Asharu Tradition

Dumu Abzu-a’s Library: Shurpu Against an Evil Person

etim ri-da-a-ti xarran-ki u-sha-as-bit

etim ri-da-a-ti xarran-ki u-sha-as-bit

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

I am feeling fully recovered from my recent ordeals and now is the time to strike back at the enemies who sought my destruction. Therefore I shall share again with you an awesome piece of weaponry that can be employed for a devastating magickal attack against the Workers of Evil. Again this writing is a unique piece coming from my own hand, though the words are all borrowed from the original series of maqlu tablets. The Burning is tested and tried and caused maximum havoc against various targets, throwing their evil machinations into disarray.

Here follows the incantation:

(Target Name)
ina qi-bit dingir Ea dingir Šamaš dingir Marduk u rubati be-lit ilê
la-an-ki ab-ni bal-ta-ki a-mur
ina nisaba ellitim bu-un-na-an-ni-ki ú-maš-šil
a-šak-kan-šu-nu-ti ana pi-i dingir Gira qa-mi-i
xar-ra-an la ta-ri li-ša-as-bit-ki Gibil xa-bil-ki

(Target Name)
etim ri-da-a-ti xarran-ki ú-ša-as-bit
utukkê liš-te-‘-u-ki
šêdê li-ba-‘-ki
etimmê lis-sax-ru-ú-ki
li-la-ap-pit bu-un-na-an-ni-ku-nu

(Target Name)
a-max-xa-as mux-xa-ki ú-šá-an-na te-en-ki
ú-sap-pa-ax kiš-pi-ki ú-tar amâti-ki ana pi-ki
ip-še-te-ku-nu i-tu-ra-ni-ku-nu-si
qu-lu xur-ba-šu lim-qu-ut eli-ki
ana pagri-ki našru u zibu li-in-na-ad-ru

Here follows the English translation:

(Target Name)
Upon the order of Enki, Shamash, Marduk, and the lady of the Gods,
I have drawn your figure. I have observed your strength.
I have reproduced your features with fine flour.
I put you in the fire which burns!
To the Land of No Return may Gibil, your tormentor, let you go!

(Target Name)
I’ve set the Death-Spirit of Persecution on your path.
May the Utukku-Demons look for you!
May the Shedu-Demons visit you!
May ghosts hover around you!
May they destroy your appearance!

(Target Name)
I strike your skull! I confuse your mind!
I disperse your sorcery, and send your word back into your mouth!
Your plottings are turned against you!
May pain and fear fall upon you!
May eagles and vultures ravage your corpse!

Now let me speak a few words to my enemies…

You should NEVER have fucked with me!!! I am your destruction! I am the Ancient of Days!!


Dumu Abzu-a


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  1. Greetings my soon to be brother, I too have recovered from some attacks that happened around two months or one month ago and although I know some people are very sensitive I cannot fathom how could I have damaged so much some one elses little ego, I still don’t know the reason for such an attack of that magnitude and I wonder if it’s normal.


  2. The cause of it still eludes me Dumu Abzu-a, my intuition told me I was being under attack, I could see black holes and black pins on my aura, I also even felt a cold rod piercing my solar plexus, binding of my will among various other symptoms, I won’t go into more details as to not expose myself but to say that it might be a friend of an ex-gf. Mantras to the goddess, candle work along with a creation of a protective elemental and things are good right now.

    I’d bet that girl payed somebody to do such workings but it doesn’t matter anymore, still, she’s still gonna get it. But it’s all good as I’m stronger and more focused towards my path,


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