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Will Makalesi and SirisKing Apologize for Making the Erroneous Necronomicon Video?

Is the Occult World's favorite couple heading down the wrong road?
Is the Occult World’s favorite couple heading down the wrong road?

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to Papers in the Attic blog page.  If the this is your first time here, please feel free to review some of our previous articles and share some of your insight by posting a comment. Stay blessed.

I hope everyone is doing well. Recently, the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of the occult world, Makelesi and SirisKing posted another video about the Simon Necronomicon system. First, I would like to say that while Makelsi and SirisKing seem to be sincere in what they are saying, there video about the Simon Necronomicon is a great injustice, not only to practitioners of the tome, but the occult world overall. There are a few points that I agree with SirisKing about, after all we are blood-related. However, I thought I would take a bit of time to point on some errors in the video.

1. One of the things that my cousin SirisKing and Makelesi said was that the necronomicon system wasn’t useful because ot its association with the qliphoth. It is true that the initiatory workings of the Simon Necronomicon are qliphotic in nature. The purpose of the qliphotic initiation is a necessary step while walking on the path of immortality. In the book Spiritism and the Cult of the Dead in Antiquity by Lewis Bayles Paton,says:

“The great gods whom men loved and adored were gods of the upper world and of the living; their sway did not extend into the dark abodes of the dead…When death came it was a sign that their favor was withdrawn, or that they were unable to help against the powers of darkness. The disembodied spirit passed out of their jurisdiction into that of divinities with whom in life it had established no friendly relations.”

In the tradition of the Greater Mysteries, even in ancient times, it was known that the sky gods didn’t have the power of resurrection, but the cthonic gods did. We see this pattern repeated even in modern forms of religion. For example, in Christianity Yahweh didn’t promise resurrection. It wasn’t until Jesus died and visited the netherworld that we see a resurrection hope implemented. Even with the prophets who were said to before resurrections before and after the so-called existence of Jesus, the too were surrounded by netherworld imagery of a raven and performed such with someone related to a widow. Gerald Massey, in the book entitled, Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World, says:

“In various legends the secret of this water of life that wells up in the subterranean region is jealously guarded by dragons, crocodiles,, or other monsters of the deep. In the Chaldean versions the seven anunaki or spirits of earth..”

So the qliphotic tree has to be encountered if one is on the path of immortality. This is symbolized today in some religions by the act of baptism. The idea of going underneath water and rising up out of it as a symbol of dedication and salvations is all based on Ishtar’s Descent into the Netherworld. The article, Ancient Art of Gate-Walking, covers this subject in detail. You say that you are using magic to become attuned to the world of nature, then know to that the Sun and Moon visit the Netherworld everyday in every tradition of ancient mythology. It’s a part of initiation.

 2. My cousin SirisKing made another error in this video. He makes the claim that Enochian and Necronomicon systems are incomplete. No they’re not! This is what written in the Simon Necronmicon’s introduction:

“These were the sorcerer’s handbooks, and generally not meant as textbooks or encyclopedias of ceremonial magick. In other words, the sorcerer or magician is supposed to be in possession of the requisite knowledge and training with which to carry out a complex magickal ritual, just as a cook is expected to be able to master the scrambling of eggs before he conjures an “eggs Benedict”; the grimoires, or Black Books, were simply variations on a theme, like cookbooks, different records of what previous magicians had done, the spirits they had contacted, and the successes they had. The magicians who now read these works are expected to be able to select the wheat from the chaff, in much the same fashion as an alchemist discerning the deliberate errors in a treatise on his subject….Therefore it was (and is) insanity for the tyro to pick up a work on ceremonial Magick like the Lesser Key of Solomon to practise conjurations. It would also be folly to pick up Crowley’s Magick in Theory and Practise with the same intention. Both books are definitely not for beginners, a point which cannot be made too often. Unfortunately, perhaps, the dread NECRONOMICON falls into this category.”

The whole idea, which was mentioned by Kenneth Grant in the Nightside of Eden, is that the purpose of working qlipoth is not done to exclude the traditional kabbalah, but to gain a full initiation and full understanding of the Tree of Life. I will agree with SirisKing that it is not a book for the curious. It’s purpose primarily is initiatory, but that in itself doesn’t make it an incomplete system. The Simon Necronomicon is based on the Sumerian tradition and much information is available in print for the Initiate to gain a full scope of this paradigm. Initiation itself grants one access to unseen guides that are more knowledgeable than those living in the world of men. If you are not initiated into the Necronomicon current, you won’t appreciate this part of the process.

3. Another error that is made in this video is the assumption that these gods are in prison or what have you. This is the reasoning of dabblers and is also covered in the article The Ancient Art of Gate-Walking. Why was there a dove present at Jesus’ baptism? The dove is a symbol of Ishtar. Why do Muslims circle around the “black stone” while reading verses from the Qu’ran? When the four-sided black cube was a symbol of the god “El” the sun behind the Sun, who corresponds to the Necronomicon deity Adar. Why in Santeria are we told that Jehovah has 99 names? In Islam Allah has 99 names? Guess what? In the Simon Necronomicon, we have the numbers that the Chaldeans assigned to each of the Seven great gods. Nanna is 30. Nebo is 12. Ishtar is 15. Shammash is 20. Nergal is 8. Marduk is 10. Adar is 4. 30 + 12 + 15 + 20 + 8 + 10 + 4 = 99. So really are the Sumerian gods in prison when ever religion that exists today is using their science. Guess what? In Ifa there is a legend that Oshun’s dress was once white. But she constantly had to wash it and over time it became yellow. Her children were taken away due to her prostitution. That is about the fate of Ishtar.

4. Another mistake my cousin SirisKing makes in the video is say ing that he works with the Djinn as if that is not relative to the Necronomicon Gnosis. Lovecraft said that the original name for the Necronomicon was Al-Azif, meaning the “howling of the Djinn.” Thee Islamic tradition of Sufism is based on ancient Babylonian priesthoods. This article gets into that a bit more.

It the video SirisKing say that few people pursue “High Magick” because it takes years to develop. Yet he fails to mention that the Simon Necronomicon initiation takes about a year and then one can practice. The Simon Necronomicon states that the deities in the tome are not to be called upon until one has been initiated into that sphere. What usually happens to people who do not understand the process is that they will remain in the Netherworld and begin to rot away, or use the tome without initiation and upset the process. I am posting the video below, but we do expect a full apology. Im not going to get into the fact that Amadi’s comment was removed after a few days and my comment was never approved for posting. Loving the other world are we.