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A Special Announcement: Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition: The Return of NightCaller (Episode 1)

Greetings! I would like to welcome each and every one of you to papers in the attic, a blog page dedicated to the advancement of Asaru Culture and exploration of the Mysteries contained in the Simon Necronomicon. If this is your first time here, please review some of our previous articles and do not hesitate to comment and share some of your insights. Stay blessed.

We are approaching an end to another year. We would like to thank all of our subscribers for the support they have shown over the years. We are blessed to be a part of a process that will inspire the spiritual evolution of man. When we look at the course of world history, we discover that many of the magical orders that are revered today, were heavily criticized during the time of their start. Many other founders of these orders were not accepted by the common folk of their time. it was only after the legendary works of these men and women became popular that others sought to pursue a similar path. We find that our Tradition, The Necronomicon Tradition, also known as Asaru Culture, is going through the same process, similar to the likes of the early Freemasons, Knights Templar, The Assassins, Druids, and even the Ninja Warriors. It is ironic that the “work” is not readily accepted or understood until after it has made an impression upon the face of human civilization.

We here at Papers in the attic blog page, would like to extend a warm thanks and gratitude for those who have supported us, as well as, those who inspire to aid humanity towards greater evolution. I am extremely happy to announce a thirty-minute video presentation about our tradition and culture, captivated in an animated form of digital theatre. This video presentation features real-life experiences and situations that our staff writers have encountered on their spiritual journey. These are true-life situations.

I hope you find this presentation enjoyable and informative tool in your journey. We also look forward to hearing some of your insights and criticisms about the information covered. Please make it a point to respond, not only to this posting, but to the Youtube site, as well.

You will also be happy to know that the video features interactions with those who are not part of our Sacred Tradition, but they are true-life experiences all the same. Among the list of people covered in the digital theatre presentation are, Dan HarmsVenger SantanisJoshua FreeKevin MearesMichelle Belanger, and T.C. Downey.

Also featured in this digital theatre presentation are members of the Necronomicon Tradition, such as, Rafael BarrioBen Nixx, NightCaller (Dumu Abzu-a), Amadi (Starintelligence), Ankhara, Etluzini, and myself (Warlock Asylum).

We wish you a happy Winter Solstice as we press on to another year of new insights and understanding of our place in the seven Cities of Ur, the divine world.

Stay Blessed.

Warlock Asylum


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  1. Wow!! I am very honored Brother!! I cried while watching this, but laughed too! It made me feel somehow very good and proud to watch this! It also opened my eyes, and I will return!
    My new love will also be impressed by this I am sure, and I am happy to say that both our conditions have improved considerably. I will soon write a post on the whole experience!
    Thank you all for your care and advise!

    My regards, Dumu Abzu-a.


  2. I agree with Brother Kingu Darkly. i should mentioned that “Kingu Darkly” name was mentioned in the film. I wonder if anyone can pick up on the scene. Welcome back!


  3. Excellent! May the Dead Rise and Smell the Incense!
    Thank you brother for doing such a great work and putting your efforts for all of us. I truly appreciate you.


  4. As I tried to say on the YouTube page, but was prevented because Firefox and Google are having a lover’s spat on my laptop, this video is fantastic! I am truly honored to have been included and seeing it was the last piece I needed for my return from my “madness”, so to speak. Thank you, Brother! I do not know if I will ever be able to express my gratitude to you for sharing the system with me and to the DINGIR for bringing our earthly family out of its cycle of somnambulism and back into full knowledge of our Family among the Stars and Spaces. Tonight, NAMU TIAMAT rises from the depths of the dark waters and shatters the clouded glass of ignorance that has afflicted our charges for thousands of years. We set this dream into the web and you activated it so that we could all awaken in the dream in the moment of its revelation. For that, I am eternally grateful! Hail TIAMAT! May the Dead Rise and Smell the Incense! -“The Doctor”


  5. It’s good, isn’t it honey? Ha,ha,ha!! Good work indeed! 😀
    In a little while you will start your Path too, and the people in this video will treat you as their Sister.
    Thank you for your love Larisa! It is greatly appreciated!


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