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The Race of Man and the Society of the Djinn – Survival of the Fittest

Within them is found not the wispy gossamer that humans mistake for a soul, but the very Flame of Immortality, the Fire of the Djinn…

My dear Brothers and Sisters,

It has been quite some time since I last wrote a post for our fine blog. Not because we are lacking material, but rather caused by a personal perspective, that was attained through careful consideration and in agreement with the wishes of the Elders of our Tribe. All my previously created work is at the moment offlimits to the general public, and will be made available again after my long awaited written work will finally be good enough to be put into print. My apologies for this inconvenience. The students that I have currently under my care, as well as the adepts of our Tradition, can contact me through the usual means, and will have free use of all material produced by myself.

Now is also the moment to make new seekers, and aspiring students, aware that I, Dumu Abzu-a, will take on no more students for the time being. I am swamped in work, and was greatly annoyed by the fact that I have not been able to give my students the proper care and attention one expects from a mentor. My sincere apologies for this… I will try and work  hard to make up for the time that I have been of little use to all those affected by my tardiness. Also do not be afraid to speak up if I do not come back to you on your correspondence fast enough. I can very well remember the days I pestered my own mentor with all kinds of issues, so in turn I will not mind this same behavior from my students.

Blessings to you all!

Now on to the actual content of this post.

As I was browsing today’s Facebook messages I came upon this post which, at first sight, held quite a noble thought on a concept of great familiarity to the seasoned Asharuic Initiate. Unfortunately the post here mentioned does not contain any information regarding its source and author. Therefore we will attribute the credits of the first written part of the post as being anonymous. Here follows the text how I found it on Facebook:

”Over the course of our lifetimes, an overlay of fear, anger, envy, sadness, insecurity, and many other negative thoughts and emotions accrues and covers our beautiful inner nature. This outer covering is intensified and reinforced by our childhood training and experiences in the current life. We appear to be what we are not – angry and fearful people, filled with insecurity, guilt, and self-doubts. We have forgotten who we really are.”

“We do not need to learn about love and balance, about peace and compassion, about forgiveness and faith. We have always known these things.
Instead, our task is to UNLEARN those negative and harmful emotions and attitudes that plague our lives and cause us, our communities, and our world such misery. As we let go of these negative traits, lo and behold, we rediscover our true nature, our positive and loving self. It has been there all the time, covered over, obscured, and forgotten.”

After giving these words some consideration, I formulated this response to the thoughts mentioned above:

I like the thought behind this. Unfortunately it is flawed thinking… One should NEVER be pursuing to UNLEARN the negative and harmful emotions and attitudes, for the simple fact that it are those very emotions that ensure our continued survival. It are defensive mechanisms of a most primal nature, and are a built-in safeguard on an individual level regarding the entirety of the human experience, greatly heightening the chances of a continued existence not only on a personal level, but for the Race of Man as a whole. A skilled and serious practitioner of the Arts will not unlearn these things. Instead he will twist them till they meet a point in which these harmful emotions serve a more beneficial purpose.

Think for example about the redirecting of death energy. It might be seriously affecting a good friend, or a family member one greatly cares for. So why not shape the energy  in a manner so that it does not longer target the one you care for, but an enemy instead. Some people may find such a practice shocking to say the least, and will perhaps view these thoughts as evil.

But how is this evil?

 Perhaps the thought prevails, in the majority of people, that to do so is comparative of “playing God”.

 As a whole mankind agrees on one thing; “All humans die eventually”. Unfortunately for the majority of mankind this means it will be a one way trip, straight to the Land of No Return, into the cavernous halls of the domain of great ERESHKIGAL. What this means is that those people  should be especially  careful of wasting their time here. Unfortunately, however, there are so many people who just do not care, or who are completely ignorant of how their time here should be wisely spent. See? Now the idea of “playing God” makes much more sense, doesn’t it? For why waste the life of one who does the Work, while there is a vast quantity of miserable pieces of useless human garbage scattered all over the planet?

 The “evil” emotions mentioned in the above post serve so much beneficial purposes, even though they are most often recognised and perceived as being negative forces. It is all a matter of perception! Hatred is a nice example. The very word is saturated with a heavy load of negativity, but when applied properly, and with a correct understanding, this force is an amazingly powerful tool to work with, and can be used in a manner that will unleash the power of its very negative aspects towards the attainment of a goal that in itself is the very representative of the positive side of this particular spectrum. One has to keep in mind that the concepts of positive and negative are just the two determinative grades that are representative of this particular scale of concepts.
They are actually one and the same, only being different from each other by the places they occupy on this graded scale of concepts as perceived by the capabilities of the human mind. Such scales being a necessity for the perception of the human brain in order to properly understand the workings and different gradings of the concept one is working with at that particular moment, so as to put the complexity of such intricate designs and understandings into a perspective that translates into rational and logical thought that can be easily processed by the cortex within the human brain in order to supply the appropriate areas of the brain with a stream of informational data that is altered in such manner that the cognitive part of the brain reads and understands it as easily as the eyes would read a general instructional manual one always finds included with items of such simple use that the use of the actual included instructional manual should warrant a swift execution by means of putting a single bullet in the head of the unlucky subject whom has proven to be flawed and useless to such an extent that it appears to be completely void of even the smallest trace of intelligence.
Those who understand how to properly use the human brain and the intelligence residing within the vast maze of neural connections will be aware of the true value and awesome benefit that comes with the power and capability of possessing such an organic supercomputer within the rounded domes of their very skulls.

But with great power comes great responsibility!


And it is at this point where the majority of Man loses control, for the simple fact that they are not properly initiated into the very matters they seek so desperately to control and master.


Fools they are! Every last one of them.


While the very importance of Love cannot be denied it would be very foolish to make this power into the only one concept that defines one’s being, one’s very existence.


I can’t help but wonder, in mild amusement, when I observe the Race of man, how they must feel. From their actions, and very aspirations, you can tell that they know. Perhaps not conciously, but they are feeling the immensity of the significance of this dawning of a new era. They are the very witnesses of the re-emergence of the powers that were already ancient in the times of great antiquity. Only this time it is here to stay!

 The pillars of the solar faiths, that have managed to keep this planet and its inhabitants in a stranglehold for many centuries, many human lifetimes, are crumbling and turning to dust. Their once so valued morals and doctrines are failing because they are outdated, obsolete, or just downright false, making it nothing more than the ramblings of a mental patient. I could have used the word madman, though mental patient is more appropriate, as the term madman originates from the term madjnun, which is an Arabic term meaning; mad, possessed by the Jinn.

 In time the logic of this concept will become apparent, and the people belonging to the race of Man will cry out to their God in great distress, but will find that there is no succour to be had from the realm beyond the pearly gates of Heaven. Their pleas will fall on deaf ears, for their God does not answer them anymore, and they sure as Hell will realize that the only force able to make a difference for them, is the very force they tried to snuff out, destroy, and eradicate, since the deities of the solar faiths usurped the places of power not belonging to them, but to those they so desperately tried to erase from the memory of mankind.

 Will our people show them mercy, or will we do unto others what was done unto us?

 If you are of the opinion that mercy will be granted, then the odds are you are a full-blood human being, and cannot fathom the difference in understanding the very concepts of being that apply to our races.

A human lifetime is but a blink of an eye to those beings that belong to the Race of the Khafi, the Race of the Djinn. Meaning that while those humans that perpetrated great wrongs will see their lifetime extinguished in a relatively speedy fashion, losing the memories of the wrongs they committed, our people will remember the wrongs perpetrated against our kind for many untold generations of Man, and eventually the score will be settled. Not for any simple revenge, but because Man was not created with the intention to rule eternally.

That the members of the race of Djinn are called: “the People of the Earth”, is not by accident, but rather by design, for They are the true masters of this planet, and are it’s original inhabitants.



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  1. Thank you, dear Brother!! The confirmation of the words I wrote during an epiphany, from the Brothers that are recognized Elders, means very much to me. It is the first line of defense against a disturbed mind. If my words proved to be utter nonsense in the eyes of those who know these matters intimately then I would definitely be in a state of great mental danger, and the collapse of my sanity would be close at hand if such were the case… Fortunately all is going well! 😉


  2. Undefiled wisdom and Asaru philosophy for al of us to ponder. This is a great piece. For long we are taught to exorcize the negative aspects of our self instead of Unify our psyche and become a true Adept and Master of our passions. Many prophets of the past have said the same but Humans do not grasp, is easier to blame and point that to recognize and be responsible for our actions. Great insight, brother.
    “Man has an Inner Beast that needs to be exercised, not exorcised.” _Anton Szandor LaVey


  3. This is really cool…I must be of this race…I have always felt so detached from the reality that is in front of me….It seems so odd…Others look down upon me and I know my wisdom and knowlege is greater…I did not know why..This opens a whole new door for me to explore…The organized religions preach mercy and forgiveness but they do not give it…yet they think they are entitled..Christians do not read their bible and they do not know their enemy. The whole thing is saturated with negative filth…Just looking around, people do not look at themselves to blame…it is always someone else..just turn on the TV or what ever and the news is full of “insecurity, guilt and self doubts.” I see this at work every day…On my way to work I actually have to say…”negativity can not penetrate my armour…it wil bounce off me.” It works for me…Heck I work with two guys that can not get laid due to self doubt…they beat themselves up all the time and explode into nothing… I aways say..” Have no fear, Chef Ed is here.” People at work do not understand my happiness or positive ways…I also have learned that not all vampires suck blood….They want to attach themsleves to me like a leach to drain my energy…which comes from self doubt. I am a beginner with the Necronomicon and the Asharu Tadition…but life has taught me a few things as I am a people watcher..I observe what is going on around me as others are looking at the floor or texting. They look like programmed robots to the point of being lethargic…Thank you Brother for opening my mind just a little bit more..Much blessings to you….Your faithful student.


  4. Masshu… Word!

    You speak truth mahn.. Most people ‘re just like robots.. Programmed mostly by the media, government, educational sector, religion..etc

    when to be happy, sad, feel safe, insecured, dumb, intelligent, guilt, righteous and so on… They don’t know we’re the captain of our own ship through the sea of life… Its either we consist our wrecking crew or find the treasure chest long hidden in our own ships!

    I have studied some writings on mystism… Some satanic texts… And now I came across gate walking few days back…

    The supreme aim for humanity is ATTAINING GOD-HEAD!



  5. You know I am new here, but from my researches and experience in life I would have to say that there is no safe or harmless way. If we do not take risks for others then it becomes selfish, what is the purpose then? One has to live to gain…if we played it safe or harmless we would be in the same shoes as the christians…”just believe”..What is it you want to attain? What are you looking for? To attain what you want you are doing the right thing by researching,and by doing so not only will knowlge prevail You will find your path….Hope this helps Vincent Enki…Much blessings from your brother..


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