Asharu Tradition

Incantation of the “Temple Not Exorcised”

Babylonian Temple

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A few years ago I wrote a post concerning the small exorcism which is known as ENU SHUB. The post contained a translation of this exorcism, which unfortunately was incomplete, due to damage to the small tablet which had long been in possession of Father Scheil. Recently, however, an excellent discovery was made by Brother Amadi, that revealed an even better  version, and translation, of the exorcism ENU SHUB, which undoubtedly had served as Simon’s main source of material.
The source is mentioned in the Necronomicon’s bibliography & suggested reading list, under the title: “Recueil de Travaux Relatifs a la Philologie et a L’archeologie Egyptiennes et Assyriennes, Vol. XXVIII. Liv. 3 et 4“. On page 216 of this interesting work we find not only the transliteration and translation of the ENU SHUB incantation, but we are also given the text in cuneiform.

We can see, however, that Simon used only a part of this incantation (for obvious reasons), which is known as: “An Early Chaldean Incantation of the “Temple Not Exorcised“, the full version of which here follows:

am gig absu
kiš é-gig-ga
GAR šag da si-si-e amar-a-da-a
dingir UD kalama si-ni-ku
dingir NINAB gù-ù-ne-xr-ra-ni-ku
gà-a  šu  šag-mu-ku
tu en é-nu-šub
mun gab sig.
inim-inima mun-šu-a-tum da kam.

The translation reads as follows:

“O house not exorcised,
o black bull of the deep,
o universal house of darkness!
This bread offering, filling the heart with strength, with this sick young one
before his Sungod who fills the land with plenty,
and before his goddess NINAB who pronounces the benediction
placed, unto the granting of my petition
let it redound!” – (Rubric:) The incantation of the “Temple not exorcised”:
with salt the solution of the magic spell procure!
The incantation is of the class named: Carrying salt in the hand.

All credit goes to Brother Amadi, as he was the one providing this excellent material.

Thanks Brother!

Dumu Abzu-a.


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