Greetings! On the behalf of the administration team of the Art of Ninzuwu blog page, I would like to wish everyone a health and safe Zuho (New Year), which will begin on March 19th, 2016. Before moving forward into year 18,004, we would like to review some of the year’s perspective aims and goals.

Will you create change in 18,004?
Will you create change in 18,004?

This year we are releasing several different courses, which will include certain initiation rites and etc. Upon the completion of the course, the student will receive certification in the field of study. Regardless of the course taken, once certification has been bestowed upon the Initiate, they will then be able to update their status and ethnicity as Ninzuwu. Other benefits will be explained in a Member’s Handbook that can be obtained for those who completed specific course work.

The hidden mysteries of the Ninzuwu cannot be obtained through conversation, but must be sought after by one’s work. It is knowledge found in doing. Make it your goal to complete your course of study. This is not to the advantage of the school, but the Initiate.

It is unfortunate that many will spend their entire career in the occult arts as spiritual drug abusers. Their approach to the occult arts is without aim and they look to only “see what happens” or employ some ritual to “feel good,” literally “get high.” This attitude hurts no one, but the student. All of this over socialization and lack of discipline is often justified by people who make numerous excuses in taking a particular science and doing their own thing. It is due to such musing that their life is still one without meaning, as they learn all these new and fascinating “magical” ideas without focus. It’s like a high school student pondering over career choices for twenty years before deciding on what school to attend.

There are many things that can be studied in life. If one takes aim at a particular path and study, the mastery of such will reveal a basic understanding of the unseen laws of nature. However, for those who dabble into such things, they will find themselves divided over the aesthetics of foolishness without a pot to piss in. Why not make 18,004 a year of completion?

Another aspect of the school that will shift is coming into alignment with our family in South America. Preparations are presently being made for the Ninzuwu religion. The formation of this spiritual organization is being made to ensure the rights of all Ninzuwu Initiates. This congregation will also include our brothers and sisters in foreign lands, as well as Necronomicon Practitioners and other sciences that are taught in The Art of Ninzuwu School. Based on such, members may expect to see changes in the Calendar of Nyarzir, where both groups operating under different calendars, may become unified, or may not. These are some of the changes you may see in the upcoming Zuho.

Above all else, we would like to thank everyone for all their support over the years. Your efforts are deeply appreciated and it is with our most sincere intent that we wish you all the best and hope you have found our work beneficial.

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1 thought on “Ninzuwu Year 18,004 Coming Up: What Will You Do?

  1. frogs of dionysus says:

    An exciting New Year approaches! Much thanks to Warlock and the hidden team behind Art of Ninzuwu! It is very clear that countless hours of volunteering goes into the furthering of the practice, maintenance of the blog and facebook group etc. and we rarely praise these selfless contributions.

    I am looking to make change in 18,004! Stay blessed!

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