Asharu Tradition

The Birth of an Ancient One


Greetings dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today we will tell a cautionary tale, about a magician who nearly lost his life during his quest for enlightenment. The story will illustrate the danger of breaking the Covenant and should serve as a warning to those who hunger for power, or who seek to carelessly dabble in the ancient knowledge found on this most perilious of paths.

“Soon”, he thought, “very soon my initiation will be complete.”

It was nearly time for the magician to Walk the Seventh Gate, opening unto the Sphere of Saturn, the realm of the lord called Ninib. Excitement coursed through his entire body, causing a feeling of great euphoria. Despite the lack of truly noticable occurrences during the preceding Gates that needed to be entered in order to make it up to the point where he found himself at in his current situation, he had good hopes that entering this final Gate on the initiatory path would provide some proper show of magick which, in the mind of the magician, would be a form of confirmation that would show him that he was doing well on his chosen path.

Having been taught by, whom the magician considered to be, the leading authority in the field of Necronomic magick the magician had learned a lot of valuable lessons. Yet his desire for seeing visual confirmation of his efforts started clouding his judgement, even though the magician’s mentor had explicitly told him that such “super natural” effects did not serve a proper purpose in the Work, and that such occurrences might in fact only be a distraction to the aspiring magician.

So when the hour was finally there, and the Gate to the Sphere of Saturn was entered, it was a moment of mixed emotions for the magician. On the one hand he felt joyous for having completed his initiation, but on the other hand he was sorely disappointed by the fact that once again nothing noticeable had occurred. No messenger had greeted him, nor had he seen any signs of the presence of the warrior deity known as DinGir Ninib.

Despite this lack of confirmation there was one thing the magician did have, and that was faith. For having searched for the Book of the Black Earth from an early age on he knew that his destiny was written somewhere in its obscure pages.

With his faith firmly in place the magician concluded that he must still be doing well on his path, as there was still air in his lungs, his blood was still pumping furiously through his veins, and the will to continue was stronger than ever. But unfortunately for the magician the Book becomes quite vague on how to proceed after one’s initiation.

And as such, mistakes were made….

According to the information available to the magician at the time it seemed allright to enter the realm of Tiamat after one’s initiation, even though it appeared that one first had to enter into the sphere of the fixed stars, or the zodiac. Not sure on how to proceed on entering the realms of the Igigi the magician started making preparations for interaction with the great Mother, Queen of the Ancient Ones, Mummu Tiamat.

But in the days preceding the summoning the magician began feeling odd and unwell. He went out for a midnight stroll through the park, the same park in which he had performed some of his first works of magick. Alone with his thoughts he was suddenly horrified by the flood of images that flowed into his mind. He was shown scenes of unimaginable carnage . He saw himself as a grotesque giant with distorted demonic features, leading an army of indescribable abominations who revelled in wanton slaughter and bloodshed. Around him the whole world was on fire.

After three days of madness the magician decided to call on the Fire God for aid and experienced the cleansing fire of this all consuming deity, making him retch and vomit black drops of mucus on his temple chamber floor. When the rite was done he went to fresh himself up in his bathroom and was amazed when he looked in the mirror. His eyes shone with a clarity he had not witnessed in himself since being a young boy. His mind, previously troubled by horrible imagery, was as bright as his eyes and none of the darkness remained within.

He was ready for the next night, just in time for the grand rite that would call forth the great Serpent-Mother.

Unfortunately the magician suffered from a poor lack of judgement,  thereby neglecting some of the knowledge he had been taught and blatantly disregarding the warning signs he had been given.

The magician knew that the path he followed should be taken step by step, but was confused on how to proceed at the time.

First came the initiatory phase, followed by a journey through the realms of the Igigi, allowing the rebirth of the magician as an Ancient one upon entering the realm of the great Mother. This is the Covenant!

Finally the moment was there…

The magician felt the familiar disappointment after finishing the rite, as again nothing seemed to have happened. He cleaned up his ritual tools, departed the temple chamber, and initiated contact with a girl he had grown attracted to. During the conversation the magician’s vision became blurry and he was hit full in the being by a force which struck him like a sledgehammer. As the magician gasped for air he could feel his legs going numb, all feeling flowed out of them, and he started to panic. Unable to stand up he tried to send a message to the girl he was speaking with but his motor skills had become seriously impaired and his fingers had become unable to type out a proper message, making the text a garbled mess of random letters. His breathing became shallow and irregular till it eventually stopped. His mind racing in great panic the magician suddenly remembered that he must breathe in order to live. He took a big gulp of air and had to make a great effort of keep doing just that. Slowly some of the feeling in his legs returned and breathing went a little easier. His vision, however, was still blurred, and slowly but surely images started to flood his mind. He saw himself sitting on the couch, taking a 38 revolver out of a wooden box, putting it to the right side of his head, and pulling the trigger. Brain matter and skull fragments exploded through the room, showering the bookcases, containing the magician’s much loved books of his magickal library, with blood and brain fluids. This scene was followed by a vision which seemed to be taking place in ancient times, or perhaps in some alternate realm of existence. The magician saw himself at a feast which was taking place at some lush orchard next to a magnificent ziggurat. The woman he had been talking to when the experience started happening, and who was still waiting for his reply, was also there. She danced with the magician.

The images faded and slowly the magicians vision returned, his breathing went automatically again and he had once again become able to properly use all his limbs. But his mind was still in a state of great confusion, a confusion which only increased after relating his story to the woman he had grown fond of. This resulted in a total breakdown of the mental state of the magician. Tears streamed down his cheeks and he sobbed uncontrollably  for several hours.   Empty and exhausted he went to sleep.

The next day, upon awakening, he knew he would never be the same person again.

An Ancient One had been born into this world but, like a human infant who is born prematurely, it had nearly died.

And such is the Covenant!

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. A very wise lesson power is not the goal nor the ending for that is all illusionary there is no beginning nor ending only being which is existintial.Behold the babe in the blue egg Ra hoor khuit come again hoor par krat whispered in the ear the word of the aeon the strength to live the will to breathe to be. god the poetry in my heart for this system i know i quoted thelemic works but they all connect they are at their soul ONE all faiths one faith all life’s one life we are all one all connected. blessings to all sincerely a fellow traveller


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