Trees – The Biological Supercomputers of Planet Earth

Wafubeh to all!

Today I want to share with you an experience that relates to the following words, which can be found in the Simon Necronomicon, on page 202:

“And with these incantations, and with others, the sorcerers and the she-sorcerers call many things that harm the life of man.”

“And they work by the Moon, and not by the Sun, and by older planets than the Chaldeans were aware. And in cords, they tie knots, and each is a spell. And if these knots be found, they may be untied, and the cords burnt, and the spell shall be broken, as it is written: AND THEIR SORCERIES SHALL BE AS MOLTEN WAX, AND NO MORE.”

Page 97 states:

“And they do not know what it is they do, but they do it at the demands of the Serpent…”

Little did I know that I was soon to stumble upon the workings of those “who do not know what it is they do” and who “worship the heaving earth and the ripping sky and the rampant flame and the flooding waters.

I was on my way for a family visit, and in the company of a close associate who is very familiar with my work and my motivations for being involved in such. It suffices to say that this person is a skilled medium and often is of great help in communicating with all manner of beings. We were passing by rows of trees, belonging to the genus Salix, commonly known as willow trees. Wherever I lay eyes on such trees I cannot help but admire their beauty. They are such magnificent manifestations of biological life!

In sudden shock I pulled up the vehicle next to the road, for unbidden the following words entered my mind as I beheld the sad scene my eyes had been drawn untoward to:

And in cords, they tie knots, and each is a spell.

And as my mind digested those words, my eyes were witnessing how some malevolent being had firmly tied a knot in the long flowing limbs of the grand willow I was now standing in front of.

Slowly I approached the stricken limbs, and in soothing tones I assured the old tree that I meant it no harm. Suddenly the medium spoke up, saying: “It knows. It knows that you mean it no harm.” “And it says that your help is much appreciated.”

As I gently untied the knot from the already withering branches, the tree told my companion how someone of an evil disposition had sought to cause harm to it by tying its branches in a knot so as to constrict the flow of energy, thereby causing a short-circuit in the tree’s biological machinery. Hence the already withering limbs.

As we bade the tree goodbye, our attention was drawn to an older gentleman who had been walking his dog across the stream from which we were standing, and who was now shouting at us. He yelled something along the lines of: “Well done, goody two-shoes! You’re a real hero!”, the sarcasm dripping like venom of his voice. I turned to my companion and raised an eyebrow. No words were needed, as we both knew what the other was thinking. As we resumed our journey the trees started singing.

Several months later I found myself in the company of the medium again, while visiting a beautiful park, on a sunny, summery day. Near a beautiful stream, full of magnificent lifeforms, stands a cluster of old willow trees, strikingly beautiful, and grand in stature. My heart sunk, as I saw that the tallest among them had been violated in a similar manner as the other willow I had encountered.

Again I gently untied the knot from the tree’s long slender limbs, and as I did so it started singing a hauntingly beautiful song of joy and jubilation, of freedom and liberation. Sharing in the joyous triumph of the ecstatic willow, the others soon followed suit and accompanied their kinfolk in its melodious song, which rang eerily throughout the other world, as if sung by the throats of the mythical Sirens.

The great willow was very thankful for our help and asked if we could visit it from time to time, to which we agreed. During some of such visits, at times when I am particularly sensitive, I was able to communicate with the tree by myself. On one such occasion I appeared before the tree, seeking insights into some particular knowledge I had been studying at the time. I sat down underneath the tree, and regulated my breathing. I visualized myself connecting to the branches of the willow, and suddenly it was like I got sucked into the tree. In my mind I could see images relating to the subject I was studying, and I could hear the tree explaining what I was seeing. In a trance-like state my hands scribbled down what I was being told, and as best I could I drew down the images I was witnessing, such as extinct species of plants and flowers, images of lush forests and verdant fields, and techniques of stilling the mind and ridding oneself of negative energies.

The tree advised me on the study I was conducting at the time, regarding particular layers of the mind. For there are areas best left alone it seems, as dwelling within will attract unwanted attention. Does not the Mad Arab warn us with the following words?

“Remember to keep to the low ground, and not the high, for the Ancient Ones swing easily to the tops of temples and the mountains, whereby they may survey what they had lost the last time. And sacrifices made on the tops of those temples are lost to Them.”

“Do not dwell in such a place,” it warned, “but instead seek thy answers elsewhere.”
“Go deeper.”
“The answers you seek are not found with Them.” “Ancient though they might be.”
“Enter the Plant-Mind
“Before anything else arrived on this Earth, there was Life.”
“We see everything, and we all share in this knowledge”
“Ask what you want to know, my friend.”

Apparently the trees and plants contain vast repositories of knowledge, which they accumulated at the Dawn of Time, like massive biological supercomputers, and all that transpires and has transpired, can be found in the vast interconnectedness of the energy lattices that make up the intricate matrix of the floral hive mind, which is just a mere extension of the consciousness of Life itself.

Dumu Abzu-a



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  1. All that is said is of the truth. The trees and everything that exist are all a part of the great soul. From whence it all began. Man kind is the final outcome of its own reflection. Deep within all of us is a fountain of knowledge. Awaiting to be poured upon those that seek it’s wisdom. The flips ide is, that it had a dark side. Cold, negative in compassionate, unmerciful, ect etc.. But it is one and the same. I can go on with this but it would take scrolls to text. You are correct about the trees. Not that there was any doubt it just that this is how it’s known that someone has achieved the rituals. To testafy on an article and another recognizing the same experience at one point in time is to know that we are not alone. The world would become as it once was before. Love reading your articles?

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  2. I was meditating on a pecan tree last spring that wouldn’t bloom, branches falling, no green leaves or fruit. I offered it some of my own chi, not really knowing what I was doing, but I was visualizing a cycle of energy between me and it, like a spiritual resuscitation. I found out after I told an elder that flowering trees have fallow cycles, but I was still hype when the tree produced green leaves this year for the first time in 2 years. I haven’t seen any pecans yet, but I’m keeping my eyes open for them. Now this gives me more insight into what I can be doing to communicate with the real live world wide web. Thank you for this.

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