The Art of Ninzuwu
The Art of Ninzuwu

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Today, we would like to discuss the beauty of the Art of Ninzuwu by sharing with you an excerpt from the First Degree lesson in our practice:

“Many get caught up in the misgivings of magic, as they know not the true purpose of the Greater Mysteries. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in such forms of “fictional magic.” The practitioner of these arts is often enslaved by the effects of their own work. What occurs in magic is the employment of the emotions. Emotions exist independently of the animal body, but do inhabit such like bacteria and germs, some useful and some harmful.

When the magician engages in the work of magic, he or she, will empower these emotional energies, which are often mistaken as gods and demons. Gods are really benevolent emotions, like joy and happiness. Demons, being primal in origin, are the emotional energies of hate, fear, and etc. Through various forms of magic, these emotions are either employed or enter the aura of the magician. Since one’s emotional state shapes their reality, the use of various emotional states causes changes in one’s environment. This is also the case with religion, but this is not the road for the Initiate looking to complete their being.

It is very unfortunate that many get stuck in their worship of emotions. In some respects, it is a necessary process for it reveals the laws of this reality and those of the lower astral regions. This process of emotional engagement was known as the “underworld” in ancient mythology. It was engaged by magicians of old, as can be seen accounts like Inanna’s Descent and etc.

Besides the technology of the emotions, exists the technology of thoughts. Thoughts act independently and outside the realm of the human mind and body, but are absorbed by the mind primarily. Religion is a process that focuses on the movement and interaction with the hierarchy of thoughts. Thoughts that are useful and appear pleasing are classified as deities. Thoughts that are negative are classified as demons. However, the realm of thoughts is in some ways lower to that of emotions, as emotions feed off thoughts.

In view of our discussion thus far, it would seem very difficult for the Initiate to find their true will, their way. These schools of emotion and thought have captured each of us at various stages in life. We have existed, like Ishtar, in an underworld of sorts. However, this too changes when we are called by the divine light of consciousness.

“The beginning of every journey is always in this time now. For many years I struggled between the sides of darkness and light. There is no freedom in these choices for they are not choices at all. Can an infant choose between its mother or father? There is no freedom in such things. Just take what is not useful and plant it in a good place. This is the only choice you have.” (The Testimony of the Crow)

In The Ivory Tablets of the Crow exists an esoteric prayer formula, when applied, will give life to the true spirit, which resides in the divine realms, beyond those of emotion and thought. An inadequacy of magic and religion can be seen by the person’s inability to use such in accord with one’s true will.

In magic, the practitioner will employ a set of emotions. The level of consciousness among these emotions is somewhat indifferent to man’s true potential. Due to such, these very same emotions will act independent of the practitioner. They gain such independence by the use of magic itself and are formed and shaped by the imagination in the operator’s mind. They will work effectively for the operator to lure him/her into their servitude.

Now these emotions create situations that they can only solve. The practitioner will often think that some issues have come by chance, but it is the emotions creating this issue. If there is no coincidence, then there is no chance of misfortune coming up on its own. The practitioner will then turn to his/her gods or demons, which are nothing more than emotions, and feed such in effort to solve a problem. This is really a form of spiritual extortion and occurs by both “good” and “bad” emotions.

Instead of the magician controlling the emotions they have employed, he/she soon becomes enslaved to such. Emotions are useful in many ways and like all other life, should be respected, but not worshipped.

The same goes for the realm of thoughts. Thoughts are elements too. One misguided by the worship of thoughts usually finds him/herself following the religion of some god or demon. They will pray to these “deities” to help solve life’s problems. If such a deity exists and can affect our world, why are prayers needed in order for an “all-good” god to do something? It occurs as such because it is not the “god,” but the power behind prayer that changes such things.

Thoughts will absorb most of the energy spent on prayer but give very little to the situation. It too works like the emotional god, where the servants of such gods become trapped in a process of extortion. However, thoughts are living creatures too. They should be respected as such, but not worshipped.

The Art of Ninzuwu has a different purpose, in that it works on raising up the spirit within man and woman, so that this spirit will take its seat on the throne and rule both emotions and thoughts. The spirits within us is an aspect of the divine world. The spirit once raised, procures the best of thought and emotion, which create a better environment for us and those within our experience.”

I would like to add a little more insight to the information that is cited above. Magic and religion can be quite useful when approached with sincere intentions. On some levels, engagements in these practices reveal that the mind (thought) and heart (emotion) of the true source exists in all things. However, it is important for those engaged in such practices to realize that these things in themselves are not the end of the journey, but a small step on the path to enlightenment.

Another aspect to consider is that thoughts and emotion, and their expressions in nature, contain varying degrees of self-awareness, and due to such, can deceive the practitioner of such when the practices of religion and magic are applied to gaining some sort of “power” in the world. When this perspective becomes prominent in the practitioner of these arts a state of disillusionment is created and the work on oneself is abandoned.

Signs of such behavior occur among those who pursue the religious path can be seen by their “need to worship named gods.” The source of all things is self-existent and doesn’t need, or require worship. It is what is, and we are also an expression of that. The family structure is one example of this. Parents work hard to provide for their children. Any rules or laws placed in a household are to ensure the benefit of the children. It is the same with the source of all thing, which we are not separate from.

Throughout history are records of humanity’s interactions with beings that appear to be “more powerful.” These beings, as with all of creation, are seeking to evolve and use the emotional energy of their prey to continue their longevity, but history reveals that none of them have ever made good on their promises.

Religion can be a useful tool in illustrating and learning about the “order” of our phenomenal world. However, when it is used as a method of validation for one’s own perception of the world, it becomes a divisive tool, only falling short of heathenism because it is called by another name. Debates of whether one is in the “right” religion or not, begin to occur. Adherents of one religion treat members of another with disrespect and contempt. These same things often occur in the world of the occult.

The study of magic and the occult, also serves a useful purpose, as it illustrates that the mind of the source exists in all things. The “eyes” of the practitioner are opened and he/she begins to understand the symbolism of nature and begins communication with such. This experience can be quite amazing, as the practitioner is able to verify the existence of “astral energies” within their own experience.

Although the road of magic is wide and varied, it consists mainly of the study, the examination of the interconnectedness between the astral and physical worlds. Everything we see in our physical world has too, an astral counterpart. Regardless of the form of magic, the aesthetics it uses, or the flavors of the current it caters to, it still is a simple form of communication with these worlds, or an attunement to the consciousness that exist in these worlds.

While to beauty of magic can be a very insightful experience, it too like religion, is not the end of the road. It can also be a dangerous path, for if the practitioner of the occult arts displays a slight bit of insincerity in his/her application of such, they will become slaves of the very same thing they ignorantly assume control of.

These misconceptions in magic often begin with a lack of understanding of the process of magic itself. Since the astral world is a direct reflection of the physical world and vice-versa, the practitioner is able to befriend astral forms, similar to a person owning a pet in this world. A person can make friends with an “astral guard-dog,” and even use such to protect them in the physical world. He/She can also befriend other forms of life that exist on these planes and their various forms. These relationships can be so deep that some practitioners are said to be “married” to sentient beings living on the astral plane.

If the practitioner of the magical arts is not careful, he or she, can become a slave to sentient beings living on the astral plane. Yet, there is a worse crime that can occur, a blasphemy of sorts. The practitioner of these arts and their delusional perspective will begin to assume that because they are able to communicate with life on the astral plane, they are somehow evolving spiritually. This is as foolish as a person believing that they are evolving spiritually due to the fact that a guard-dog protects their house and family.

Evident of such delusional thinking can be seen today and in various pockets of the occult world. Some will debated that one system of the occult is more “powerful” than another. Other occultist will fall into the trap of using an occult brand name to separate themselves from others and look down upon those who are not in their group. Occult wars, various states of demonic possession, and the to impress others by way of an operator’s astral affiliations, are all sign of this sort of delusional thinking.

While these sort of magicians believe themselves to be evolved,  they can do nothing on their own accord. If you ask them to reveal this “power” that they often boast about, or use such for some sort of benefit, they cannot do anything on their own accord. All they can do is call on some “spirit, god, or demon” to give them aid in such operations. They fail to realize that they themselves cannot do anything on their own accord. The only thing they are doing is allowing these astral beings entrance into our world through their aura, and when they try to close such a gate misery will ensue, as they begin to realize that they have sold themselves in bondage to such forces.

Religion exists in the realm of thought, our phenomenal world. In magic the practitioner takes enters the astral world, magic can be useful when if the practitioner constantly reminds him/herself that this is part of the path but is not the final step on the path. Regardless of the form of magic, for all are astral, the true aspirant will continue the journey into the realm of the divine.

The divine realm rules over all worlds. There are aspects in it that can be seen in all worlds, but entrance into such comes with consistent effort. It requires that we nurture that quality within us, and through this work, we incorporate aspects of the divine world within us.

The divine world is not a world of magical occult wars. It is not a place where we are threatened to obey some god or face eternal damnation. The divine world is a place of creativity and innocence. It is a world that remains separate from many, due to harmful thinking and aims.

Today, the Cult of Nyarzir, spoken about in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, are working hard to regain and maintain this relationship with the divine world by nurturing that inner part of ourselves  that is an extension of this world. Welcome to the Art of Ninzuwu.


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  1. Necronomicus says:

    Very good point of view.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thank you very much for the support!

  2. Interesting viewpoints. As i was reading this article Two words came to mind “Ego”. Our egos serve an important task. They help us contain our beliefs in ourselves, the world around us, and our place in it. However It (the ego) does not serve us well if we place expectations on the perceived realities that we view through the Lense of Magick.

    Visualization has its place of course, as do our emotions. If we place too much stock in results due to our imagined or projected expectations we risk a very hard fall. The other word that came to mind was “Gnosis”. I am still a beginning student in gnostic thought. I do believe that controlled emotion, thought, visualization, and expectation are vital for success. The trick is to turn it off as it were. Allowing our minds to absorb the subtle energy that we have put into motion. Only consistent practice and dedication can bring us mastery here. I am reminded of the phrase “no mind”. To bring ourselves to a heightened state of ecstatic emotional energy and become its master by bringing it to complete stillness. Very insightful article. Thank you for helping me/us to be reminded of these things. Congrats on the book and the new blog! be blessed.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @DigitalGohdi. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and comments here, and in the other place. 🙂 You bring up a very good point with the Ego. it wouldbe good to discuss this in further detail.

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