The Servant of the Gods Speaks…

The tome that we all know as the Simon Necronomicon is certainly not suited as a work of the Magical Arts for either the dabbler, or those with a nonexistent background in occultism. This is what we will illustrate in this article.

Naturally those who seek to set foot on a path like the one that the Necronomicon is offering us have to start somewhere. And for a lot of practitioners it is exactly this particular work of magic that so strongly calls out to them. Disregarding the warnings, set out for the reader by Simon, a lot of practitioners jump off into the deep end of the pool without actually having a clue how to swim and to keep their heads from going under.

To truly understand what one is getting into by practicing the rites set out before us, one often has to learn by actually performing the rituals and go through the experiences as one progresses along the path, because the text is written in such a manner that the layman cannot possibly understand the changes that will be wrought to one’s psyche and environment. Once one has come that far it is usually already too late to realize that errors have been made which could have been avoided if only one had been more well versed in the occult arts. However, the changes and dangers that arise from indulging in these erroneous practices are often so subtle that one hardly notices that something is amiss. Do not misunderstand me now, for I am an avid proponent of Simon’s work and in my years of working with the Necronomicon I have seen my life change greatly for the better. It is however my sad experience that the tome could have been so much more than it is currently. The book contains a variety of hazards which need not be in there and which will cause great dismay to those who are not wary of it. It is for this reason that I will focus on providing, for the honest seeker, a completely revamped system of working with the knowledge provided in the Necronomicon, a system that will focus more on authentic Sumerian and Babylonian practices which will ommit any harmful influences found in simon’s tome, but which will still provide a proper initiatory system, even adding a new, never featured before, Gate-Walking experience. But enough of this now, as this is still a great work in progress which continues as we speak.

The Simon Necronomicon was apparently written from a perspective that those who should indulge in the practices illustrated in the tome already possess an extensive and intricate knowledge of occultism, mythologies, and the magical arts in general. This will, however, still not give one a fully proper insight into the metaphors and meanings found in Simon’s text. It will, so to speak, only reveal the tip of the iceberg. Some of those meanings will remain an enigma to the magician, even after years of practice. And some of the meanings of the text will only be known by the magician as properly as the level of understanding he has gained in terms of occult principles and universal laws. It is for this reason why so many fall into these traps with their eyes wide open, as they have not achieved a proper understanding of the occult mechanics and natural processes that are involved in these kind of operations. And working with the Necronomicon definitely does require a very extensive understanding of such operations.

“…… , the candidate must be ritually clean so that the Jinn do not attach themselves to the impurities of body and soul and thereby gain entrance to this world and to the inner defenses of the magician.”

(Dead Names by Simon, page 225)

Ritually clean…..

Impurities of body and soul…..

These two subjects are extremely important in any magical practices, but also very much in day to day life. It is unfortunate that in this day and age we are blasted and bombarded by a wide variety of body and soul corrupting influences, which make it nearly impossible for the average human to be pure of heart and of mind. Just look around you and behold, with your own eyes, what we are doing to each other and the environment. But do not loathe, do not hate, and do not fear, for to indulge in those emotions is to dwell in the realm of the Ancient Ones. Instead, let love be your guide, see the beauty of the world and its inhabitants. Everything originates from the Divine, and as such, everything will return to that same source. This is the law which cannot be broken!

To become spiritually clean will take an enormous effort and sacrifices will have to be made, sacrifices which will not appeal to the average person. And those who do make these sacrifices, and who go the extra length to become a better and more wholesome person will often be ridiculed and looked down upon by their fellow humans. In those cases do keep your head up high and take the abuse, make it into your strength, and take comfort in the knowledge that those are the signs that you are doing well.

Spiritual uncleanliness is caused by many factors, a lot of which one has no control over. Among the biggest evil of these is the perversion of sexual energy. This is one of the roots of evil that has become so common in our current societies. And it is one that negative energies will gladly take advantage of in regular humans and magicians alike. It is one of those impurities that will be exploited, without a doubt, by some of the energies found in the Necronomicon. This is their food, and they will do all that they can to retain their source. One does well to cut such evils off, but first they must be found, recognized, and then neutralized.

During the course of one’s development on this path one will learn more about the identity of Simon, his, or their, mindset, and intentions. This is not a subject I will go into much further at this current point in time. It suffices to say that one should be extremely careful with using the knowledge provided by others, not knowing their mindset and intentions, nor their previous dealings with whatever beings they deemed profitable. One should let common sense dictate their path and think for themselves as to what is wise and what not. For who truly knows the meanings of words like ZALED, KUTULU, IAK SAKKAK, AZABUA, or AZAG-THOTH?

Who knows if such powers are but perverted forms of a much cleaner source?

And who truly understands if the use of such names does harm the source they all come from?

And does thou happen to encounter these powers, which will happen to multiply through the works of ISHTAR, then maketh thou a circle of the Breath of Life, which contains also the very Fire of it, and call them out, by their very names, with the Copper Dagger, or with the Sword, engraved with the Three Seals of MASSHU, until thou has vomitted forth their evil, and slay them, with the Sword, or with the Dagger. And They will hide within thine body, in the arms, at BHNU, at the legs, or wherever they found their resting place. And thou may see smoke, or feel a burning at that place where they reside, but do not be fearful, for they cannot stand against true love, so the Priest, or Priestess, has to surround himself, or herself, with the symbols of ISHTAR and be strong in their conviction. And they will be Jinn, or demons, or things that have no name, and should not be named. But again, do not be afraid, be strong, and remember to seal the Gates with the Breath of Fire and with the ARRA, for this is not told to us by Simon, and it will leave open the Gates, and Evil will come out, into this World, and the people will cry out, in fear and horror, and this will be thy doing, and the ANNUNNAKI will demand an answer for this, when thy spirit leaves thy body, and the judgement will take place. Know that the Abominations are given Life through Man, and to prevent this, seek the Divine in all things, and Remember!

This is the servant of the Gods…..

Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. I truly love your posts and I believe you to be brilliant and highly spiritual. However, I follow the path of the Ancient Ones and mine is a path of Love also. It takes tremendous faith and dedication to continue on a path whereby people automatically assume evil. But the breath Tiamat fires my nostrils and the blood of Kingu runs through my veins.It is an act of cowardice to forsake ones parents. Everyday I stand before the 7 lords of Amenti, the very throne bearers of Ereshkigal; is this not where Thoth the Atlantean found wisdom.?

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  2. Thank you very much, I appreciate the comment. 😉 The reason why I mentioned this dwelling in the realm of the Ancient Ones is because most people do this unknowingly by giving in to such emotions while actually having no control over them. As you well understand this is rather dangerous to those who are not familiar with such areas.

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  3. Even those who perpetrate evil must at some level be convinced that what they are doing is the right thing for them. The line between brilliance and madness is very fine indeed.


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