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Dumu Abzu-a ‘ s Library – The Exorcism ; udug hul-gál šu nam-ba-zi-zi-in

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It’s been a while since I last posted on this wonderful blog page, but tonight I am presenting a new piece of work, which is an upgraded and enhanced version of the exorcism BARRA EDINNAZU (as found in the simon Necronomicon). The seasoned exorcist will put this text to good use, as it exposes the Evil Ones in a wide variety of their vile forms.

Happy hunting!

gà-e lú-mu-mu sanga-mah-a dingir en-ki-ga me-en
šim-mú lú-ti-la kalam-ma-ke me-en
maš-maš gal-gal-la uru-a DU-DU
giš-hur eridu-ga-ke šu-gá i-gál
tu-tu-mu tu-tu dingir asal-lú-hi-ke
gá-e e-sir-ra dib-bé-da-mu-da sila-a gen-na-mu-dè
dingir enki igi-mu ba dingir marduk a-ga-mu-šè
dingir nirgal á-zi-da-mu-šè ba dingir ereshkigal á-gùb-mu-šè
udug hul-gál šu nam-ba-zi-zi-in
gal-lu barra
namtar barra
á-sàg barra
gigim barra
alal barra
telal barra
maskim barra
udug barra
idpa barra
lalartu barra
lallassu barra
akhkharu barra
uruku barra
ki-el-gelal barra
lilitu barra
lil-la barra
mulu-lil-la barra
lil-la en-na barra
ki-el lil-la en-na barra
ki-el lil barra
ki-el lil-la barra
ki-el-gid-da-kar-ra barra
ki-el-ud-da-kar-ra barra
dim-me barra
dim-a barra
ahhazu barra
dingir-rab-kan-me barra
dingir-rab-kan-me-a barra
dingir-rab-kan-me-kil barra
dingir-lugal-kan-me barra
dingir-lugal-kan-me-a barra
dingir-lugal-kan-me-kil barra
udug hul edin-na-zu
a-la hul edin-na-zu
gigim hul edin-na-zu
mul-la hul edin-na-zu
dingir hul edin-na-zu
maskim hul edin-na-zu
udug sig-ga lamma sig-ga hé-em-ta-gub
zi ki-a kanpa
zi an-na kanpa
zi an kanpa

Here follows the English translation:

I am the incantation priest, the high priest of Enki.
I am the incantation priest who is the life-restorer of the Land.
The chief exorcist walking about in the city.
The regulations of Eridu are in my hand,
and my incantations are the incantations of Asalluhi.
When I would pass along the street, in my going in the thoroughfare,
Enki is before me and Marduk is behind me.
Nirgal is at my right side and Ereshkigal is at my left side.
O evil spirit, may thou not raise thine hand against me!
Devil begone!
Pestilence begone!
Fever begone!
Ghost begone!
Destroyer begone!
Wicked warrior demon begone!
Fever begone!
Phantom begone!
Spectre begone!
Vampire begone!
Larvae begone!
Incubus of Night begone!
Succubus begone!
Succubi begone!
Phantom of Night begone!
Incubi of Night begone!
Wraith of Night begone!
Apparition of Night begone!
Handmaiden of the Phantom begone!
Maiden of the Phantom begone!
Demon begone!
Demon begone!
Seizer begone!
Hag Demon begone!
Ghoul begone!
Robber Sprite begone!
Hag Demon begone!
Ghoul begone!
Robber Sprite begone!
Evil Spirit, to the desert!
Evil God, to the desert!
Evil Ghost, to the desert!
Evil Devil, to the desert!
Evil God, to the desert!
Evil Fiend, to the desert!
Go to the desert!
May the good Shedu and the good Lamassu be present!
Spirit of the Earth, remember!
Spirit of the Sky, remember!
Anu, remember!

Dumu Abzu-a.


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