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Dr. Prabhu Karuna: Martial Artist, Healer, and Spiritualist.
Dr. Prabhu Karuna: Martial Artist, Healer, and Spiritualist.

Recently, I had the blessed opportunity to connect with the legendary Dr Prabhu Karuna. As a man of South Indian descent, he has a very unique experience in the cultivation of mysterious arts native to the Indian Continent, along with learning more popular forms of warrior-ship and healing practices. I am sure you’ll find his words of wisdom inspirational and applicable to all aspects of life.

Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions. I am honored to meet someone of your caliber and life experience. I’ve heard of your work through qua few individuals. However, for those who are unaware of your being, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Introduction please?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: Thank you for your interest. It is a great pleasure and an honor to be with you. I am Prabhu born on July 1, 1959, in Andhra Pradesh, India. I am a professional Homeopath, Reiki Master , and Martial / Warrior Arts practitioner. I also practice other spiritual disciplines and occult arts too.

Warlock Asylum: There are many students of martial arts, and other esoteric sciences, that respect your work, both in healing and martial arts. Certainly, I must say that your native land of India is known for its ancient spiritual knowledge. What was life like growing up in such a culturally diverse and rich land?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: I was born as an only child when my parents were in their late 40’s. I am told that my father prayed to Jesus Christ for children and I was born afterwards. One of the meanings of my name Prabhu in India is “Jesus”. As an only child I grew up mostly in the lap of Mother Nature in my native village. As far as I can remember my childhood was filled with exploring various fields, orchards, and lakes at my father’s estate. When I was seven years old I was put in a Jesuit public school where I studied for ten years. My mother died in a tidal wave when I was seventeen years old. After that  I was on my own from then.

My grandfather was a  famous occultist in my native home. He was an expert Ayurveda medicine practitioner too. We have a lineage of the Vedic spiritual and occult practices in my family for many generations, in which I have been initiated into by my parents as a youth. I was never very religious, but I was always spiritual and connected with Mother Nature in all her awesome splendour. I later studied with other spiritual and occult masters in India and abroad.         

Warlock Asylum: It seems that you were on the career path of medicine before discovering a certain gnosis. What events inspired you to get involved in what is known today as the occult arts and esoteric spirituality?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: I pursued professional studies in Homeopathic medicine since my nineteenth year. I married my soul-mate Leela when I was twenty-one years old. She was eighteen at this time. Like myself, Leela is a highly spiritual person and is not too religious. I was teaching martial arts right after our marriage, as a means of supporting myself and my wife.  I didn’t want to depend on my father for money.

I started my professional Homeopathic medical practice when I was twenty-five years old, which I have continued until now. During this time, I learned, studied, researched, and developed through experience, my skills in martial arts and occult practices. In the year 2000, when I was forty years old, I studied M.S. Computer Science in the United States, which was funded by a scholarship. This was a goal that became a reality from my work in Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying practices of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. My stay in America at Maharishi University, Fairfield, Iowa, also furthered my interest in the spiritual and occult practices.       

Warlock Asylum: One thing, that I am sure that many of our subscribers and readers are curious about is the meaning of the “secret Indian Ninja lineage,” as you say. What is the history of such a concept? I would assume that you are referring to some of the legendary Indian warrior clans, no?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: Though not many Westerners seem to know about it, India has a very ancient warrior arts tradition, which is  over 5000 years old. India is a land very rich in natural resources and in ancient times was plundered for many millennia by invaders from other countries. There were many internal wars being fought for supremacy along the length and breadth of the country.  There were special agents of the various Kings who were experts in espionage, subterfuge, guerrilla warfare, and belonged to a specific sect of warriors.

We have a very ancient treatise in India called Arthashastra which was written about 300 B.C., by  warrior-scholar Kautilya. Apart from teaching the various intricacies of governance, economics, and politics, the treatise offers insights into various types of warfare,  doctrines of assassination, sowing discord amongst the enemy, use of spies, religion, superstition, along with the use of women to create conflicts in the enemy camps! Sounds like Ninjutsu? You bet it does!

Warlock Asylum: How did you get involved in martial arts and what sparked such an interest?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: As a youth, I was bullied at school and couldn’t fight back. I was probably the weakest and sickest kid in my class. At the age of seventeen, after graduating school and joining junior college, I got an opportunity to learn Goju Kai Karate which I studied till I was twenty-two years old. Later, I learned Wing Chun Kung Fu and Five Pattern Kung Fu. Shortly after I turned twenty-four, I started studying Ninjutsu with a master who was a personal student of Massaki Hatsumi, Shoto Tanemura, and some others as well. After studying with him for over five years, I became his assistant chief instructor in charge of the teaching the Indian armed forces (classified info). My Ninjutsu teacher died in 1994 due to liver cirrhosis.  

Warlock Asylum: What is 5 Element Ninpo and how did it originate?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: The 5 Elemental Ninpo actually originated in the Vedic times of India, which later reached Tibet and China via the “Silk  Route.” The Godai (Five elements) system used in the occult practices of the Japanese Ninjutsu schools consists of the Kuji In, Kuji Kiri practices of finger weaving, and mantra chanting (mostly in Japanese, sometimes mixed with incoherent Sanskrit). I was taught the Japanese 5 Elemental Ninpo by my deceased Ninjutsu teacher. He also taught me a South Indian version of the Pancha Maha Bhuta (Five Elementls).

Warlock Asylum: People who know you personally are often amused by your motto “Born in India, made in Japan.” What is the origin of this slogan? Does it have any particular significance in line with your work as a martial artist and spiritualist?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: I was using the slogan “Born in India, made in Japan“ in reference to my Himalayan Ninpo Vajra Fist®  practices, not to myself. When I was nineteen-years old, an eighteen-year Japanese girl invited me to climb Mt. Fuji with her. She asked me to marry her, but I thought that I was not ready for marriage back then. There are lots of the Japanese practices and cultural traits that are in tune with our South Indian practices.

Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult
Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult System developed by Dr. Prabhu

Warlock Asylum: Many are often amazed by your work, not only in the field of martial arts, but your work as an occultist. One of the esoteric sciences you teach is the Himalayan Pancha Bhuta Five Elemental Kuji In Empowerment. Can you tell us a little more about this empowerment? How can someone learn this practice?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: Thank you for asking about the Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult® system which I teach.  Though what I teach has some similarities with the Ninjutsu Godai Kuji In, Kuji Kiri practices, yet it is very uniquely different in its original Sanskrit mantras, attunement, and initiation processes. It is highly esoteric and powerful system. Some of our mutual American friends, who are already highly accomplished Ninjutsu practitioners, have learnt the Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult® system from me.  They have sent me feedback that it is working wonderfully well for them in all aspects of their lives.

Anyone interested in learning the Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult® system can do so in the distant virtual online mode via Skype. There are six practitioner’s levels of Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult® system, which can be learnt in six sessions of one hour (or more). I charge $75 per session for each of the six  sessions. A fee’s concession of $90 is available for a one time upfront payment for all the six sessions ($360). After the completion of the six sessions I will test the students for their proficiency before awarding them a Registered Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult International®  Practitioner’s Certificate.

After receiving their Registered Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult International®  Practitioner’s Certificate, those interested in becoming authorised instructors will have to undergo a highly exclusive, intensive,  10 level / 10 session instructor’s training program via Skype to be eligible to test for the coveted Authorised Licensed Registered Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult International®  Instructor’s Certificate! Interested persons can contact me :  

Dr. Prabhu is a skilled teacher in mystical healing and warriorship skills.
Dr. Prabhu is a skilled teacher in mystical healing and warriorship skills.

Warlock Asylum: You are also involved in healing arts, such as Reiki. Can you tell us about what led to your decision to get involved in this practice?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: Medicine and healing has been a part of  my family from many generations. As I have already mentioned, my grandfather was a famous Ayurved. My father was an expert Homeopath, Ayurved, and herbalist. I got interested in Reiki around 2000 after successfully practicing Homeopathic Medicine in my private clinic for over 15 years. I learned Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, from different Reiki Masters and I have received my Reiki Master certification from them. Reiki is a divine cosmic healing energy system, which is highly compatible with my Homeopathy, Martial / Warrior arts, and with all my other spiritual, occult practices.     

Warlock Asylum: How long have you been practicing Reiki and what benefits have you found from your involvement in it?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: It has been almost 15 years since I first learned about Reiki and started practicing it. Reiki was born in Japan. Dr. Mikao Usui was its founder. Outside Japan, Reiki was first taught by Mrs. Takata in Hawaii and from there it spread all across the world. Reiki is an awesomely powerful divine cosmic energy which has enhanced my healing powers manyfold, even beyond my Homeopathic medical skills. My regular Reiki practice has always healed, protected, and has kept me and my family in good stead.  Reiki works on our energy structure, healing our chakras, clearing energy channels, while strengthening our Ki / Chi / Prana. The action of Reiki is much like the action of Homeopathy, which is an energy medicine too. It is similar to the way the Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult® practices work. I have integrated Reiki into all my spiritual, occult, and healing practices. Reiki is easy to learn. It is a very powerful energy cleansing and a healing, protective tool!

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in discovering their spiritual path?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: Spirituality is like Prana / Ki / Chi. It is part and parcel of the life of all beings, even if they fail to acknowledge this universal fact. While many people think that following a religion, with all its doctrines is the only way to spirituality, I beg to differ. I was born to Hindu parents. I was educated in a Jesuit public school.  While I am not religious, I am still highly spiritual. I believe that the essence of all religions is to lead a loving, caring, compassionate, happy, healthy, and fruitful life. I believe in the Supreme Creator who is both male, female, and omnipresent. All of my spiritual and occult practices are only a means to connect with our Supreme Creator, with our Universe, with Mother Nature, and with all the animate, inanimate beings around us, to live in perfect harmony with all of them, and with all that is around us.

An individual’s spiritual path is part of their life path, which is like a “calling,” as some would say. Nobody can force anybody into any specific spiritual path or practice. I found my spiritual calling in Homeopathy, in Reiki, in martial / warrior arts practice, and in the Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult International®  practices that I teach. The spiritual path of the initiate needs lots of self-discipline to follow the way with unwavering faith, belief, trust, and confidence to reach the fountainhead. I wake up before 3.30 AM every day and practice my Himalayan Ninpo Vajra Fist®, combat fitness conditioning exercises, unarmed, and weapons combat drills for a minimum of three hours every morning. I devote another three hours during the day to my personal spiritual, occult practices.

Spending six hours every day to practice the warrior spiritual path that I follow, and that which I teach, would not have been possible at all without the fullest cooperation of my soulmate, and wife, Leela. Both of our  children are adults. Our daughter Saroja (30 yrs) lives in London with her husband. Our son Kishore (27 yrs) lives with us here in Hyderabad, India. Both of them are software professionals and are highly-cooperative in their thoughts, words, and deeds, when it comes to my chosen way of life.             

Warlock Asylum: Many of our readers are initiates of the Art of Ninzuwu. What advice would you share with those who are beginning to walk upon this path?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: I have read about the  Art of Ninzuwu on your awesome website. I congratulate you for the wonderful, all-round, (mental, physical, spiritual) warrior training you are giving your initiates. It looks like we both have similar dreams for all those who connect with us, to teach them to lead a peaceful, safe, healthy, compassionate, abundant, loving, caring, and powerful life. Our ways, paths, and techniques might differ, but all the same we drink from the same divine fountainhead!

I would tell all those who are initiates of the Art of Ninzuwu that you are all wonderfully lucky to have found yourself a great teacher and a rewarding way of life in these enlightened teachings. Keep practicing regularly. Enjoy what you do. Enjoy both the pain and the pleasure in enduring the “Fire and Ice” that your mind, body, and spirit must go through to forge you into warriors of peace! I am always with you all and with my brother who is your teacher.    

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Dr. Prabhu Karuna in the future? Any final thoughts?

Dr. Prabhu Karuna: I have great plans to teach my warrior, spiritual, occult, and healing practices across the world through my Himalayan Ninpo Vajra Fist International® and through my Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult International®. Expediently, I am getting websites ready for both of these organisations. I will travel to Europe and USA in early 2016 to meet with all my students and personally teach enthusiasts my practices. I can be contacted : for all queries.

I thank you all for giving me this wonderful opportunity to answer the questions put across to me by the awesome warrior master teacher of “ The Art Of Ninzuwu “ . It has been my great pleasure and an honor to share with you about myself, and about what I practice, teach, preach, as my way of life. Wishing You All A Very Happy, Healthy, Abundant, Safe, Exciting, Memorable 2016!


*On behalf of the Art of Ninzuwu blog page and administration, we send our sincere thanks and heartfelt blessings to you and your family along the path!


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