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Spiritual Purity & The Perversion of Sexual Energy

Yesterday we discussed the subject of ritual and spiritual purity and cleanliness to some extent. Today we will delve a little deeper into the subject, with the goal to illustrate to the reader how important this cleanliness actually is and how one can benefit, in their magical work and in real life, from refraining from certain actions, thoughts, and behavioural patterns. This type of spiritual work should actually already commence well before indulging in any of the magical arts, but unfortunately most practitioners only realize the benefit of this course of action when they are well on their way along the Path. At such a point one will be shocked and horrified by the knowledge of what has been done to the body and spirit in blatant ignorance and by sheer willful stupidity and disregard for the bodily and spiritual health of the practitioner. Not all of the impurities accumulated over the years are due to the actions of the practitioner though, as external sources often play a great part in this process too, which often starts already at a young age, at which one is yet unable to prevent this from happening. Most people go through the years, and through life, without ever knowing or realizing, how much those impurities are actually affecting their lives and wellbeing, due to the fact that they choose to remain “asleep”. Fortunately, for the aspiring magician, these matters will be revealed as one comes to his or her full senses, and then those conditions can be worked upon and improved.

For most people the accumulation of spiritual filth already starts at a young age, perhaps at school, perhaps at home, depending on one’s environment and the people in it. As discussed previously, one of these biggest evils is the perversion of sexual energy. A child, yet uncorrupted by sexual influences, has an innate magical ability and is able to perceive the world through very different eyes than adults. Often they are able to perceive the spirit world and its inhabitants and could greatly benefit from this later in life, if only they would be taught properly about these matters. Getting in touch with this kind of energy before coming of age will greatly inhibit these abilities, often to a point where they are no longer capable of being used as they should be. It will causes blockages to the chakra points and will prevent the third eye from seeing properly. These same problems will arise for adults who indulge in the interactions with this particular type of energy. Such energy, when examined, usually takes the shape of spikey, vine like, tendrils, or spiked energy orbs, attaching themselves to the third eye, the chakra points, and the genital area. Removing this kind of energy is a painful process and will often leave the practitioner feeling very unwell.

The perversion of sexual energy can occur in many ways and can have disastrous consequences, as will be illustrated in just a few moments. It often starts at a young age, through curiosity about sex and one’s own body. This, of course, is a natural process, and an initiation in itself, but the majority of humans get stuck on this behaviour and will develop an insatiable appetite for lust and sexual desire which has nothing to do with love anymore. They develop fetishes and sexual preferences that are to be indulged in with whomever and wherever, at any opportunity that arises. This is evil, and is the food for beings whose very existence is an abomination to life and love.

You are what you eat, and you become that which you practice.

It is for this reason that the practitioner should refrain from indulging in pornography, the use of inanimate objects during sex, and even masturbation.

Without a shadow of a doubt we’ve all watched pornography, and most likely a lot of you are still indulging in this. But be aware that this makes you a willing participant in what you are watching, and that spiritual entities have the capability of transmitting themselves through moving images and pictures. There is a reason why lust is one of the seven major sins, for it belongs to the realm of demons and darkness, and as such it will attract those very energies to those who indulge in this evil. Prohibiting oneself from watching loveless acts of sexual intercourse will greatly lift up the spirit and will bring thee one step closer to the divine. But it will, however, also incite rage in the very entities one has unknowingly been feeding all the time one has been part of this visual interaction. This will cause some unpleasantness and slight grief, until one has mastered the emotions that makes one crave for the satisfaction one gains out of such interactions. When one has put a stop to this kind of indulgences one will discover that one’s physical and spiritual body has attracted many “parasites”. The nature of these we will discuss at some further point in time, and how to recognize and get rid of them.

And they will inhabit the Water of Life and the Food of Life, and will cause corruption to the Unborn, and this is Evil, for it is through such means that the Abominations take on the flesh of Man, and walk the Earth once more. And they are Legion, for Mankind does not know, nor care, about the evils they cause. And they will be LILITU, and GELAL, and KI-EL UDDA KARRA, and LILLA ENNA, and many others to vile to give name to, and they will cause grief and misery, to the World, and to the Bloodlines they are born off. And they should be smothered at birth, but this too is evil, for every life is sacred, and no man has the right to take that which has Life. And they have the ability to become whole again, if they but choose, for the Blood of their Parents will determine their Nature, but not their final destination. This is free will, and the Covenant that is unwritten!

And the act of masturbation is said to cause blindness in a man, which is true, but not in the physical sense. And to understand this, one has to abandon these practices, or else, if performed, do so in the presence of a loving spouse, who will then take the energy of Life, and use it for the benefit of the household. Or else those who will vist thee in the night will make a feast out of thee, and will be very hard to get rid off.

Once you abandon the practice of masturbation you will come to see how this is benefitting your practices, and what it is actually doing to you spiritually. If you carefully monitor your progress in this you will know what grief it causes once you fall into temptation again. These signs cannot be ignored and will be clear as day.

And one should refrain from having sexual intercourse with inanimate objects, because that which is inanimate is “dead”. And sexual energy is the force of Life, which should not be given over to the Dead. And inimical genie will possess such items, and will profit from that which is meant to procreate. And this too is Evil, for the Dead should remain where they are, Below, in the realm of KURNUGI, at the command of the Dark Queen, the splendorous ERSHKIGAL, supreme ruler of KUR, the House of No Return. And to invoke her for Evil is to bring wrath and misery upon thee and thy bloodline, for she is a noble Queen and misunderstood by Man. And she will welcome the Priest who understands her plight, and her son, He who determines the Fates, will aid thee in thy endavours, and the Sixty Diseases will pass thee by, without harm. But these are the ways of the Underworld and should not be pursued by those who have not worshipped at the Altar of the Dead, or who have not beheld the horrors of the places beyond GANZER. For in these places the Blood will seep out of the Spirit and will drain the Lifeforce from thy body, and it will make thee sick, and corrupted, for in these places no sane man should set foot, unless it is his business, and he bears the Seals to prove his worth.
Dumu Abzu-a.


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  1. I particularly loved the part about her Highness the Queen Ereshkigal, the fate of ganzir and the altar of the dead. On the whole I find no objection to any of statements and I am a worshipper of the Ancient Ones. I feel they are all grossly misunderstood and that they have been demonized. I could never forsake the womb that cradled the Universe or the breast that reared the Gods. The Great One Tiamat

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  2. Thank you. I agree with you, as it does appear that a lot of these energies are demonized. When you explore these subjects on a deeper level you will often see that there are different sides to these energies, and aspects that are largely forgotten yet beneficial.

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  3. ‘The purity that man ought to cultivate is that of the mind. All things are pure. It is one’s mentality which is evil.’’


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