Hi to all and blessings. This is my first post and I hope that all in the Asaru community enjoy a little of my musings. For the new on this page feel free to check other articles to get aquinted with our Sacred Work.

As many who are following us would realize we are at one of the most exiting times within our tradition, we are growing in numbers and in the Spirit of the Din Gir. It is a suitable time to talk about what should we do as Asaru initiates.

When I first started working with the tradition, I realized that there where a lot of missing information on regards to Sumer and other Mesopotamian cultures and practices. We as Asaru initiates have the task of reviving through sound research our tradition. It is one of the first callings written in the Necronomicon, the Mad Arab tell us to get what he had put down and discover the rest on our own, and he also tells us how to do this. First, through reading the pertinent information, that is not to look for answers in the new age section of the book store but on the ancient history. In order for us to know where are we supposed to be heading with our tradition we must know where it came from.  There is no sense in practicing something that you don’t fully understand, that is not to say that we should not practice until we know the tiniest detail, but we must start the process by first researching the Deities and energies of the Tome before the walking.

The next great responsibility with in the Asaru Tradition is your initiation. It is up to us to develop the habits of commuting with the Din Gir everyday.  This path is a solitary one, no one will initiate us the tradition will initiate you if you are willing to do the due and diligence. It is up to us to walk the gates and understand the messages we get from the Gods and fix whatever needs to be fixed in order to grow in spirit and wisdom. Is our duty to reach our spiritual goals and work to expand our tradition in theory, history and spirit.

The other responsibility i would like to talk is about action towards the Tradition. All serious initiates must start communication through our message forum, it is imperative that the dialog between initiates start to take off. We need the wisdom, knowledge and experience that you might have from previous experiences, or during your wanderings of the Zonei and beyond. We must aid the new practitioner and help them grow. It seems we have been chosen, we are the Elect. All of us had the Necronomicon at one point and did not pay much importance until the Book called you, and for some reason you could not put it down, there was something beyond contacting you. This is a common theme among initiates of the Asaru tradition, and is those who hear the Call of Cthulhu and answer who are here walking our path.

For many outsiders it is easy to shrug the Sacred Tome as an invention of a gay store owner who wanted to make some cash, but hardly any had use or even bother to research our tome. As initiates we should not waste our time trying to prove a moot point. The Necronomicon works and we are the proof, the fact that we are here united by the same experiences and the same wisdom should convince the serious of our honesty and commitment. As for those who don’t believe, let them, the unlucky ones will not live to see the day when Cthulhu raises, but hey will see the day when our tradition grows in wisdom, godhood and power.

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4 thoughts on “The Responsibilities of an Asaru Initiate

  1. Thanks and you will realize that the energies from the book call us all to follow

  2. I agree with Indigo too dakkel…This is how it happened for me. I also know that sheep become sheep due to lack of research..They are lethargic and follow “expert” opinions of others. You are a good writer…I enjoyed this.

  3. I thank you for your kind words. It is trought questioning that we grow and it is trought research that we answer the questions. As a sect of luciferian Gnostics I’m
    N medieval times said, ” questions emancipate the mind”

  4. Warlock Asylum says:

    Nice post. Make sure to do a grammar and spelling check before posting. Also check the visibility option and press “sticky” so that it can be seen when visitors come to the page. I look forward to reading more insights from you.

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