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Dumu Abzu-a’s Library – The Purification of the Water

bullit aradka litta'id qurdika

bullit aradka litta’id qurdika

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Papers In The Attic Blog Page. A resource for Initiates of the The Asharu (Necronomicon) Tradition. If this is your first time here, please feel free to browse through some of our previous articles located in the menu that appears on the right side of this page.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A little while ago I decided to restore and improve a spoken šiptu which can be found in The Oracle of Enheduanna, published by Warlock Asylum, on page 55 and 56 of the chapter The Book of Fire and Water. This same šiptu can also be found in a book from Julian Morgenstern, called The Doctrine of Sin in the Babylonian Religion, on pages 89 and 90. Unfortunately the šiptu is incomplete in both books, probably due to damage to the cuneiform tablet. Therefore I took it upon myself to restore this šiptu to a proper and useable form, making it fit for excellent use in ritual.

My restoration of this spoken šiptu was seemingly approved of by the great Gods, as an experience involving DinGir NANNA revealed the power of this ancient incantation. The šiptu is to be recited over the Water of ENKI, in either the Babylonian or English language, and makes the water an even stronger deterrent against evil spirits.

The spoken šiptu reads as follows:

me elluti E-a
me E-a ša li-lil li-im-mir
mu-ú ša ina ap-si-i ki-niš kun-nu-u
pu-ú el-lu ša E-a ul-lil-šu-nu-ti
mare ap-si-i si-bit-ti šu-nu
me ul-li-lu me ub-bi-bu me ú-nam-me-ru
ina ma-xar a-bi-ku-nu E-a
ina ma-xar um-me-ku-nu Dam-ki-na
li-lil li-bi-ib li-im-mir

Here follows the English translation:

Pure Water of ENKI!
Water of ENKI which is clear and pure…
Water, which is properly guarded in the Deep…
The pure Mouth of ENKI has purified it!
The Children of the Deep are Seven,
They have purified the Water, have cleaned it, have made it clear!
Before your Father ENKI,
Before your Mother Damkina,
May it be pure, clean, and clear!

Happy hunting!

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. This one is very good. I tried it yesterday and I have very good experience.

    I will add it to everyday practice.

    Thank you Nightcaller.


  2. It is indeed a very good one. I use it too . Dumu thank you for this excellent post! you do a good job !!!!!!! ❤


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