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Signs and Symbols Deciphered – The Copper Dagger of Inanna

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Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

For many months I have been working on deciphering the signs and symbols found in the Simon Necronomicon. It is work that really takes an incredible effort, as many of the symbols are of unknown origin.  This means that I have to research each interesting looking work painstakingly and in minute detail. During these studies I discovered some interesting things which I will now share with the reader.

We will begin our examinations with the symbols found on the Copper dagger of Inanna, which looks like this:

The Copper dagger of Inanna

We’ll start at the top symbol, the eight-pointed star. It is a symbol which is closely related to Inanna, yet it is a symbol of divinity. It can also be found on her Seal, which looks like this:

Seal of Inanna

The following is said about the eight-pointed star in the above seal, by Simon, in his Gates of the Necronomicon, on page 197:

“In the right-hand triangle we find the eight-pointed star referred to many times as the symbol of divinity, and as a reference to the stars of the Dipper (plus either Arcturus or the Pole star).”

The following inscription we find on the Copper dagger of Inanna is her very name. This beautiful name needs no explanation, for those who speak it out loud will feel the greatness of the Queen of Heaven and earth by just pronouncing the word.

Now we have come to the small loop-like symbol with a dot at either end. It looks like this:

Caput Draconis, or Head of the Dragon

This symbol has some significant meanings and is called Caput Draconis, or Head of the Dragon. I came across this symbol in The Fourth Book of occult philosophy written by Henry Cornelius Agrippa, on page 179, which is the chapter called Of Geomancy. As I am not versed in Geomancy I had no real clue as to what the symbol meant, other than that it had to do with the planets. Therefore I needed to research the matter some more and I discovered that the Head of the dragon, or Caput draconis, which is the Latin name for it, is an astrological phenomena rather than a celestial body itself. It is the north going node of the shadow of earth cast on the moon by the Sun light.

As a Geomantic symbol the following is said about Caput draconis, on Wikipedia:

Caput Draconis

Geomantic caputdraconis.svg

Latin for “the Head of the Dragon”. The figure resembles the astrological symbol the north node of the Moon. It is a neutral figure (good with good, evil with evil) but fortunate with starting or beginning new things. It is favourable for beginnings and profit, and otherwise favourable with other favourable figures, and unfavourable with unfavourable ones. It is associated with the benefic planets Jupiter and Venus, and assigned to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius; its outer element is fire due to its association with Sagittarius while its inner element is earth. Its planetary intelligences are Iophiel and Hagiel and its spirits are Hismael and Kedemel; it is associated with the deities Venus, Iove, and Vulcanus, and the angels Sachiel, Anael, and Zuriel. It is associated with the right arm.

As you can see from the text above it is not strange that we find this symbol on the Copper Dagger, for it is associated with Venus, the Sphere of Libat, of Inanna. We also see this Venusian correspondence in its planetary intelligence, being Hagiel, which is a Semitic spirit, and would be the same as the Sumerian Hegal, which is the Twenty-Seventh Name of Marduk. The Necronomicon Spellbook written by Simon tells us the following, on page 77:

“An accomplished mystic writes to us to say that another ability of this Spirit is in the realm of sexual reproduction in people as well, and asserts that HEGAL can reveal secrets concerning human sexuality and fertility, linking HEGAL with the Semitic Spirit HAGIEL, a Spirit of the Planet Venus.”

It also tells us that the Caput draconis is associated with the right arm. This is quite interesting, for as we all know the Copper Dagger of Inanna is only used with the right hand.

One must take the utmost care when engraving the Caput draconis on the Copper Dagger, for it must be engraved exactly as shown. Remember the words of the Mad Arab in the second part of his Testimony, on page 207 of the Simon Necronomicon, for he gives us the following warning:

“Remember to carve the signs exactly as I have told thee, changing not one mark lest the amulet prove a curse against thee that wear it.”

This warning applies to all signs and symbols given in the Necronomicon, but also to all magickal signs and symbols in general. Never change it, unless one is certain of his actions!  Why this is so important becomes clear when we look at the Caput Draconis when the symbol is upside down. It is then called Cauda Draconis and takes on a whole different meaning, as Wikipedia tells us the following about this symbol in regards to Geomancy:

Cauda Draconis

Geomantic caudadraconis.svg

Latin for “the Tail of the Dragon” and the figure of the south node of the Moon. It is considered very bad in most situations, such that in older traditions if this was the first figure drawn the geomancy reading was stopped. It is only good in circumstances for ending or completing things, such as breaking up a relationship. It brings good with evil, and evil with good. It is associated with the malefic planets Saturn and Mars, and the astrological sign Virgo. Its inner and outer element are both fire. Its planetary intelligences are Agiel and Graphiel, and its spirits are Zazel and Bartzabel; it is associated with the deities Mavors, Saeturnus, and Athena, and the angels Cassiel, Samael and Malchidael. It is associated with the left arm.

As we can see the reversed version of the symbol takes on a whole different meaning. Therefore one must always copy the symbols as shown in the Book!  It is obvious that the Caput Draconis is an important symbol in regards to the Goddess Inanna, but we see the reverse of this symbol, or Cauda Draconis, return on the Seventh Gate, the Gate of ADAR, which looks like this:

Gate of Adar

This is not at all strange that we see the Cauda Draconis appear on the Gate of ADAR, for the Wikipedia text tells us the following:

It is associated with the malefic planets Saturn and Mars.

As we all know the planet Saturn is the Sphere of NINIB, of ADAR.

It also tells us the following about the Cauda Draconis:

It is only good in circumstances for ending or completing things, such as breaking up a relationship.

Or maybe the completion of one’s Initiation?

This concludes our examination of the symbols found on the Copper dagger of Inanna.

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. ”Or maybe the completion of one’s Initiation” you said but could it not be just the actual beginning?
    Great post!


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