You can either love him or hate him! Dwight Bonair a.k.a Black Cea’zar is one of the few mystics that can hold a candle in prayer while maintaining his reputation of knocking out momma boys for saying the name Brittany once too many times after their spit between sentences. “Pow! Hold That!” The Ninzuwu warrior has returned to life with a bag of wisdom for the masses to hear. His wit is quick to respond to those who refuse to hate the game!

I witnessed the martial heart of Black Cea’zar once during an Art of Ninzuwu meeting. Catherine Stelle and I waited forty-five minutes for Dwight in the freezing cold. Suddenly, we saw this large crowd coming out of the train station. Black Cea’zar did it again?  Yes, he had a fight with three guys on the train. (Sigh) Oh well. Recently, I invited Cea’zar to come out and share some of his wisdom with us. I’m sure you will enjoy!


Ninzuwu Warrior: Bad boy- Dwwight Bonair a.k.a. Black Cea'zar

Warlock Asylum: It’s been a minute, but I am happy that this moment has finally arrived. Many of our subscribers know you from the animated productions and some of your YouTube videos on Ame-no-Ukihashi. However, for our readers who may not be familiar with your work, please introduce yourself. Tell us, just who is Dwight Bonair a.k.a. Black Cea’zar?

Dwight Bonair: Well, Dwight Bonair is a youthful dream-chasing fighter taking blows and getting up with a smile, wiping the blood off his face saying, “Where you going? It’s not over yet!” I’m loving life and living for love! Black Cea’zar is a creature of the night, whose pleasure is the hunt. Sees a problem as an opportunity for a solution, an opportunist! Black Cea’zar is the producer, director, and the enchanting seductive writer of his own script. Black Cea’zar is always scheming up shit to get Dwight Bonair back to that mountain top, picking him up when is his down, and humbling him when he thinks “he’s the shit.” Black Cea’zar is Dwight Bonair’s loyal general. “I know I will be victorious because Black Cea’zar will accept nothing less!”

Warlock Asylum: Many people know you as this cool brother from around the way. While you may have many experiences to share about your life as a “player,” what inspired you to pursue studies in spirituality more seriously?

Dwight Bonair: All I acquired in life has helped me cultivate life. I never really had access to deep spirituality other than self-help books. I read the Bible as a youth (King Solomon has always been my role model and still is today). I was not a fan of the New Testament (killing Jesus was wack). Growing up, the knowledge I acquired during my childhood was more focused on survival and understanding my surroundings. Later, I found myself infatuated with psychology, reading the works of Sigmund Freudand Eric Berne, studying The Art of War and The 48 Laws of Power. It helped me through an emotional time with my baby’s mother. This situation gave me the tools to build a successful plan to deal with the circumstances.

It’s ironic that you called me a “player” because I was definitely into the Life (gangstahood).  Many of the people who I was associated with were well-known in the world of mainstream media. Being a socialite, I was constantly dealing with individuals from different walks of life. Many of them found my “live and let live attitude” comforting. I was even called guru by some. What I saw people going through made me take spirituality a bit more seriously. I started to believe that wealth and power had a price and wasn’t the most important thing in life. Many people who had deal with unexplainable issues found an oasis in my friendship with them.

Warlock Asylum: You seem to be a person of many talents and interests. Art, dance, martial arts, theatre, it seems like Black Caesar does it all. How do you keep up with all this activity? Is your engagement as a multi-talented individual coming from the same place, but a different canvas?

Dwight Bonair: I used to own a video production company with my people (DJ Rough Cz) called Hip Obscene Televised. I always enjoyed creativity and sharing good experiences. We used to interview people and do skits like David Chappelle. Majority of the things I do today comes from the ideas I used to bring to the production company. It’s been a blessing, especially since learning Ninzuwu. What I do now is actually what I’ve been doing since 2004. The meditation/workout routine I acquired from the Art of Ninzuwu is what’s been helping me excel in the accomplishments of many of my visions.

Warlock Asylum: Is there any specific art hat you enjoy the more than the others?

Dwight Bonair: Recently, I have  taken a great liking in the Ame-no-Ukihashi Martial Art. I am a physical creature so it’s really up my alley.  I have a control mechanism without regulation from an outside source other than my own desire.

Warlock Asylum: I am sure that this next question will be a game changer. How did Dwight Bonair become Black Caesar?

Dwight Bonair: When I was sixteen I use to rhyme I saw a commercial for the 1970’s black exploitation movie Black Caesar by Fred Williams. I saw a lot of me in that film and took the name Black Cea’zar as a pseudonym. 

Warlock Asylum: Over the past three years, New Yorkers had the opportunity to see some of your art, which is displayed in many galleries around the Downtown Manhattan area. What inspired you to get into art?

Golden Touch by Black Cea'zar (Dwight Bonair)

Dwight Bonair: My girlfriend and I used to visit art galleries quite frequently and we still do. One day, we said to ourselves jokingly that we can do this! That’s when we sat down and created the Golden Touch, which is an ode to Amaterasu Ohmi-kami

Warlock Asylum: Can you tell us a little about your experience as an occult scientist? How did you discover the Art of Ninzuwu and the Necronomicon Tradition?

Dwight Bonair: Through love and luck. I was doing some online research for my girlfriend’s clothing line and saw a picture of Lilith, which led to an article from Papers in the Attic blog page (currently Warlock Asylum International News). Prior to this time, I began studying archangels and their relationship to the planets, which gave me the fundamentals for understanding the Necronomicon.

Warlock Asylum: In what ways has life changed for you since exploring the Art of Ninzuwu?

Dwight Bonair: Ninzuwu has given me a clear peaceful position and a home outside the mundane social environment. It has allowed me to commune with nature on a realistic level that is nurturing and educational. Overall, I have better outlook on life. 

Warlock Asylum: Fellow practitioners of Ninzuwu alchemy have always admired your thirst for Ame-no-Ukihashi, the Ninzuwu esoteric martial style. Can you tell us a little bit about your background in martial arts before studying Ninzuwu?

Dwight Bonair: I’ve been a fighter all my life! I started boxing at 15. Later in life, I studied martial arts under the same teacher as the Rza, who inspire me to do good. It was a very transformational point in my life. During my darkest hour, it was the workouts that gave me the strength to overcome obstacles and maintain a good health to prolong.

Warlock Asylum: How has your understanding of martial arts changed since study Ame-no-Ukihashi?

Dwight Bonair: Literally, I could write a book about it! It strengthens your awareness and flexibility. I have been more alert and better able to approach life as a whole. It is extremely magical in one sense and made self-aware on the other.  

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Black Caesar in the near future? Any new projects coming up?

Dwight Bonair: Well, I’m really working on presenting Ame-no-Ukihashi to the public through a character name Uggi, pronounced “oogie.” I am also producing a one-man show to help promote Ninzuwu. I am also creating a curriculum with you, Brother Warlock, to start doing classes. I’m focusing on making it more of a theatrical school to highlight the art of Ame-no-Ukihashi than the physical defense process. I believe in self-refinement. 

Warlock Asylum: Please tell us what advice would you give to a person interested in finding their spiritual path? Someone embarking on the journey of Ninzuwu?

Dwight Bonair: First, one must understand the fundamentals of a journey and know the spirituality of it. Remember that life is a mission with your ancestors. Make sure that education  and your new path is  consistent. I’ve traveled around the world and the Art of Ninzuwu is a blessing that resonates with my soul. Good Luck!

Warlock Asylum: Any final thoughts?

Dwight Bonair: I am happy to be a part of what I know to be a cutting-edge form of alchemy called the Art of Ninzuwu. I want to try my best to keep it going and share it with the world! You know me, all is love and more to come!!


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