The Abominations of the World Within

In my previous post I mentioned that I would teach thee about the so called “parasites”, that one accumulates during one’s lifetime. This, in my opinion, is a very interesting and useful subject, and not known to many people or physical science, and if known, it is willfully ignored by those who have discovered this “spiritual plague” for the simple reason that, “ignorance is bliss”, and that the masses should not question their overlords. But they should, for this world is nothing but an illusion, and it FEELS real, it SMELLS real, it TASTES real, and it IS real, but it is NOT. It is a prison to which we are confined when we do NOT see, when we do NOT understand. It is Heaven, yet it is Hell, and it is Limbo all at once. The shackles that bind us, and make us into slaves, become undone when we but open our senses and see this world for what it truly is. Fear is the Master here, and to become fearless is to become a king, a ruler in its own right. Hold aloft the shining scepter, bear proud the eight-rayed crown, and wear thy sovereignty like a well-fitting mantle, for thou art the King, or Queen, of thine own domain, and none can dispute this, as you are Gods, each in your own right, if you but realize this. Yet you must remain humble, and know where you came from, and you must labour, and toil, in misery and despair, for only then, and only then, you will understand, that you are Dust, which came from a Star, which came from the Heavens, where the Gods reside, and where the Life of Light, is to be found, in the Womb of Creation, which no Man may know, before His time, and the Descent into the Pit.

And the Laws of the Universe, and it’s mechanics, are misunderstood and ignored, through Greed and Desire, and the lusting for Dead Things, and one will cry out, at the Weighing of the Heart, and the Final Judgement, that one did not know, nor understand, but it will be a Lie, Poison of the Tongue, Blackness of the Heart, and Betrayal of the Soul, that will earn thee a place, at the deepest pits, of a place, where time stand still, and eternity is everlasting. And it is called Hell, or Τάρταρος, or Kalichi, or whatever this place is called by human beings and others, and there will be Fire, and Torture, and suffering unnamed, and it will be on thee and thine own head, for thou were given the Keys to Paradise, and thou art the Lock for opening the Gates. Choose but wisely the Door thou openeth, for the saying goeth; All ways lead to Rome. But some lead to Oblivion instead…

Now, the recognition and nature of the parasites as I discovered them…

I received this knowledge and wisdom from those who have mastered that which has has been seen but which has not been mastered, that which is the past but will be the future. They are aliens to our time, yet they are already here, and the Fates have been cast, and where determined long before our time and future, and before our past, and very existence. And they are called AUM, and ZHEE, and it is a great secret, which it will remain, even in this writing, for it takes skill, and determination, and great understanding, of that which was, and will be, to understand what will occur in the days to come. And to know this is a great blessing, but a burden too, and for this reason it is not known, and will not be known, to those who seek power over love, and desire over necessity. Love is the Key, and the Light, the Past and the Future, and this is the Law, and none shall oppose it.

And the parasites can be discovered physically, and can be studied through the knowledge that “Love is a Language of Communication with God“, if one but searches. And the time for this is the 15th century, and the author unknown, and it’s disposition must have been lawful, for it is for the benefit of Man, and opposes that which is Evil, and reveals their natures, not by word, but by imagery, and this is Good, and shines Light on that which prefers the Darkness, and which breeds inside the flesh of Man, and inside his Spirit.

And each man is a world, a cosmos in its own right. As Above, so Below. Remember this, when thou exploreth the farthest reaches of thine universe. And in those worlds the parasites inhabit the Soil, the Life-Giving Waters, and the Sewers through which all filth and excrement are expelled. And they hide in the Forests, like shadows unseen, and mimick their environment like skillful assassins. And these Forests must be uprooted and laid to waste. For their Poison must be purged from Nature, and their Evil Roots plucked out. lest They multiply and cause great devastation to the World Within. And they are as Flowers, and Maggots, but not of this World, but another. And Those who seek the Water of Life, and the Food of Life, plant their foul Eggs into thy Soil and will cause more of Their number to inhabit this plane. And they must be found, and crushed, and it will cause a great stench, like sulphur, or excrement, or unlawful chemicals.

These are the Abominations of the World Within…

Dumu Abzu-a.




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