcised! In the name of Earth be thou exorcised!

This exorcism was translated by myself, from French to English. It can be found in the book La Magie Assyrienne, page 168, written by C. Fossey.

Dumu Abzu-a Mašmašu.


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  1. Thank you, Brother. Just wait till my book finally sees the light of day. It will contain uniquely constructed exorcisms, burnings, and incantations that come from my personal library. I’m currently in the process of testing their use, their effects, and how to construct images. Our enemies better beware, for I have already engaged in battle, and wreaked havoc on an evil one, broke his power, and made him flee in fear.

    It has begun…


  2. Thank you very much..This made me get a blank book and copy these to a book of excorcisms and incantations. I got to for the first time see how words were formed.. like alad…and genie…evil and hul, and so forth..thanks


  3. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer, but im sure that is not going to be nothing short from amazing. I would be first buyer of any publication from you my brother. May the Din Gir keep blessing thee!!


  4. Thank you Brother. That is very nice of you. I keep postponing the publication, as i keep coming up with stuff that must be in it. For it would make no sense to get it in print without all the required content. In time it will see the light of day, and with the blessing of the DinGir I hope it will be my first succes as an author.


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