Asharu Tradition

A Lamentation to Dingir Ištar



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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Let me present to you a penitential psalm (or lamentation) to DinGir Ishtar, which I found in the work First Steps in Assyrian, by L.W. King, on page 226 and 227.

Here follows the lamentation:

ba-na-at ilani
muš-tak-li-la-at par-si-šu-nu
mu-še-sa-at ur-ki-te
be-lit te-ni-še-e-ti ba-na-at ka-la-me
muš-te-šir-rat gi-mir nab-ni-tu
um-mu Iš-ta-ri-tum
ša id-da-a-ša il man-ma la i-ti-hu-u
be-el-tum šur-bu-tum
ša par-su-sa šu-tu-ru
te-eš-li-tim lu-uk-bi
ša i-li-ša ta-a-bu li-pu-ša-an-ni
ul-tu u-um si-ih-ri-ku ma-‘-diš šal-pu-ti sa-am-da-ku
a-kal ul a-kul
bi-ki-tum kur-ma-ti
me-e ul aš-ti
dim-tu maš-ti-ti
lib-bi ul ih-di
ka-bit-ti ul im-mi-ir

Here follows the English translation:

O mother of the gods,
who fulfils their commands,
who makes the green herb to spring up,
O lady of mankind who created all things,
who guides the whole of creation.
O mother Ištar,
whose side no god can approach,
O exalted lady,
whose command is mighty!
A prayer will I utter;
that which to her appears good may she do unto me!
O my lady,
from the day when I was young much to misfortune have I been yoked!
Food have I not eaten,
weeping was my nourishment!
Water have I not drunk,
tears were my drink!
My heart never rejoiced,
my mind was never bright!


Dumu Abzu-a.


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